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Template for Research Presentation

Transcript: What recent event is having a similar effect in America? Include details about events that have happened recently that are effected by your event. You may use these resources: Income inequality - Research Project How can a novel like To Kill A Mockingbird lead to positive change? How was your event changed by protests and laws after 1960? 2. What were the effects of your event? details Insert a graphic or video to support More information about effects How is the event related to the novel To Kill A Mockingbird? Be specific about events in the novel that are influenced by the real-life event you are researching. You may include a you tube video from the movie of the novel Insert a video from the research Time Place What led to it? Your research presentation must answer five questions: 1. What is your historical event? 2. What were the effects of your event? 3. How is the event related to the novel To Kill A Mockingbird? 4. What recent event is having a similar effect in America? 5. How can a novel like To Kill A Mockingbird lead to positive change? 1. What is your historical event? Information from research about how the event impacted people To Kill A Mockingbird

The Bright room

Transcript: The Bright room Bright room! WHAAT? As I was reading the poem, the title photograph made me imagine the old dark rooms, filled with the dull red light filling negatives with colors! This is my take on the title, as I try to process "THE PHOTOGRAPH" in this bright space! The cardboard shows me how it was When the two girl cousins went paddling Each one holding one of my mother’s hands, And she the big girl - some twelve years or so. All three stood still to smile through their hair At the uncle with the camera, A sweet face My mother’s, that was before I was born And the sea, which appears to have changed less Washed their terribly transient feet. Some twenty- thirty- years later She’d laugh at the snapshot. “See Betty And Dolly," she’d say, “and look how they Dressed us for the beach." The sea holiday was her past, mine is her laughter. Both wry With the laboured ease of loss Now she’s has been dead nearly as many years As that girl lived. And of this circumstance There is nothing to say at all, Its silence silences. Shirley Toulson's "A photograph" undermines the usual human thought of the permanence of materialistic things and highlights how short lived humans and their actions are along with the joys, sorrows, achievements and material assets they have. Eternity is an illusion ! A Photograph The poem is written in free-verse and a lot of tropes find place in the poem - Synecdoche: This device is used to represent one thing with the help of an entirely different one. ( line 9 - the word feet is used for the entire body ) Oxymoron: When two or more entirely opposite things are paired to convey a different perspective and meaning. ( line 15 - laboured ease of loss ) Alliteration: repitition of initial sound - stood still to smile - line 5 and many more..! The poem comprises of various tones through out! It gives a nostalgic feel as the poet describes the photograph of her mother and the joyous times ( 5 ) and moving on also conveys a sad tone as the poet shares her loss with the audience and how the grief of the loss of her mother cannot be conveyed in words and only silence prevails! ( 14-15, 18-19 ) Summary Tone The poet begins this poem by describing a photograph of her mother in her childhood. The photograph was taken when the poet’s mother was twelve years old, and on a day when she had gone to the beach with her cousins. It was a favourite photograph of her mother’s, and her mother often used to reminisce about the day when it was taken. It has been twelve years since the poet’s mother died, and since the poet cannot talk about her death, she chooses instead to celebrate her mother’s life by looking at an old photograph of her glory days. As the eternal nature outlives the impermanent, it tends to reflect our uncertain human life and how precious it is ! Sources The poem addresses deep concerns about the brevity of human life and conveys the inability to describe human loss. The loss of the holiday and the laughter is easy because these things have to be accepted as a part of life. They are merely a part of the past and cannot be brought back or relived. However, precisely because they cannot be relived, there will always be a tinge of difficulty letting them go completely. They will always be seen as loss. These ideas are conveyed through the phrase "laboured ease of loss" The poem is written by Shirley Toulson and among many books has been published in a collection of readings namely "Hornbill" published by National Council of Education Research and Training, India. Rhetorical Devices Theme

Room presentation

Transcript: It's hard to get out of your comfortable zone but once you do great things can happen. Jack is afraid to venture "outside" because it is not what he is used to, but when he does he meets tons of people, tries new things and learns what it's like to have a family.I Officer Oh: The officer that helped rescue Ma. Dr.Clay: The doctor at the clinic, assisting Jack and Ma after the escape. Norean: The nurse at the clinic. Grandpa: Ma's father. He's not in at a lot of the book. He tries to stay away from Jack as much as possible. Paul: Ma older brother. A support to his sister and nephew. Deena: Paul's wife. Bronwyn: Paul and Deena's two year old daughter. Jack's cousin. Grandma: Ma's mother. She is in a lot of the book , helping to take care of Jack. Steppa: A word sandwich for step grandfather. Grandma's husband Ma always wanted to get out " I used to dream about being rescued" she says " I wrote notes and hid them in the trash but nobody found them." She truly believed no one will rescue them. Plan "A" was to pretend Jack is sick and request Old Nick to take him to the hospital, there he would alert help. Ma quotes "I'll tell him 'You've got to take him to the hospital so doctors can give him the right medicine." Jack is the protagonist character, the book is written in his perspective. Jack is a very book smart five year old. Ma is Jack's mother; a very determined 26 year old. Old Nick is the kidnapper who kidnapped Ma when she was 19 years old. Inciting incident: Characters: Conclusion: Jack and ma found happiness in a half way house where they will start the rest of their life's together and free. The central conflict is Ma wanting to get her and her son out of the shed where they were kept by Old Nick. The question that pondered Ma's mind was how they were going to escape from there kidnapper and get past the door with the code. Room The inciting incident is when Old Nick kidnaps Ma at age nineteen walking on her college campus he tricks Ma in helping him find his non existent dog and then brings her to the modernized shed in his backyard, where she will spend the next several years. Conflict: Person Vs. Person Ma finally tells Jack the truth of how they ended up in "Room". This is what she confesses to Jack. "Yeah, but see, why I was sad- it was because of Room," says Ma. "Old Nick-I didn't even know him, I was nineteen. He stole me" After hearing Jack's mothers plan wanting to get "outside" and stating that Room is too small. Jack is confused and mad at this statement he quotes '"Rooms not small, Look" I jump with my arms out and spin, I don't bang into anything' Jack likes what he has.A Emma Donoghue Climax: "The Great Escape" Ma has been dreaming to find a way out of the shed for years. She has been trying and thinking very hard. Ma creates a whole scheme to get Jack out of the shed and have him send someone back for her. Plan "B" works and the officers take them to a hospital. Setting: When Ma is about to get rescued, officer Oh is trying to get help from Jack to find where the shed is. After a lot of confusion, the finally find Old Nicks house. "That's three four nine Washington," the man police is saying at his phone. "Go ahead." Characters: Room was written in a five year old's perspective of bravery and new found happiness. Theme: "We step into through Door and its all wrong, smaller than room and emptier and it smells weird" Jack notices this when he returns to Room with ma near the end of the book. He realizes that compared to "outside" it is way smaller than he remembered. The story takes place in modern times, mostly the setting is in a backyard shed where Jack lived since the day he was born and two years previous for his mother.

Bright room v.s. Dark room

Transcript: -80% students said 'bright' Divide 20 people into two groups Stay in the room for 15 minutes Answer questions - most of the students drew a question mark to express curiosity 4. Identify the emotion of this music, how does it make you feel? A brief description would be perfect. Empty & plain Response for 1st Question from the "Dark Room" 5th Question 2nd Response from 'Dark Room' - 20% said 'curious' How did you feel when you entered the room? a. Bright b. content c. annoyed d. gloomy 2. Draw a random picture of how you feel right now. It doesn’t have to be fancy or neat, just a simple figure would be fine. Make a caption to note what you are trying to express, could be a sentence, a phrase, or one word. 3. What do you think about this picture? 3. What do you think about this picture? Topic: Does the light of a room affect a person's response or feeling? Target Population: Any people Sample size: 10 people in each room, total 20 people. Random sample Response to 5th Question 3. What do you think about this picture? "During the experiment..." Response to last question ;-) Our Questions 6th Question Question: Does the light of a room affect the person's mood or judgement? Hypothesis: The light of a room will affect a person's feeling. By Janice, Jessica, Alam, Lisa After listening to Canon, 90% of the students said "It's peaceful and calm" while 10% said "I want to get married." Results of 'Bright Room' All 100% of the students in bright room answered, that it looks sad for some reason. 3rd Question During their test, Our Results Gloomy and annoyed. Response to 3rd Question 4th Question Questions Procedure 90% of the students said "confusing" and "complicated" ALL OF THE SAID, "It looks like whole bunch of pastas!" 3rd Question: Felt dizzy & nervous sad, gloomy, tired.. Psychology Experiment Bright room v.s Darkroom Darkness of the room = more thoughts For drawing the picture, Response to 4th Question 2nd Question: All of them drew a smiley face... Although some of the smiley faces looked a little sad ;(

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