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Transcript: Simply... Use Metaphors With Visuals Graphs Are Very Powerful Imagination IDEA By And Present To Your Audience Frame 3 - End Frame 1 - Beginning Frame 2 - Middle SOCIAL MEDIA & TECHNOLOGY Open communication that's encouraged between consumer and business What is Social Media? General Social Media Stats Limit Text Put Your Ideas On Paper IDEA After Careful Planning Grab Your Computer Step Home Sweet Home To Visualise The Finished Product Don't Be Afraid To Take Risks 70% of brands have a presence on Google+ 4% growth from Q4 2012 70% of marketers have used Facebook to successfully gain new customers One million pages can now be accessed with the "login with Facebook" feature 67% of marketers will spend more money on social media for the holiday season Facebook and Instagram users are the most engaged. Around 60% of their users sign in every day (Compared to 46% of Twitter users) To RESOURCES EDUCATION MARKETING Use High Quality Visuals To Support Your Message Social Media: Harness Technology TRENDS FUTURE A collection of online communities dedicated to community input, interaction and content sharing. Take each Frame Info from Start Putting The Presentation Together With Your Software 4 Fundamentals of Social Selling Advanced (& Simple) Linked-In & Twitter Techniques How to Leverage Other Social Networks 72% of all Internet users are now active on social media More than 70% of users access social media from a mobile device Americans spend an average of 37 minutes daily on social media, a higher time-spend than any other major Internet activity, including email The new race in social media is not for audience, but for multi-device engagement (phones, desktops, and tablets) 60% or so of social media time is spent not on desktop computers but on smartphones and tablets 93% of marketers use social media A two-way street, not a one-way Take The End Product To Support Your Ideas You Need BUILDING on Media that interacts with you SOCIAL MEDIA APPS & SOFTWARE Use Your Dig Up As Many Ideas As You Can Step And Bullet Points

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Transcript: Willamalane maintains and operates six recreation facilities and 37 parks and open spaces which is roughly 800 acres Offer hundreds of recreation programs and services to about 60,000 partons Some activities and services are offered for free while others are kept at low prices to insure that it is accessible for the majority Willamalane offers scholarships to help with the costs What has been REWARDING A Brief Overview For ages 5-6 Educational activities are available before and after school Monday- Friday 7am-6pm Trained Willamalane drivers transport the children in the programs to and from school The children enjoy enriching activities such as music, crafts, active play, and field trips Currently there is about 44 children in the program mission: Support the whole student Help create the curriculum for the kindergaten room Involves preping and organizing materials for the classroom activites I work hand in hand with the director of the program as well as the teachers of the classroom Initially I thought that I would get to spend more time interacting with the children in the classroom With limited exposure to the children I haven't really been able to work on my skills needed to have more enriching interacts with children Due to this I sometimes have a lack of confidence when put into situations where I have to problem solve or redirect children My Volunteer Work Willamalane Parks and Recreation Center Was created by voters in 1944 Willamalane is a special tax district, seperate from Springfield with its own boundaries It is governed by a five-member elected board of directors and managed by a district superindendent What has be CHALLENGING The Little kids Club I have Observed the enjoyment the children get out of participating in the activities that I helped create I have helped built a core set of skills in math and reading throught the activities I have created for the children gained connections in the education and human service field

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Transcript: A UPS Company - Tyler Hogan Place your logo here Coyote Oxnard, CA Paper Plant Main Site Contact - Susan Lyon Contacts Main P&G Contact - Will Bartilson TOL Coyote Contact - Tyler Hogan / P& Primary Lanes Woodland, CA - 195 Annually Commerce, CA - 180 Annually Tempe, AZ - 224 Annually Travis Johnson - Dedicated $1100 - Dedicated $1000 - $1500 LIVE/LIVE Tracy, CA - Market Cost $900 Opportunities LAC - UPS Bear River City, UT Paper Plant Main Site Contact - Box Elder Contacts Main P&G Contact - Will Bartilson TOL Coyote Contact - Tyler Hogan / P& *Secondary Contact -* Primary Lanes Frederick, CO - 20 Annually* $942.45 All in Majority is 1-2 dels (TSN West) Joss - $850-950 Box Elder - CO/UT Opportunities Matt Joss SharkNATO - Possibly find another dedicated carrier? More consistent lanes? Iowa Iowa City / West Branch About 12 miles apart from each other HABA - Home and Beauty Iowa City, IA Main Site Contact - Dave Gluba Contacts Main P&G Contact - Keval Patel TOL Coyote Contact - Tyler Hogan / P& Currently we do not have any primary lanes out of Iowa City Opportunities Potential growth with new bid coming up? "If I am elected president, keep an eye on the tarmac, because I'll be back, because Iowa in 2017 will not be fly-over country. It will be fly-to country." Former canidate for President of the USA HABA - Home and Beauty West Branch, IA Main Site Contact - Dave Gluba Contacts Main P&G Contact - Keval Patel TOL Coyote Contact - Tyler Hogan / P& $1852.20 in GMPL - Select Dedicated Solutions Mexico City, DF Primary Lanes Alex Derleth, Wilfredo Escobar, Misael Ortiz Unloading times $142619.40 in GM since starting - 77 loads W/O accessorials Wilmer, TX Paper Plant Main Site Contact - DLMC Contacts Main P&G Contact - Yetunde Meroe Coyote Contact - Tyler Hogan / P& Primary Lanes Laredo, TX - TA Logistics Alex Derleth - Dedicated $525 + FSC 1-2 a day $663 all in (-$6.50 GMPL) Opportunities Intra TX Wilmer - SAT $600-700 TTT Winning @ $700-800 FA 269 miles - cons DG Kansas City, KS Soap Plant Main Site Contact - Tammy Smith Contacts Main P&G Contact - Aaron Meyerrenke TOL Coyote Contact - Tyler Hogan / P& Backup - Terry Peerson:; Jesse Madrigal: Challenges Kansas City - DROP Currently at 1-14 days to unload trailers Larger Carriers - potential commitment? Spot $$ is high - Jarrett Knize Potential lane - KCK - EDW Moreno Valley, CA Fabric, Home, Baby, BHWB Main Site Contact - WCMC Contacts Main P&G Contact - Aaron Meyerrenke TOL Coyote Contact - Tyler Hogan / P& Primary Lanes Ontario, CA - 384 Annually Newark, CA - 40 Annually Rancho Cucamonga, CA 24 Annually Ian O'Connor/UPS - Dedicated $200 Opportunities LAC - UPS Potential ramp up of UPS lanes in future? Mira Loma, Ontario, Rancho Month to Date - Pace GM, Pace Vol. Week over Week - GMPL, GM% Service Update - LOT and CDOT Month To Date Weekly Deliverable Every Monday And finally.... BYE MARY! Gonna miss you!

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Transcript: To our group, Ile de le Cite means that without the preservation of architecture there can be no future. If Ile de le Cite never had settlers, taken over by the Roman and never became a safe haven from invaders there would be no Notre Dame or Pont Neuf. Both of these marvels are world renowned, if they were not preserved throughout the years life as we know it would be different. There would be no spreading of ideas, the culture of Paris would not be the same thus we would not have wonderful influences like Ernest Hemingway or Pablo Picasso. Focal point of Ile De Le Cite Show heavy influence of naturalism Has faced considerable damage throughout the years Considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic Architecture .The Notre Dame Cathedral is the actual cathedral of the Catholic archdiocese of Paris: which is to say, it is the church which contains the official chair ("cathedra") of the Archbishop of Paris, Andre Cardinal Vingt-Trois. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is probably best known for its relation to the story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, made famous by the numerous cartoons and movies inspired by it. History of Ile De Le Cite Gabi, Tristen & Morgan A small, quaint park located in Ile De Le Cite Very low traffic and visitors are cautioned to keep the space quiet and non-touristy. Founded by a Gallic tribe called the Parisii in 1607 after orders from Henry IV, and it has always been the very center of Paris. In the 18th century, the artists Boucher and Chardin used the area to exhibit paintings. If you walk through the west gate you will find yourself facing an equestrian statue of Henry IV. The Pont Neuf Bridge is located in Place Dauphine and on top of the bridge is known to be the best view of the park What can this place tell us about what it means to live in Paris? Pont Neuf meaning the “New Bridge” is the oldest bridge in Paris King Henry III decided to construct a new bridge in 1578 because the bridges on the Seine were overcrowded and out of shape. It was the first bridge that was built for vehicle transport in Paris. All other bridges were considered too narrow and outdated. It was a center where the rich and poor would meet and social class did not matter. Parisians were able to be true to themselves after years of religious control. Bouquinistes which are booksellers can still be found on the island. Besides books they also sell souvenirs and trinkets. Conciergerie Site Presentation: Ile De Le Cite Our group chose Ile De Le Cite because it is dynamic and there is a lot to learn about. Many of the important and iconic landmarks, which were discussed in this presentation are located here. Learning about Ile De Le Cite will make our experience in Paris that much more exciting when we get to visit. Original site of the Parisi tribes Believed that the earliest settlement in Paris was on this island 52 AD the settlement was rebuilt as the Roman city of Lutetia by Julius Cesar. Residents of the city sought refuge at the island from attacks by Nomadic tribes like the Huns During Merovingian times (5th to 8th century A.D.), a palace was built at the western end of the island making it an important political center throughout the Middle Ages A predecessor to the Notre Dame Cathedral was erected in 10th century Pont Neuf Bridge was built by King Henry III in 1578, it is considered the oldest bridge In the 14th century the Conciergerie was originally called the Palais de la Cité which was a palace for the royals of France. In 1391, the French royals moved out of the palace and part of it turned into a prison for the poor and wealthy of France. One of the most well-known prisoners was Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. The room where Marie Antoinette spent her last days has been transformed into a small chapel. The Conciergerie has been turned into a historical monument where travelers from all over the world come to visit. Notre Dame Île de la Cité is considered the heart and soul of Paris. The first settlers started off on the small island of the Seine River and it is considered the oldest district in Paris. Île de la Cité has been able to preserve its history and romance throughout the ages. This truly tells us about the strength and sustainability of Parisian culture. A Paris Guide: Ile de la Cit. (n.d.). Retrieved November 16, 2016, from Brand, C. (2016, September 26). The Top 10 Things To Do On Île de la Cité In Paris. Retrieved November 26, 2016, from Ermengem, K. V. (n.d.). Île de la Cité, Paris. Retrieved November 16, 2016, from Notre Dame Cathedral Paris. (n.d.). Retrieved November 26, 2016, from History of Place Dauphine in Paris. (n.d.). Retrieved November 26, 2016, from

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Transcript: Neuropsychological Assessment Clinic Kourtney Harris SED CE746- Practicum The 5 W's Who: Neuropsychological Assessment Clinic What: A neuropsychological clinic specialiaizng in neuropsych assessments for people of all ages. Clinicians within this clinic see child/adolescent, adults, and couples with a range of disorders (exception: active sucidality/ psychosis) When: M-F 9am -5pm Where: 77 WARREN ST, BLD 2, BRIGHTON, MA, 02135 Why: People who are facing a challenge or difficulty in learning, behavior, or development, want to gain an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and how well they are coping with illness. They also want to know how to move ahead with practical solutions. Comprehensive neuropsychological testing and assessment can help a person do this. Topic 1 Who runs the place? Dr. Irene Piryatinsky PhD in clincial psychology (neuropsych) Affiliated Provider to St. Elizabeth Hospital and proffesor for Tufts University Services Services Provided Big Boss Comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment (ages 10 +) Psychodiagnostic Assessments Cognitive Rehabilitation Forensic independent medical evaluations (IMEs) Academic and learning evaluations for accommodations for college, standard testing (SAT, GRE, law boards, etc.) Anxiety Treatment Couples and Marriage Counselling Premarital Counselling Programs Topic 2 Post graduate psychotherpay: internship supervised experience in urban youth and families, gerontology, school social work and public health social work. Post doctoral fellowship in neuropsychology: clinical experience will consist primarily of pediatric and adult cases and will include training in a wide range of neurological, developmental, genetic, emotional and neurodegenerative disorders. APA And APPCN Post-Doctoral Fellowship In Neuropsychology: The emphasis of the post-doctoral fellowship is on diagnosis, assessment, clinical conceptualization, treatment planning, feedback, and therapeutic intervention. Group Supervision Supervision Case conceptualization: multi-method approach feedback given on case and different approaches are considered and we talk about what comes up during sessions or unexplored areas that the therapist can explore with the client Topcis covered: cultural competency suicidalilty neurobiology in addictions healing justice approach Requirements for employment Topic 3 Independently licensed LICSWs, LMFTs, or LMHCs with at least one year of experience of clinical work with children/or adults in an outpatient or hospital setting. Newly-licensed welcomed! We will train the right candidate! (Massachusettes license required) Experience in working with parents, individuals or families in the LGBTQ community and neurodiverse individuals is desirable. Professional references. Pay and Benefits Rate: Salary and benefits are only available to full-time positions. Part-time positions are FFS. Salary: $30.00 - $65.00 per hour The real question Benefits: Flexible schedule Health insurance Professional development assistance Medical specialties: Addiction Medicine Geriatrics Psychiatry Schedule: Monday to Friday Weekend availability My supervisor and her specialities Topic 4 Narcan Certified for Opioid Overdose Prevention Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Certified (CPI) Jaclyn P. (LICSW) Office Culture The office culture here is very communtiy oriented, with an the emphasis on autonomy. A heavy emphasis on communciation and transparency. Clinicans are protected from potential harm. Office Culture

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Transcript: Blakeley Miller JEZREEL JEZREEL Late Neolithic period (4500-2500 BCE) Agriculture fertile soil grazing plains Ample water supply spring of Jezreel that flowed close by provides Jezreel and surrounding fields with a constant access Trade routes Via Maris + Kings Highway Access to Egypt, Syria, & Mesopotamia commercial + military use *control of these highways was coveted... Fortress dating to Omride Dynasty 9th century (800 BCE) Purple: Via Maris Red: Kings Highway Joshua (19:18) "the 4th lot fell to Issachar...their territory comprised Jezreel..." I Kings (21:1) Naboth the Jezreelite refuses to sell king Ahab his vineyard that adjoins the royal palace. As a result, queen Jezebel has him stoned to death and urges Ahab to take the vineyard. II Kings (9:10) "the dogs shall devour Jezebel in the field of Jezreel, with none to bury her" Biblical References 1987: bulldozer accidentally uncovered ancient structures 1990 - 1996: David Ussishkin, Tel Aviv University + John Woodhead, British School of Archeology in Jerusalem lead major dig, uncovering rectangular compound surrounded by walls, moat, & gate on the southern side. 2012 -present: Dr. Norma Franklin, University of Haifa Zinman Institute of Archaeology + Dr. Jennie Ebeling, University of Evansville - Casemate** wall - 4 projecting towers surrounding fortress - Winery cut in limestone + olive presses (2017) Archeological findings King Omri - 6th King of Israel ; Omride dynasty - Black Obelisk of Shalamaneser III (Assyrian king) - Mesha Stele of Moabite king - Friendly relations with Phoenicians - Did evil in the eyes of the lord ( 1 Kings) King Ahab - Father was King Omri - Political alliances through marriage were common - Consistency in foreign deities worshipped by Jezebel - Did MORE evil in the eyes of the lord (1 Kings) But like, did that really happen? Naboth's Vinyard - soil conditions well suited for growing grapes + olives - archeological structures consistent with ancient winery discovered in vicinity of fortress.... rock-cut treading floors adjacent rock-cut vats, each more than one meter in depth; treading floor connected to a vat by a rock-cut channeldeep circular basin (additional vat?) sump for collecting liquids Probably, maybe? carbon dating from plaster dated to 1st century BCE Absence of later innovations Iron Age likely (1200–1000 BC) 1. Tanakh the Holy Scriptures: Torah, Nevi'im, Kethuvim 2. David Ussishkin, "Jezreel—Where Jezebel Was Thrown to the Dogs", Biblical Archaeology Review July / August 2010 3. Nadav Na'aman, "Historical and Literary Notes on the Excavation of Tel Jezreel," Tel Aviv 24, 1987, pp. 122-128 4. Jennie Ebeling, Norma Franklin and Ian Cipin, “Jezreel Revealed in Laser Scans: A Preliminary Report of the 2012 Survey Season,” Near Eastern Archaeology 75.4 (2012) 5. Norma Franklin, Jennie Ebeling, Philippe Guillaume and Deborah Appler, "Have we Found Naboth's Vineyard at Jezreel?," Biblical Archeology Reiew, December 2017, pp. 49-54 Sources:

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