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Transcript: ki-projects™, develop high-quality project proposals, budgets, documents, web pages, and M&E or logical frameworks using an integrated suite of tools and services for results-based project design and planning This page helps you define your project results visually. If your project has a geographic dimension, then it is important to have a clear idea of where you are working, who your project is serving, and where its effects might be felt. ki-projectsTM has an in-built mapping tool to identify these areas. Indicators measure project results.Often referred to as results indicators, they provide a measure showing the effect of different project activities on project objectives. Indicators are fundamentally important to all projects as they make it possible to demonstrate results. In particular, indicators help to: - Measure progress and achievements - Ensure legitimacy and accountability to clients and donors - Assess project and staff performance One result could have one or more indicators associated with it. Results-based budgeting aligns resources behind project results. It increases transparency and accountability in project management, by allowing project managers to formulate budgets that are driven by the project results articulated in the project's results model. It also allows managers to focus on achieving results by letting them monitor and adjust project line items to ensure that result targets are met. In results based management, knowing the cost for different project results facilitates project management; it also helps your donors and clients better understand the cost to achieve project results. This page allows you to select a project's budget and to allocate budget line items to results. Project narratives are a pool of all the standard narrative sections required in all of your project's report and document types. These are the standard sections found in most of your reports. While project proposal documents, mid-term reports, and final reports all have different narrative sections and content, they also likely share common sections. Setting up an M&E system is simply summarizing your project details and tools to be used during the project cycle. This is one of the essential steps towards the development of monitoring and evaluation tools using ki-projectsTM Pro Edition. ki-metrics™ a web-based survey tool that is suitable for a range of performance measurement systems, market research, and academic studies. You can create survey questionnaires and data entry forms, design and select samples, manage data collection and entry processes, generate a wide range of reports and analyze your data. ki-metricsTM allows you to develop data collection formats as part of your Monitoring and Evaluation System. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) forms are prepared for data entry using ki-metricsTM. Analyse work load Use this page to add / edit project partner roles. Managing budget gantt view Manage M&E data capture tools Assess indicator risk search document library Assess project performance Map project area Define risk indicators View org wide reports Risk indicators Manage project team Budget spreadsheet view Manage documents Add/Edit M&E System Manage narrative ki-projects™ Build Indicators Setting up a project Ki-learning Add M&E Form Results Based Project Management Define project indicators Project reports Manage project gallery Project partner role manage project gallery Create report from template Home Page


Transcript: -People primarily communicate nonverbally -Body language focuses on comfort and discomfort to gauge intent -We react to the world around us through nonverbal communication and this allows us to transfer knowledge to others in it’s most truthful form -The system that allows our body to relay these intents, feelings and thoughts is called the limbic system within the brain – instead of “thinking” it merely reacts in real time to the environment -These displays of comfort and discomfort are universal American Colonists vs. Native Americans Germans had a view to control the entire world Main goal of the Nazi Party: create one unique country containing all German-speaking countries rest of the world would keep their languages as "inferiors" Human Science History Human Science Sign Language Artistic Barriers I Only Have Eyes For You -Marion Bolognesi is a New York based artist who studies the fragile complexities of human emotion and explores beauty through expression. -Her watercolor paintings stir a deep, emotional feeling in us; it is like the eyes pierce through the page and holds still our heart. History The Tower of Babel -At the early stages of the Manifest Destiny there was one problem before American colonists settled into the unknown world: Natives. -America wanted to expand west without the need of waging continuous wars against the other tribes, so they used one thing more powerful than gunpowder of muskets, language. -Through treaties, American made unkept promises to the Natives if they settled somewhere else. - The language barrier allowed Americans to control Native lands, since they created the treaties, and from Native misunderstanding will create the famous holiday: Thanksgiving. -Paintings and architecture can convey the creator's emotions, a unique view on a situation, or merely nothing at all (sight) -Music creates a emotional reaction through instrumentation and words (hearing) -Performing arts create an emotional connection through acting (sight) -Sign Language is a artistic language Ethics Migrant Mother Language Acquisition For Example, the definition of love: -A strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties (Webster). -This definition is only a small part of the emotion and the other parts can not be put in to words. -A team of psychologist at The University of Pennsylvania have over turned the idea that the first words a child acquires is through simple repetition. -So how can the knowledge of language be transferred to another generation when there is some much else that could interfere? Translation Trouble Definition of Language Dictionary: 1. a body of words and the systems for their use common to a people who are of the same community or nation, the same geographical area, or the same cultural tradition 2.communication by voice in the distinctively human manner, using arbitrary sounds in conventional ways with conventional meanings; speech. -Language used for communication mainly with the deaf -Artistic because of use of hands -Misunderstood by those who question the language and are ill informed Studies Individuals use language as a way of conveying knowledge to others. -Bollywood Hits: like or dislike? Artistic Barriers Gangnam Style Artistic Barriers Performing Arts -There is a legend in the Bible, where men considered themselves to be as powerful as God gathered to build a huge tower to explore the Heavens (where God was believed to be). -The men started constructing the tower and God punished their egos by separating them with different languages. The workers, unable to understand each other, were forced to stop the construction and scattered from the surface of the Earth. -Spoken language evolves from culture -The ways of vocal expression change due to differing cultural norms or societal principles -Example of something lost in translations: Haiku Artistic Barriers -When it comes to language it is almost impossible to completely represent the whole meaning of a thought. Result: One will not fully understand the concept that is presented. -Accepted worldwide -Different language and style -New benefit to dance moves: Gangnam Style -When observing a picture, the objective is to experience some type of emotion. -But, are you able to describe the feeling a painting gives you to a person so that they understand with out them viewing the picture? Human Science Types of Art Artistic Barriers Cultural Differences -One can misunderstand a painting easily without knowing the cultural surrounding the art -Example: Taj Mahal -Built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal. -Widely recognized as "the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world's heritage". -The English set up an office in the Taj Mahal, without knowing the true purpose or culture surrounding it. -There are limits to languages with ethics and the ability to convey what we perceive because everything can’t be expressed solely

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