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Mobile Device +/-

Transcript: You are now able to call anybody at anytime you want and all most anywhere. You don't have to wait to you go home to call someone. Or dont have to use a pay phone. Plus Being able to have fast communication can really in handy in a emergency One Positive of a mobile device is they are small. And it is mobile you can take it any where on the the go. Quick and easy source of entertainment .You don't have to be bored all the time. You can just take out your phone and play the little min games the the phone come with or go download a new one. What are Mobile Device A mobile device (also known as a hand held device, hand held computer or simply hand held) It is basically a pocket-sized computing device, Entertainment Mobile Device +/- Lets Begin I'm Done You don't have to hear me talk any more We cant live without it Expen$ive electronic waste from things like cell phones are highly damaging our environment as they have harmful toxins in them on your mobile device when your battery dies its game over. Then it becomes hard to communicate with others. Battery Google images Now Lets begin with the Positives of a Mobile Device Photos and Videos Bad Heath cellphones use receive and transmit radio frequency signals which are similar to radiation given off of a microwave which studies shown to be bad for heath Distracting Not all people can buy phones and phones cost a lot now a days not only did you buy a phone that may cost about $150 or more but you got to think about your phones service and phone service can cost up to $30 to 100 or more a month.....That might be a bit to much to pay for a phone. Work Cited Now that we got the Positives out of the way lets move on to the Negative Environmentally Unfriendly In todays world people like to be on there phone 24/7. When people be on the people it take them away from the real world. People be one the phone so much much that it can cause accident . Plus phone now today be going off in class, church, during presentations and etc. Phones today now come with the ability to take pictures and to be able to record videos when ever you like WAY FASTER COMMUNICATIONS !!!! Portable and Small Forgot your camera at home no worry ones are install with one . Take as many photos as you want , or if not record it on your phone that way your not miss out on events.

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