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Trinidad and Tobago

Transcript: Trinidad And Tobago Two Festivals -Phagwa (or Holi) The Hindu festival of Phagwa, or Holi, involves lots of joyful singing and dancing as participants are sprayed with a variety of coloured dyes. This festival takes place during the month of March or April. Special folk songs, called Chowtal, are usually sung during this festival to the tune of the Dholak, a small hand drum and Majeera, percussive instruments. Though primarily a Hindu festival everyone is welcome to join the festivities! - Diwali Celebrated in October or November, this Hindu festival is known as the Festival of Lights because of the tradition of illuminating deyas, wick-equipped clay pots in honour of Lakshmi, the goddess of light, beauty, riches and love. Across Trinidad, thousands of flames flicker, symbolizing light’s triumph over darkness. 4 attractions of Trinidad and Tobago - Buccoo Reef This 10-acre coral reef and the tropical fish that inhabit it have long been popular among tourists, but have suffered in recent years from the many visitors. - Port of Spain The capitol of Trinidad and Tobago, is a bustling urban center with the Parliament, President's Home, large parks and cathedrals. It is the business and political center of the twin island nation and the center of carnival activity. - Maracas Bay The most gorgeous beach in Trinidad is nestled in a sheltered bay between two arms of a mountain range that stretch down into the sea. A half hour ride up a tiny, winding mountain road rewards the traveler with the prettiest beach you may ever see. The waves are high, but the scenery is fabulous. There are life guards, rest rooms and food stands here, unlike some other Trini beaches. - The Argyle Waterfalls Argyle waterfall, Tobago is one of the best waterfalls of the city and is very artfully positioned in the natural terrain. Argyle waterfall in Tobago is located off the village of Argyle. The village of Argyle is just before the town of Roxborough. It is also close to the Louis d'or Nurseries. Cultural Foods Savoury fritter made from seasoned split pea flour. Traditionally served with chutney. Chutney refers to a wide-ranging family of condiments from South Asian cuisine that usually contain some mixture of spice(s) and vegetable(s) and/or fruit(s). There are many varieties of chutney. Corner of Auchenskeoch & Shirvan Road, Mount Irvine, Tobago The hotel costs $50- $125 per night. Accommodations include 20 one, two and three bedroom self-catering suites and guestrooms, cable television, international direct dial telephones, kitchenette, freshwater swimming pool, restaurant and bar. Accommodations also include Coffee Maker in Room, Desk in Room, Free Parking, Golf, Hairdryers Available, Iron/Ironing Board, Laundry/Valet Services, Modem Lines in Room, Outdoor Pool, and Safe Deposit Box. one, two and three bedroom suites Flight Itinerary - Chutney Trinidad and Tobago - Pholourie -The literacy rate is 97% higher than the U.S. Every adult can read and write. -People from Trinidad and Tobago are called Trinidadians, Tobagonians, Trinbagonians and Trinis. -Trinidad and Tobago is a multi-cultural island with natives of African, Indian, Asian, French and Dutch ancestries and is still a democracy. -The law of the island expects all children to go for free school education compulsorily between ages 5 and 16. -The currency of Trinidad & Tobago is the Trinidad & Tobago Dollar (TTD). Tobago Island Suites Cost and accommodations 5 Interesting Facts Other suites available Location of Hotel

Trinidad and Tobago

Transcript: Flag Was adopted on August 31, 1962 when Trinidad and Tobago gained independence from Britain Red: represents the vigor of the land in Trinidad and Tobago, the friendliness and courage of its people, and the sun. Black: represents the unity and strength of the people, as well as the natural wealth of the country. White: represents the surrounding sea and the purity and equality of all people under the sun. Physical Geography Where are you? South or North America? Trinidad and Tobago lie on the continental shelf of South America, and is thus geographically considered to lie entirely in South America. However, the Caribbean islands are generally considered to be part of North America, and as the language and cultural links of Trinidad and Tobago are not to South America, but to the rest of the English-speaking Caribbean nations, the nation is often treated as part of North America. Climate & Natural Resources Deforestation and soil erosion Water and air pollution Music Steel band is the most popular form of music Steel band, soca and calypso music are famous throughout the world Imports & Exports Estimated population: 1,227,505 Migration rate: -6.93 migrant(s)/1,000 population Literacy: 98.6% Population Growth Rate: -0.74% Capital: Port of Spain natural gas Food, Music and Festivals Oil pollution of beaches and industrial wastes petroleum Culture Main import and export partner: United States One of the wealthiest and most developed nations in the Caribbean and is listed in the top 66 High Income countries in the world. In the Caribbean, it's the second richest country, behind only the Bahamas Oil producing nation, and the fifth largest producer of natural gas in the world supplying two thirds of all LNG imported into the USA This allows them to have high standard of living and literacy rate They are the most southerly islands of the Caribbean, laying just north of Venezuela and Guyana; just south of Grenada and Barbados; and happily, just below the hurricane belt Covering an area of 5,128 km2 (1,980 sq mi), the country consists of the two main islands, Trinidad and Tobago, and numerous smaller landforms – including Chacachacare, Monos, Huevos, Little Tobago, etc. Capital City & Government Language & Religion Natural Resources Port of Spain Statistics Import Goods ($ 8.3 billion) Mineral fuels Lubricants Machinery Transportation equipment Manufactured goods Food Chemicals Live animals Languages: English (official), Caribbean Hindustani (a dialect of Hindi), French, Spanish, Chinese Religions: Roman Catholic 26% Protestant 25.8% Hindu 22.5% Muslim 5.8% Other 10.8% Unspecified 1.4% Type of Government: Parliamentary Democracy TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Food Black cake Fruitcake Pastille Export Goods ($12.06 billion) Petroleum and petroleum products Liquefied natural gas (LNG) Ethanol Steel products Cereal and cereal products Sugar Cocoa Coffee Vegetable, fruits and flowers Buccoo Reef The climate is tropical. There are two seasons annually: the dry season for the first six months of the year, and the wet season in the second half of the year. Island Circle The Jewel of the Caribbean asphalt Government & Economy Come visit Us! There's a great influence of the culture of various immigrants including Indian, French, American, Chinise, African, Spanish and Portuguese More Facts Festivals Population Festivals Annual celebration of Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago happens just before Ash Wednesday every year Since most of the people are Christians, Christmas is the main celebration. Environmental Issues Charlotteville Climate

Trinidad and Tobago Presentation

Transcript: Trinidad And Tobago Trinidad and Tobago is a North American island country and part of the West Indies. Trinidad and Tobago has the 2 main islands, and multiple small islands. The Location The Location Absolute Location: Latitude: 10.6918° N Longitude: 61.2225°W Relative Location: North of Venezuela South of Grenada The Place The Place Trinidad and Tobago has a big mix of cultures and a lot of different landforms for such a small country. Physical Characteristics Physical Characteristics Trinidad and Tabago has: Swamps Andes Mountain Range Mount Aripo (3,084 feet tall) Many rivers, but they are mostly short Waterfalls Climate Coldest Months: Janurary/Feburary Temperatures range from 77°F to 85°F Human Characteristics Cultures: Indian African Portuguese Amerindian Spanish Chinese Religion: About 50% of Population: Roman Catholic or Protestant Other 50%: Middle eastern religions, non-religious, or unknown Human Characteristics Government Government Republic Parliament Prime Minister Elected by House of Representatives Senate Appointed by President Who is advised by Prime Minister or minority party leader House of Representatives Elected every 5 years President elected by Parliament Economy Economy Dominated by the Petroleum Industry Tourism is very important - especially in Tobago Manufacturing - Another key money maker About 26% of import sources are from the US GDP - $44.9 billion One of the wealthiest countries in the Caribbean Music and Dance Customs Music and Dance Customs Many islands in Trinidad and Tobago are known for their music like steel band and calypso. Indo-Trinidadian dance and music are also important parts of culture


Transcript: THE END SHERRY WALKER RUM, RUM, RUM We love, we rum boy Come and relax in the clear blue waters in Trinidad and Tobago TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO PRESIDENT Map of Trinidad and Tobago Hear National Anthem "Forged from the Love of Liberty" Text of National Anthem Adopted 31 Aug 1962 Constitution (1 Aug 1976) Capital: Port-of-Spain Currency: Trinidad and Tobago Dollar (TTD) National Holiday: 31 Aug (1962) Independence Day Population: 1,227,505 (2011) GDP: $26.1 billion (2010) Exports: $12.7 billion (2010) Imports: $8.18 billion (2010) Ethnic groups: black 39.2%, East Indian (South Asian) 38.6%, mixed 16.3%, Chinese 1.3%, white 1%, other and unspecified 3.3% (2000) Total Active Armed Forces: 6,500 (2012) Merchant marine: 6 ships (2010) Religions: Roman Catholic 26%, Hindu 22.5%, Anglican 7.8%, Baptist 7.2%, Pentecostal 6.8%, other Christian 5.8%, Muslim 5.8%, Seventh Day Adventist 4%, other 10.8%, unspecified 1.4%, none 1.9% (2000) The main language in Trinidad is English, spanish, Hindu, and creole, and french is also spoken there. Trinidad is a very diverse island with a large mix of different races, so the religion can be Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam just to name a few. Aids and Tuberculosis are the main diseases on the island. The safety is base on where you are on the island. usually tourist are not bothered. The violence tend to stay among the citizens that live there. Trinidad and Tobago relations with Canada is close and long standing. started in 1938. A diplomatic relation was established in 1962 Trinidad and Tobago is a parliamentary democracy with a president and a prime minister. There are big on football and cricket for sports. The food is awesome in Trinidad and Tobago. Roti and Doubles two of the main food that most people eat when they visit the island, but there are so many other foods to try like paleau, crab and dumpling, calalou, are all wonderful foods. The cost to eat at a restaurant is not that bad 12 to 30 us dollars to eat at a good restaurant. Hotel cost are 150 to 210 for a one to two beds and that's in us dollars. On February 15, 2013 the Electoral College of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago elected Mr. Justice Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona S.C., as the fifth president of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. In 2002 he was conferred the status of Senior Counsel. In 2004 he was appointed as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tobago and subsequently a judge of the International Criminal Court. The Government Building "THE RED HOUSE MARACUS BEACH THE MOST FAMOUS BEACH IN TRINIDAD Tobago has a good tourism industry with more than half of the country's 4,200 hotel rooms situated on the smaller island. But energy rich Trinidad, tourism has not been considered a priority, and most visitors come as business travelers or to visit relatives. The exception is the annual Carnival in February, when many thousands of tourist arrive to witness the famous calypso and steel band music and the colorful marches. In 1998 tourism brought in 201 million dollars us with one third of the tourists arriving from the United States. since the 90's the government has shown more interest in tourism investing in many cruise ships. THE SAN FERNANDO GENERAL HOSPITAL MOST TOURIST JUST COME TO SOAK UP THE SUN Trinidad is a southerly location. It has two seasons wet and dry. Rainy season is from June to November and the dry season is from December to May. The most visits to the island is in January to march, with high peaks in February because of caribana Trinidad and Tobago is one of the wealthiest countries in the Caribbean, thanks to its large reserves of oil and gas, the exploitation of which dominates its economy. Sugar is the main export crop and the main employer during cane cutting season The population of Trinidad and Tobago is 1,226,383 The capital city of Trinidad is Port Of Spain. Laying between the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea The total area of the two island state is 5,128 square kilometers. Most people travel by plane to get to the island. And by boat if you are coming from islands that are close by. Kamla Persad-Bissessar The crime rate is very high, but not in the tourist area. these crime mostly takes place in the neighborhoods. Trinidad is also the home land of many famous people like NICKI MANAJ

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