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Reddit Presentation

Transcript: Anonymity--when someone's speech, writing, or actions do not contain personally-identifiable information and thus cannot be linked to personal identity (Marx, 1999; Scott, 1998) Self-disclosure--one gradually discloses information about themselves to others (Chaikin & Derega, 1974) unites pervs and weirdos Reposting something just to get the upvotes. The Dark Side of Uniting People of Niche Interests Democratized content promotion -Mental health Global village! Anonymity can actually be a really good thing! -Reddit is the embodiment of the idealistic dreams of the internet, uniting people around shared causes for good, but also showcases the nightmare that a disinhibited, anonymous internet can digress into. My Work Good #chillin Massanari, A. L. (2013). Playful participatory culture: learning from Reddit "Karma Whores" the only thing that matters = It's easier and less-risky to upvote something than to re-post it. + ("the disinhibition effect") Massanari labels Reddit’s culture of co-creation as “participatory culture”—“it is 'fun,' and it connects [users] to a community of like-minded individuals”, much like a game. One upvote on a post or comment equals one karma. -Time -The extended self is evident; the line between a person's "real world" self and their anonymous online persona is increasingly blurred. (see also: the "post-human" theory. Anonymity+Democratic Content Promotion hate begets hate unity around common causes/interests -The "Pizzagate" fiasco of the 2016 election was born on Reddit. Participatory Culture! Thesis: Reddit's elements of democratized content promotion, combined with the anonymity of its user base does acutely impact its user culture. These structural components hold the potential to and have historically given rise to positive, supportive communities, as well as extremely negative, hateful, and harmful communities. is a platform that has the potential for exponential growth "baked in" to its DNA. "This moment never gets old" Sensationalism ME Reddit is a platform where people can congregate over niche subjects. -Throughout its lifetime, Reddit has served as a hive for white supremacists "the closest I've ever been to going viral" risk-free discussion "the best of the internet" More upvotes and comments push posts to the top of the feed. Choudhury, M.D., & De, S. (2014, June). Mental health discourse on reddit: Self-disclosure, social support, and anonymity Marantz, A. (2018, March). Reddit and the struggle to detoxify the internet. Conducive to: bad The best, and the worst of humans on the internet. Anonymity in a participatory culture Anonymity leads to self-disclosure. -What would I be missing? -True democracy might not always be a good thing. Better Content You only see something if other people have liked it first. “The dissociative anonymity cover that Reddit allows makes study of such a stigmatic illness interesting because of the disinhibition effect induced by anonymity” Purpose: to examine how Reddit's unique structural makeup impacts the user culture across its many subreddits/forums. "Karma" makes user participation into a game. -Uniting people around niche topics is not always a good thing. See: bestiality, pedophilia. Humphreys >10,000 views

Reddit Presentation

Transcript: Reddit Founders Reddit and its founders The Reddit Founders were Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman The purpose of Reddit is for people to post things they think is funny or it can be something controversial such as polotics or even something such as a common interest that someone has with another person History of Reddit Reddit was founded on June 23,2005 in Medford Massachuets History of Reddit The two founders of Reddit(Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman) both went to the University of Virginia and one of the founders Alexis Ohanian works with another company called BreadPig which sells "geeky" merchandise How are the sales? Business Reports Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 What We Do Reddit is a website which people can express there opinons and share what they like to other people and if people like that then it can get on one of the 8 tabs which means the post for that day is the most liked and popular. This app is for people with all different types of humor since most of the pages are either funny or shocking things What is Reddit? Advantages and disadvantages Advantages of Reddit are you can have a good laugh at some of the funny posts and you can also catch up on whats happening throughout the world and other peoples lives and you can see other peoples opinons are different subjects if your interested Advantages and Disadvantages of Reddit The Disadvantages of Reddit is it is not very kid friendly since a lot of people do not agree with some posts so they write very harsh comments about the post and also its not like other social media sites where you follow certain people and see only their post but on Reddit you see the posts that are the most popular for that day and another disadvantage is that there are many ads on the website more than usual and it gets in the way sometimes Uses In Business World Reddit can be a good source for the business world since on the site it shows what major things are happening in the country on the controversial tab which has many things that may also be on the news but may also not be so this website is a good source if you wanna bring up something big that has happened and how it might affect your business and that also makes it good socially Uses In the Business and Social World Rules and Consequences in business Rules and Consequences when using Reddit in business No innopropiate or posts violent content and you cannot impersonate someone or spam someone or the website with posts and cannot post anyhting illegal If you break these you can get terminated from your account for a little while or get your account banned Sources Reddit - Social Media Examiner - NoStupidQuestions - Wikipedia - Sources

Reddit Presentation

Transcript: A presentation by Robert and Kevin Robert Harrington: T00196688 Kevin Fitzell: T00202111 t Introduction Reddit is a social news forum where content is created and shared by the community. The title Reddit is a condensed version of the phrase “read it”. Reddit is a social news forum where content is created and shared by t... Reddit works on a system of sharing, voting and discussing. Anyone can create a community on any topic. Community members can contribute to the forum with stories, web links and images. The global Reddit community determines which stories are important, interesting or funny by casting votes. Reddit users can comment on any posts which allows for multiple opinions and in-depth discussions on topics. Reddit works on a system of sharing, voting and discussing. Anyo... Community i The website is known for its open nature and mixed user base whi... The website is known for its open nature and mixed user base which creates its content. Since it is free to join there is a wide range of topics. The most popular Reddit posts are voted on by the community and can be view on the front page of the website, but there are also countless smaller forums known as sub-reddits which provide specific needs for individuals. The mascot “Snoo” is recognisable across the internet. According to Reddit “Snoo isn’t an asshole. Snoo likes to enjoy a good time. Snoo is humble. Snoo is kind. Snoo has high integrity. Snoo delivers”. Snoo’s innocent appearance discourages negative behaviour on the website in order to ensure that everyone can enjoy what the website has to offer. The mascot “Snoo” is recognisable across the internet. According to Redd... d How to use Reddit Upon arriving at the front page of the site, users are greeted by a number of default sub-reddits. This gives people free trial of what to expect on the site once they have registered. Once you have signed up you can subscribe to any number of forums which you find interesting. You can leave comments on sub-reddits which contribute to the social discussions which take place on the site. The voting system allows individuals to share sub-reddits with the larger community. The sub-reddits are moderated by the users who should report abusive or offensive behaviour. Reddit provides an open platform for people to communicate with eachother on a global scale. Like most social media platforms the website is not without its problems, for example: Controversies d Following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, Reddit faced criticism after users wrongly identified a number of people as suspects. One misidentified bombing suspects was Sunil Tripathi, a student who was reported missing before the bombings took place. A body reported to be Sunil's was found in a River on Rhode Island on April 25, 2013, according to Rhode Island Health Department. It was later confirmed Tripathi's death was a result of suicide. Following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, Redd... In 2014, pictures related to the celebrity phone hack scandal were published across reddit. A sub-reddit was created in order to collect and share these explicit photos. This sub-reddit was deleted by system moderaters, but not before Reddit recieved massive criticism for the sub-reddit. In 2014, pictures related to the celebrity phone hack scandal we... Any Questions e References R

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