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Transcript: Info One McKetria Oliver! My Symbol ! Aston Martin one-77 Red Lobster ! To Carrie Underwood Info two Restaurant of my coice? Any party of my choice. For my symbol I chose praying hands, because whenever there is a problem in my life I go to God with an open heart. No matter what happens I know that He is listening. Info Four My children! My Song ! Uninformed! Visiting Barcelona, Spain ! If I have a baby boy his name will be Mario. If I have a baby girl her name will be Mariah. If I am blessed with two children, their names shall be Mario and Mariah. Miami Heat basketball player Mario Chalmers. My Lifestyle? Vacationing anywhere from: My Husband is: For the Love of VANDERBILT Any designer of my choice. #TeamVANDI NEW YORK Info Five My Family? I will be able to analyze character. I will be able to analyze and create symbols. I will be able to utilize media to exhibit my understanding of character traits and symbolism. New York University Medical Center Life is boring to these who are Presentation objectives: Carrie Underwood has more than 15 million world wide albums sold, 16 #1 singles, 5 grammies and countless other achievements all with 4 albums in less than eight years. Carrie is diverse with her music and her lyrics. She has sang with Steven Tyler, scored a #1 hit with Brad Paisley and sang with Tony Bennett. Not only is she inspiring with her music, but her lyrics deliver meaning. Though she is successful with her music she always feels like there is room to grow and continues taking steps forward. Info Three I will be a successful anesthesiologist working in the #2 ranked hospital in New York City with my doctorate degree. MUSTANG NATION ! Car of my choice? Snorkeling in Bora Bora. . . My Family Car ! Approximately 1.7 million dollars. Lavish Life !

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Transcript: Week 4 - Middle Childhood: Ages six to eleven years Presented to you by: Team D Michelle Maciszak Katheryn Dubois Wyndell Ricks Presenting chapter 11: Physical Development Presenting chapter 13: Emotional and social development Presenting chapter 12: Cognitive development *Body Growth* -Worldwide Variations in Body Size -Secular Trends in Physical Growth -Skeletal Growth -Brain Development Take a look the next time you go to observe in your classroom or think back and you will see the wide individual differences in body growth. School-age children’s growth is slow and regular, though large individual and ethnic variations exist in physical growth. On average, they grow about 2 to 3 inches in height and 5 pounds in weight each year. By age 9, girls overtake boys in physical size. Secular trends in physical growth have occurred in industrialized nations. Because of improved health and nutrition, many children are growing larger and reaching physical maturity earlier than their ancestors. Care of the teeth is essential during the school years because dental health affects the child’s appearance, speech, and ability to chew properly. Tooth decay affects over half of U.S. school-age children. Malocclusion is a condition in which the upper and lower teeth do not meet properly. One-third of school-age children suffer from malocclusion, making braces common by the end of elementary school. Malocclusion can be caused by thumb and finger sucking after permanent teeth erupt. *Common Health Problems* -Nutrition -Overweight and Obesity -Vision and Hearing -Bedwetting -Illness -Unintentional Injuries *Obesity has increased dramatically in both industrialized and developing nations, especially in the United States. Although heredity contributes to obesity, parental feeding practices, maladaptive eating habits, reduced sleep, and lack of exercise are more powerful influences. Obese children are often socially rejected, are more likely to report feeling depressed, and display more behavior problems than their normal-weight peers. *Family-based interventions aimed at changing parents’ and children’s eating patterns and lifestyles are the most effective approaches to treating childhood obesity. Rewarding obese children for reducing sedentary time is effective in getting them to enjoy and engage in more physical activity. Schools can help by ensuring regular physical activity and serving healthier meals. Some Trivia!!!!! Which country has the most overweight adults....Easy right? What about the second most obese country? Which country has the least? Bedwetting, also known as nocturnal enuresis, is hereditary in most cases. It is a failure of muscular responses that inhibit urination or a hormonal imbalance that permits too much urine to accumulate. The most effective treatment is a urine alarm that works according to conditioning principles. Punishing a school-age child for wetting the bed is only going to make matters worse. Games with rules become common during the school years, contributing to emotional and social development. Expansion of adult organized youth sports programs is associated with increased self-esteem and social competence in most players, but for some children, adult over emphasis on competition promotes undue anxiety and avoidance of sports. Encouraging effort, improvement, participation,and teamwork makes organized sports enjoyable and beneficial for self-esteem. Some features of children’s physical activity reflect our evolutionary past. How many of you have kids? And those who don't think back to watching children in a park or neigborhood when you see kids wrestle, roll, hit, and run after each other this is called rough-and-tumble play. Rough-and-tumble play may once have been important for the development of fighting skill and may help children establish a dominance hierarchy. In middle childhood, dominance hierarchies become increasingly stable, especially among boys, and serve the adaptive function of limiting aggression among group members. Self-conscious emotions of pride and guilt become clearly governed by personal responsibility. School-age children recognize that people can experience more than one emotion at a time and that emotional expressions may not reflect people’s true feelings. Empathy increases and includes sensitivity to both people’s immediate distress and their general life condition. By age 10, most children can shift adaptively between problem-centered and emotion-centered coping in regulating emotion. Self-Understanding During middle childhood, children’s self-concepts include personality traits (both positive and negative), competencies, and social comparisons. By age 10, most children can shift adaptively between problem-centered and emotion-centered coping in regulating emotion. Emotionally well-regulated children develop a sense of emotional self-efficacy and are optimistic, prosocial, and well-liked by peers. Preschoolers’ self-esteem consists of several self-judgments.

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Transcript: During my presentation I will be able to analyze character. I will be able to analyze and create symbols. I will be able to utilize media to exhibit my understanding of character traits and symbols. My Theme Song: By:Keshia Cole Song Title:I'm Just Like You Genre: The New Recreation of ME. Getting To Know Conquista Why I choose Oprah, & a couple of information about her Living the life of my dreams, I have moved to France, I am a home writer(my first published book was an autobiography on myself and I made a hit at selling 20,000 books my first two months in business). I stand alone, meaning I don't have any kids neither do I have a husband, but I am patiently waiting on my moment. I have a niece that I would do anything for as well as my mother and father; they are my family I havent prevented yet. When I decided that living in my past and continue to think of ways as to why I hurt or who hurted me, I knew right then and there that I had to make a difference within myself. I graduated from University of Phonix and I am becoming that woman I knew I could be all alone. #Life is what you make it of, living in your past isn't a bad thing but it also isn't a good thing, moving away from it and knowing that everything happens for a lesson(not reason) because every lesson lared is what makes you uniqu and it shows how determined you really are about accomplishing your goals. Presentation Objectives: Growing up seeing abusive things and even having to face a tragic effect at the age of 8, I didnt know who to turn to. As life continues to go by and my past continues to stay at heart,my life story has already begun and many dont know it. At times I wonder why is it that the baby has to face more than the oldest or why is it that the baby listens more and get the picture but obstacles continue to get in their way and they face the death penalty? Left with nothing but scares to show,life has taken a tole on me and i will soon look older than what I am. Taking in more than what I could eat off my plate, at times I wish that I didnt feel so much alone. Learning to become an independent young lady at the age of 15, working and going to school was all there was to help me coop with my past. Feeling as if no one understands me or hear my cry,having night mares of that day,things began to continue to go down,but that was only due out of emotions and it took me to a place I thought i would never be. Conquista is a conqueror, an independent young lady, a person whom loves to listen to others stories, a person who doesnt mind helping at all, a person with a very kind heart,a person whom crys more than she laughes, most importantly, a person who has a story just dont where to begin. I am Oprah Winfrey Herault, Languedoc-Roussillon, France I have chosen Oprah Winfrey to be someone I would like to recreate myself with because she has a high level of education, she has overcome her past and what they have brought, she is willing to sacrifice what may come, and most importantly, she is a brave woman. At a young age Oprah was sexually abused and had a time where she felt the need to run away. She had a hard childhood, but soon overcame the thunder storm and continued her education and moved forward with her passion. Understanding & Recreating Conquista

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Transcript: Wisdom does not flow like water Plato’s Critique of Pederasty Pederasty Background Symposium Pederasty My Project Pausanias' Speech Pausanias' Speech Two Aphrodites Uranian Heavenly Pandemos Common Text Text Pictures Pictures "Here, Socrates, lie down alongside me, so that by my touching you, I too may enjoy the piece of wisdom that just occurred to you while you were in the porch. It is plain that you found it and have it, for otherwise you would not have come away beforehand." Agathon and Socrates “It would be a good thing, Agathon, if wisdom were the sort of thing that flows from the fuller of us into the emptier, just by our touching one another, as the water in wine cups flows through a wool thread from the fuller to the emptier. For if wisdom too is like that, then I set a high price on my being placed alongside you, for I believe I shall be filled from you with much fair wisdom. My own may turn out to be a sorry sort of wisdom, or disputable like a dream; but your own is brilliant and capable of much development, since it has flashed out so intensely from you while you are young; and yesterday it became conspicuous among more than thirty thousand Greek witnesses." "You are outrageous, Socrates," Agathon said. "A little later you and I will go to court about our wisdom, with Dionysus as judge, but now first attend to dinner." how water flows Principle at play When they do engage in a contest about love Timeline YEAR Alcibiades' Speech Socrates, he claims, is like “those silenuses that sit in the shops of herm sculptors, the ones that craftsman make holding reed pipes or flutes; and if they are split in two and opened up they show they have images of gods within.” (215b) Alcibiades' Speech You, in my opinion,' I said, 'have proved to be the only deserving lover of mine; and it seems to me that you hesitate to mention it to me. Now I am in this state: I believe it is very foolish not to gratify you in this or anything else of mine—my wealth or my friends—that you need; for nothing is more important to d me than that I become the best possible; and I believe that, as far as I am concerned, there is no one more competent than you to be a fellow helper to me in this. So I should be far more ashamed before men of good sense for not gratifying a man like you than I should be before the many and senseless for gratifying you.' Seduction Scene 'Really, my dear Alcibiades, you're no sucker if what you say about me is really true and there is some power in me e through which you could become better. You must see, you know, an impossible beauty in me, a beauty very different from the fairness of form in yourself. So if, in observing my beauty, you are trying to get a share in it and to exchange beauty for beauty, you are intending to get far the better deal. For you are trying to acquire the truth of beautiful things in exchange for the seeming and opinion of beautiful things; and you really have in mind to exchange "gold for bronze." But blessed one do consider better: Without your being aware of it—I may be nothing. Thought, you know, begins to have keen eyesight when the sight of the eyes starts to decline from its peak; and you are still far from that.' Conclusion conclusion If Socrates were to have sex with Alcibiades, he would perpetuate: 1) the idea that people can make each other wise. impact: prevent Alcibiades from realizing his ignorance about wisdom 2) Alcibiades belief that his physical attractiveness is the most important thing about him impact: the belief could harm Alcibiades as he begins to decline from his physical peak, when “Thought begins to have keen eyesight.” (219a) 3) Socrates would be no better than the sophists who cannot acknowledge the ways in which they are ignorant, and thus, risk self-deception. Advantages Advantages to my account: -Fits with the well-known picture of a Socrates who: 1) proclaims his own ignorance. 2) critiques the Sophists for i. both not acknowledging what they do not know ii. exchanging money for wisdom -Makes explicit the way Plato critiques the customs of his time -Throws into question a vision of Socrates as someone who consistently denies bodily urges -Makes clear that the container model is supposed to function in opposition to the image of pregnancy and birth. Accounts of “Plato’s Appropriation of Reproduction” run these two images together.

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