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Transcript: Timberly Smith Valeria Zambrano Darius Knight Illustration Presentation 03/1/2019 English 090-30 Mrs. Weeks Topic sentence Topic Sentence To many students GCCC is a very great college to start your education after high school, but many are not aware of everything GCCC offers to help them succeed. edit text Main Points 1st main point To start off, GCCC offers a lot of accommodations with financial aid, so when you leave GCCC you are not in debt with student loans. Detail sentence Detail There are many scholarships available for students that are easy to get so they can get help with tuition. Detail Detail There are also many clubs students can join to get scholarships from. Not only are there clubs but GCCC has a lot of local scholarships. Main Points Main Points Next, GCCC has the CLC center which offers free tutoring to students. Detail Sentence Detail This opportunity is great for students at GCCC, because they have the resources to get a better understanding on what they have a hard time on. Take an opportunity that is given to you! There are also tutors at the writing center so when you need help with an essay, they will help you Detail Sentence Detail The CLC center has multiple tutors in multiple subjects for you convenience. Detail Sentence Detail Main Points Main Point Not only does GCCC offer a computer lab, but they have after hours for the computer lab Detail Sentence Detail This will help athletes at GCCC, and also will help students who work and they will be able to come in after work because we have people who stay late. Detail Sentence Having after hours for the computer lab really expand the possibilities for students to get their homework done. Detail Finally, GCCC has a various amount of faculty that not only will help you but want you to succeed. Main Points Main Points Help is literally at every corner you turn. Detail Sentence Detail

Illustration Presentation

Transcript: Haley Wilson Creative director at Gareth Stevens Publishing in Buffalo, New York. She is married, and has one son. What do you look for when choosing an illustrator? The type of illustrator I choose depends on the type of book we are creating and at what age level. Our lower level books for pre-k and 1st - 2nd grade are normally computer generated colorful more cartoon/Disney style looking books. Our older books I try to find illustrators that show a more realistic approach to their illustrations. Who is your favorite Illustrator? My two favorite current illustrators are Sandra Boynton and Anita Jeram. How did you get to where you are? Degree in Graphic Design and a lot of hard work. Publishing, graphic design and marketing is all about learning from the bottom up. You need to learn the basics and work your way up as ever skill from knowing how a printer prints the books, to preparing the book for print, and making the book itself are all knowledge that is needed to see an end result. The more broad your knowledge the more you will succeed. What was your favorite book as a kid? Whats a typical day like for you? My typical day is spent brainstorming with my staff about our current season of books. I help guide and encourage them to create the best books they can. I also work with many illustrators and writers all around the world so I work with them in creating books that we would want to publish. When our books are created, I then take them another step forward and create interactive electronic books to be used on classroom whiteboard software. The other part of my job is working on budgets and schedules to make sure all runs smoothly and with in budget. Whats your best advice for someone who wants to become an illustrator? The best thing to do is set up a website showing all of your illustrations and show a variety of styles you are able to create. Then you need to get yourself known. Send your website to publishers and stock houses. Many stockhouses like Shutterstock will allow you to put your illustrations on their site. What should an illustrator have in their portfolio? They should definitely have a website and a digital portfolio. Show as much diversity in their illustrations as possible.!prettyPhoto[gallery]/1/ The End I chose her because she is my great aunt. Where the Wild Things Are She was born and raised in Manitowoc, WI She was born on June 20th, 1974. Haley Wilson After high school she went to New York for college. Charles Atkins

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