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Talking Leaves Presentation

Transcript: In Ancient Islam, it was common to decorate buildings with intricate patterns made of different geometric shapes. They did this because it was forbidden to decorate a sacred building with art that depicted the human form. Geometric Patterns There are an endless amount of possibilities when it What Did I have to Do? How Does This Relate To My E.Q.? To solve this math problem, Ronnie had given us an aerial view of the park and picked three different locations around it. First, we connected all three of the points to make a triangle. Then we used the angle bisector method on each angle, and each bisector intersected each other at the center of the triangle. One day, in Ronnie's Foundations Two class, we were asked to find the center of Memorial Park to see where it would be most practical to hold a music concert. At first, this did not stand out to me at all, but later on, it gave me a completely new way to look at the world. Mathematical Advancements In Ancient Islam How Can this Be Used In Everyday Life? This can also be used to solve serious issues in the real world in a way that is easy to do and simple to understand. E.Q. Foundations Two; Question One In Islam, the patterns that they used to created their tile patterns and mosaics were so intricate and used such complex math that the equations they used where not understood by modern European mathematicians until the mid 1970's. My Experience This experience relates to my essential question because it uses simple strategies to create shapes and figures that can be used to solve problems in real life. -Ben Silbermann By Ryan Dal Ponte How This Changed My Thinking Patterns In Ancient Islam "Small Ideas Can Be Big" How can we communicate clearly and concisely about figures and statements? This problem eventually made me think of other ways math is used in the world, even when it does not seem like it at first. For example, math is everywhere in nature, from a snowflake or even the veins in a leaf.

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