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I Taught Myself how to Live Simply

Transcript: I Taught Myself how to Live Simply thank ful Living simply thanking god looking at the beauty in life Guides her life in ways that benefit her staying out of the drama of the real world creating her own world where things are the way she wants them to be. so caught up in her own fantasy, nothing could break her out. Based on her own life and feelings doesnt get caught up into the bad things stays away from confilct, she is staying away from complications and filling them with accomplishments. she is telling the world how she is happy with her life and wouldn't want to change it. she is living happly and in the way she wants to live Anna was born in Odessa, in the Ukraine, In 1910. She married a russian poet named Nikolai Gumilyov. her father never wanted her to do poetry because he didnt want her to make a bad reputation for the family name. Anna was a Russian and Soviet modernist poet, one of the most acclaimed writers in the Russian canon. it was said that voice struck a new chord in Russian poetry because of her. Annas father and mother were both descended from the Russian nobility. Anna started writing poems at the age of 11. Anna died on March 6, 1966 due to heart faliure. My Thoughts to me this poem had a nice flow to it even though it didnt rhyme. the big picture of the poem is trying to tell the reader to live a different way then other people are. it is said to be that Annas poems are usually short lyric type poems like this one. poetic techniques Helps us create a mental picture ~imagery ~symbolism An Example: 30 . Here is something small...


Transcript: God enables us to acquire wealth, So we use our finances to GLORIFY HIM (wealth and possessions) participate in the spread of His Kingdom (tithing, chip ins, etc.) Living less for ourselves Live more for Him. to LIVE SIMPLY.. give more, share Christ! Understanding and following our call . . . "S I M P L E L I F E " SHIFTS how we regard our possessions. . . have more VALUE on what we have & value every blessing we try to give away E X E R C I S E Reflection questions: IN DECIDING TO GET OR BUY THINGS, WE MUST ASK . . .  Why do I want it?  How would things be different if I had it?  What other things would change, for better or worse, if I had it?  What is truly important to me?  Is this really what I value/care about? SOME PRATICALS : 1. Know Your Core Priorities “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Mt 6:21 Determine your own Core Priorities, your personal choice in life, love, and work. Where are most of our time & resources being spent? How you spend is the reflection of your values and choices. (no matter how much or less money you have) Does your spending habits reflect your Core Priorities? :-) 2. Learn to Be Contented. “for I have learned to be content with whatever I have. I know what it is to have little, and I know what it is to have plenty. In any and all circumstances I have learned the secret of being well-fed and of going hungry, of having plenty and of being in need.” Phil 4:11b-12 "Let this inner sense of satisfaction drive your decisions." "Count your blessings and be grateful for them :-)" 3. Awareness. "Be aware of people whose basic needs are not being met in today's world." "Live simply so that others may simply live."  Be aware of what you consume  Purge your stuff. Give away what you don't need and aren't using  Learn to find ways to reduce consumption and waste 4. Learn to manage your finances Become conscious and honest about your money, bank accounts, credit card balances, and income.  Make a Budget and Stick to It  Don’t buy on credit  Save and Invest  Seek to improve one’s financial literacy Living Simple means :  Responsible Stewardship properly allocate the use of 90% of what God has entrusted us.  Clearly defines our needs versus the things that we want. In simplicity we find peace of mind and true contentment in living a life for others. (Attitude of spending)  Give and share not out of surplus but of true generosity of heart. Evaluation Questions: + Have I been living within my means? + Have I been prioritizing my wants instead of my needs? +Have I been properly allocating the 90% of my income to myself, to others and to God? + What are the things that I need to give up to end up giving more? God is Good Goodness = Blessings ( act-something is given) Since us created in His likeness Goodness = Sharing (act-something is given) FAITH + - defines who we are - gives us purpose - affects our values & principles - Life itself Because we acknowledge that EVERYTHING comes and belongs to God, so we choose to become stewards of these resources. not just a PART of our journey, IT IS THE JOURNEY . . . Needs vs Wants ACTION PLAN ACTIVITY 1. Identify 5 spending habits that I need to trim down/give up in order to be able to share more to others. 2. Think of ways on how you can share your resources to others. (e.g. Sponsor a Child to school thru ANCOP CSP, serve in Cornerstone, commit to support a relative who is in need, etc.) 3. Create a 6-month plan on how you can make it happen. learn to TRUST in the Lord our God! GOD is ENOUGH. a simple life that leads to generous living. "Trend" many becomes distracted, confused, empty and wanting more. We have become prisoners of our W-A-N-T. This must never be the case for us. “Our hearts are restless until it rests in God.” - St. Augustine as Singles for Christ . . . Called to Live Simply Needs - are basic things we must have for survival Wants - are goods and services that enhances the quality of life. we can live without a life Embracing Simplicity leads to a full life immersed in Generosity we go out on mission and spread the Good News thru conducting CLPs, living a life of worship, etc. . . .let everyone experience Christ. be GRATEFUL for our blessings and what we have every moment in our lives. Live Simply

"Live simply so that others may simply live"

Transcript: 10% 7+ pairs Our Goal 56% no Our Inspiration & Experience 1-3 hours 24% Often 20% = 46% longer than 15 minutes 15% shorter than 10 minutes none 1% How long are your showers? Matthew 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Needs vs. Wants It costs $0.10 per kilowatt hour. An average bulb uses about 10 kilowatts. Think about how many light bulbs are in your house. Quarter Four A pretentious, showy life is an empty life; a plain and simple life is a full life. 38% 10-15 minutes How many pairs of jeans do you own? Who? In Belize, many people struggle to provide for and shelter their family. Because of the simplicity of their lifestyle, the people have dedicated themselves to finding joy and gratitude in their families, the faith, and the blessings in their lives. Their simplicity was beautiful and has inspired us to bring that beauty to the Ursuline Community. What do you have? No 21% Quarter One Hilda Gonzalez & Her Family 38% yes US Average: 31% 0-2 pairs Water & Electricity Usage Their reality "Live simply so that others may simply live" -Mahatma Gandhi How long do you spend on your phone/ computer? Proverbs 13:7 Why? "Participate, don't anticipate" Do you leave your water running? The average American spends 11+ hours on technology; that is more than the average time spent sleeping! Do you take time to pray or meditate? Every time you leave the water on while brushing your teeth = 5 gallons Only 26% of young American adults meditate daily; while, 58% of young American adults pray daily. Psychologists have actually concluded that religion can often save people from depression. Quarter Three 44% yes Quarter Two Through small challenges, we would like to inspire you to lead a simpler life. With your participation, the lifestyle will ripple and spread to people around us and inspire them. What? = How do we plan to address this? 16% 5-6 pairs Do you leave your lights or fan on? 3-5 hours 41% The average shower time for Americans 8.2 minutes. An average shower take about is 17.2 gallon. Electronics & Social Media Usage 1 in 4 women own 5-7 hours 19% 7+ hours 15% 62% no 42% 3- 4 pairs Occasionally 59%

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