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SWOT Analysis presentation

Transcript: Name: Innocent Anunobi Department: MSN Nursing Leadership Course: N545 PE Healthcare Strategic Management and Planning School: American Sentinel University SWOT Analysis Considering that multiple factors may affect organizational strategic plan, it is necessary that healthcare organizations are able to implement plans that can give them strategic business advantages in their environment. According to Radman & Eshghi (2018), environmental factors including an efficient location of medical services is important when designing and implementing strategic plans for a healthcare organization. It is also important that healthcare organizations are able to perform comprehensive SWOT analysis to help understand their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Hospitals must understand their economic goals, be familiar with their environment, and have the ability to understand the complex healthcare trends and dynamics Introduction Introduction Mission and Vision Mission and Vision Mission Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life Un-Parallel Service Exceptional Quality Vision The destination of choice for healthcare excellence Consistent Earning HCA Healthcare strategic plan was developed based on it's mission and vision to create a healthcare system that is focused on the care and improvement of human life. This mission and vision has been translated into three overarching concepts namely; un-parallel services, exceptional clinical quality, and consistent earning (HCA Healthcare, 2019). Economic Environmental, Healthcare trends Medical City Plano Demographic of Plano Population 288 066.00 Median age = 45 Median house value 280, 000.00 Persons with health insurance = 88.5% Persons without health insurance 12.5% Median income = $90,000.00 (United States Census Bureau, 2018) The importance of understanding the economical status of a city or environment and the impact it has on the strategic plan of a healthcare organization can not be over emphasized. My healthcare system is located in Plano Texas with a median income of about $90,000.00(United States Census Bureau, 2018). Plano Texas has been named as the 3rd best city to live in the United States with more than 5 fortune 500 companies located in the city (, 2019). Many residents of the city has managed care coverage hence making it important for healthcare systems to invest tremendous amount of money to build world class hospitals that can withstand commercial competition. Economics Economics Multiple factors may affect organizational strategic plan hence making it necessary for organizations to implement plans that give them business advantages in their environment. According to Radman & Eshghi (2018), environmental factors including an efficient location of medical services is important when designing and implementing strategic plans for a healthcare organization. Considering that my healthcare system has fifteen hospitals in the area with different names, brands, and logo, it was important to consolidate their assets and put together a commercial front in the environment that outweighs the smaller hospital. This strategy gave the consumers an impression of receiving quality healthcare in multiple locations from the same group of physicians and making the healthcare system a one-stop-shop for all kinds of specialties and physicians. All the fifteen different hospitals adopted the same name, company brand, and healthcare logo. Environmental Environment According to Peterson (2019), with the change in reimbursement dynamics which includes moving from volume-based reimbursement system to a value-based system, there is more emphasis on wellness of patients and quality of care. According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (2019). Value-based programs tend to reward providers and hospitals with incentive payments for the quality of care they provide. This program supports better care for patients, better health for the population and lower cost. Healthcare Trend Healthcare Trend Clinical Practice Guideline Clinical Practice Guideline With value based reimbursement, it's important that healthcare organizational strategic plan has in place a plan to address safe quality clinical practice. One of the overarching strategic plans is to provide exceptional quality care to patients. With this in mind, Medical City Plano (HCA Healthcare) has implemented a strategic goal to reduce it's mortality rate and clinical outcome by focusing on quality core measures with Trauma patients, Septic patients, Stroke, Acute Myocardial Infarction, among other core measures. For this presentation, I will focus on the Sepsis Clinical Guideline Sepsis Clinical Guideline Sepsis Guideline The HCA sepsis guideline has allowed clinicians to be able to effectively care for septic patients while they are in the hospital. This guideline activates the sepsis protocols that allows clinicians the opportunity promptly act and implement treatment criteria

SWOT Analysis Presentation

Transcript: Introduction Introduction Definition : SWOT is an acronym that stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. As a company plans its next move, it should consider all of these things before proceeding. The plan's strengths and weaknesses are factors within the company's control (internal). The company can then work to make the most of its strengths and eliminate the weaknesses. Opportunities and threats, on the other hand, are external factors within the community that could affect the project's success. The company does not have much control over these situations but has to react to them in order to acheive company objectives and aims of the business. SWOT Stengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Strengths - Strengths are the qualities that enable us to accomplish the organization’s mission. These are the basis on which continued success can be made and continued/sustained. Strengths can be either tangible or intangible. These are what you are well-versed in or what you have expertise in, the traits and qualities your employees possess (individually and as a team) and the distinct features that give your organization its consistency. Strengths are the beneficial aspects of the organization or the capabilities of an organization, which includes human competencies, process capabilities, financial resources, products and services, customer goodwill and brand loyalty. Examples of organizational strengths are huge financial resources, broad product line, no debt, committed employees, etc. Weaknesses - Weaknesses are the qualities that prevent us from accomplishing our mission and achieving our full potential. These weaknesses deteriorate influences on the organizational success and growth. Weaknesses are the factors which do not meet the standards we feel they should meet. Weaknesses in an organization may be depreciating machinery, insufficient research and development facilities, narrow product range, poor decision-making, etc. Weaknesses are controllable. They must be minimized and eliminated. For instance - to overcome obsolete machinery, new machinery can be purchased. Other examples of organizational weaknesses are huge debts, high employee turnover, complex decision making process, narrow product range, large wastage of raw materials, etc. Opportunities - Opportunities are presented by the environment within which our organization operates. These arise when an organization can take benefit of conditions in its environment to plan and execute strategies that enable it to become more profitable. Organizations can gain competitive advantage by making use of opportunities. Organization should be careful and recognize the opportunities and grasp them whenever they arise. Selecting the targets that will best serve the clients while getting desired results is a difficult task. Opportunities may arise from market, competition, industry/government and technology. Increasing demand for telecommunications accompanied by deregulation is a great opportunity for new firms to enter telecom sector and compete with existing firms for revenue. Threats - Threats arise when conditions in external environment jeopardize the reliability and profitability of the organization’s business. They compound the vulnerability when they relate to the weaknesses. Threats are uncontrollable. When a threat comes, the stability and survival can be at stake. Examples of threats are - unrest among employees; ever changing technology; increasing competition leading to excess capacity, price wars and reducing industry profits; etc. Economy can also be a threat to most businesses as well as it changes peoples willingness to spend money as they search for cheaper alterentives in the market. Advantages Advantages 1 1 1. Advantage: Multi-Level Analysis You can gain valuable information about your objective's chances by viewing each of the four elements of the SWOT analysis— strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats—independently or in combination. For example, identified threats in the business environment, such as new government regulations regarding a product design or the introduction of competing products, might alert the business owner that a proposed investment in a new manufacturing production line should be more carefully evaluated. In addition, an awareness of a company weakness such as a lack of qualified employees might suggest a need to consider outsourcing particular functions. In turn, opportunities such as the availability of low-interest loans for startups might encourage the entrepreneur to pursue the development of a new product to meet a rising customer demand. In contrast, identified strengths, such as extensive experience in an industry experiencing rapid international growth, might suggest the need to partner with foreign companies. 2 2. Advantage: Simplicity SWOT analysis requires neither technical skills nor training. Instead, it can be performed by anyone with knowledge about the business in 3 3.

SWOT Analysis Presentation

Transcript: Weaknesses Learning management system that provides a learning system for course management and delivery for institutions, course content management system, a community system for communication, and a system to analyze and record student assessments. SWOT Analysis and Presentation Bruce Sweeting Strengths Opportunities EDU 541 Tech Tools To Manage Learning By: Bruce Sweeting Well-developed system for data integration with student information systems of many variations Easy to use and navigate Offers blended learning for different learning styles Longevity in the e-learning environment Teachers can engage with other teachers while sharing advice and experiences without geographic restrictions, eliminate paperwork, upload assignments and grades, update lesson plans, and download school textbooks to their mobile devices or home computer. Provides learners and instructors with opportunities to critically reflect on the utility of the learning management system to their learning or teaching. Comes equipped with pre-configured analytic software, which allows teachers to track student activity. Unsuccessful Blackboard transition for staff members and students Inadequate cloud computing capabilities and options in relation to organization goals Price increase for more advanced cloud computing capabilities Insufficient technical support 5/4/2016 Threats SWOT Analysis Presentation IT staff will have multiple opportunities to adapt Blackboard to fit organization needs. IT staff will have chances to develop context-sensitive tools and options for all activities for instructors and students. Opportunities to develop effective support on Blackboard functionality and common learning management system issues. Develop adequate cloud computing options Prepare the organization and the learners for change while gaining insight into the best communication methods for effective preparation within the organization. Recommendations Blackboard Adjuncts, faculty, and students should complete the "Getting started with Blackboard Instructor" webinar, self-guided tutorial, or workshop Recommend using Firefox or Chrome for browser. Internet Explorer should be avoided. Computer maintenance should be up-to-date. Always use single-mouse clicks when making Blackboard selections. Be patient when waiting for content to respond or load. When taking exams save periodically (every 15 to 30 minutes). This will avoid ISP session timeouts. Always log out of Blackboard. Features content authoring, certification management, virtual classroom capabilities, and social learning functionality In system calendar allows users to know due dates Activity stream so courses, projects, and important messages that need attention surface to the top Automated emails to students and staff members Lacking in cloud capabilities Slow development due to the large variety of product features and version variations. Many of these products and features are now lacking in quality due to modifications and changes in web browser technology. relatively outdated platform Why Blackboard?

Presentation SWOT analysis

Transcript: Comply with all quality requirements Co-operation => Breakthroughs Presentation SWOT analysis: Janssen Pharmaceutica Sven Baerten & Dylan Caproens 2nd Bachelor of Engineering Technology OCO2 English Ms L. Wijremblewski [7] Threats [1], [3], [5] Opportunities Weaknesses [1], [2], [4] [5] [1] Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, “Verslag aan de samenleving. Editie 2014-2015”,, 2015. [Online]. Beschikbaar: [Geraadpleegd op 30/11/2016] [2] Johnson & Johnson, “Our Credo”,, 2015. [Online]. Beschikbaar: [Geraadpleegd op 30/11/2016] [3] Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, “Committed to Clean, Renewable Energy”,, 2015. [Online]. Beschikbaar: [Geraadpleegd op 30/11/2016] [4] B. Mertens, “Milieuzorg – cruciale pijler in duurzaamheidsbeleid. Janssen Pharmaceutica”,, 2012. [Online]. Beschikbaar: [Geraadpleegd op 30/11/2016] [5] Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, “Verslag aan de samenleving. Editie2013”,, 2014. [Online]. Beschikbaar: [Geraadpleegd op 30/11/2016] References Credo: responsibility Researches information High turnover and profits investments A large team personnel policy Optimal working conditions Opportunities Workload high Large company => Low feeling of togetherness [1] Strengths Belgian pharmaceutical company 1953: Dr Paul Janssen 1961: Johnson & Johnson 2010: Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson Medicines Turnover Profit 4000 employees SWOT analysis [1], [3], [4], [5] [1], [3], [5] [6] MyTimeManagement, "Work smarter. Not harder",, 2009. [online]. Beschikbaar: [Geraadpleegd op 5 december 2016] [7] VTM Nieuws, "Nieuw slachtoffer van wegpiraat",, 2014. [online]. Beschikbaar: [Geraadpleegd op 5 december 2016] [8] Herzen, "International co-operation",, 2014. [online]. Beschikbaar: [Geraadpleegd op 5 december 2016] [9] Pfizer, "Pfizer France",, 2016. [online]. Beschikbaar: [Geraadpleegd op 5 december 2016] References Strengths > weaknesses Growth potential Strong history, stronger future Strengths Conclusion Collaboration and interaction Staff is up-to-date High quality products Environmental impact [4] [9] Introduction Competitors Reputation => sustainability Succumbs to the pressure Strict laws => regulations [8] [6] SWOT Analysis: Janssen Pharmaceutica [1], [2], [5] Close to highway => Sharing knowledge => Easy distribution Important position in market => motivated to develop

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