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Transcript: Professional Phase 6. Actively participate in your education by studying and going to class 7. Seek help when needed 8. Commitment to excellence 9. Maintaining a healthy communication with professors and peers 10. Being respectful toward peers and faculty 1. Values others’ approaches to problem solving 2. Updates solutions to problems based on new knowledge 3. Demonstrates willingness to examine contradictory ideas 4. Seeks alternative ideas 5. Considers available information independently 1. Demonstrates Punctuality 2. Recognizes the role of Physical Therapy in heath care 3. Acts honestly and with integrity in all academic situations 4. Demonstrates Dependability 5. Identifies qualities of positive professional role models 6. Identifying problem areas 7. Uses resources 8. Handle stress accordingly 9. Being adaptable 10. Apply education outside of the classroom With these generic abilities, You will have endless possibilities Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Pre-Professional Phase By: Julia Schroeder, Veronica Gall, Alison Finan, Alex Tepoorten, Nikki Latreille, and Steven Alcantara 6. Identify gaps of knowledge 7. Clinical reasoning 8. No bias or assumptions 9. Handle transition time with patients 10. use creativity Responsibility and Professionalism Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Professional Phase 1. Evaluates the chosen solutions 2. Describes scientific method 3. Raises relevant questions 4. Identifies multiple contributors to problems 5. considers multiples solutions Pre-Professional Phase 1. Value professional organization 2. Keep the patient/ client your priority 3. Provide safe environment in academic and clinical settings 4. Acts honestly and with integrity in all clinical situations 5. Abides by clinical policies and procedures Responsibility and Professionalism Pre-Professional Phase Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 6. Dressing appropriately 7. Greeting patients openly 8. Reaching out to mentors when needed 9. Maintaining good inter-professional relationships 10. Continuing Education Responsibility and Professionalism Professional Phase Professional Phase Responsibility and Professionalism THANK YOU Generic Abilities and Beyond Pre-Professional Phase Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


Transcript: Top 3 segments Oil & gas Mining Automotive 2013 sales $0.755 MM Incentives campaign review A level (encapsulated) strategy and growing. DuPont, Pemex and Mining. License process pending review (processing time). Minimize lead times. European certification proyect. Presence in six states Top 3 sales representatives Especialistas en Productos de Seguridad Consolidate corporative's mining strategy. Gold Corp, Frisco and Peñoles. Initiatives Chemicals usage analysis in Mexico, by industry and segment. 2013 sales $1.4 MM Shared resource 100% Market Share 88% Chemical – 12% others Decreasing trends Recycle Grainger Sersa Top 3 sales representatives 2013 sales $0.525 MM Magid Gisa Presence in 10 states Eleven sales representatives Top 3 customers Top 3 segments Include Market share No branches Four sales representatives (15 Urvina's sales representatives) Top 3 states Queretaro San Luis Potosi State of Mexico Top 3 customers General Motors Assemblers RAYHSA Seguridad Industrial del Bajío Branches in 32 states 121 sales representative Sales in 9 states Top 3 Mexico City State of Mexico North (Tabasco's tenders) Top 3 customers Industrial Safety de México Top 3 segments Top 3 sales representatives Elsa Chabela Pilar 2013 sales $0.8 MM No shared resource % Market Share 50% Chemical – 50% Thermal Decreasing trend Proveedora de Seguridad Industrial del Golfo S.A. De C.V Spray cabin strategy Gvargas Top 3 sales representatives Shared resource 2013 sales $1.0 MM % Market Share 98% chemical – 2% others Increasing trend Top 3 segments Top 3 sales representatives Sebastian Poceros Gabriel Mercader Reymundo Cavazos 2013 sales $2.9 MM No shared resource % Market Share 90% Chemical – 10% Thermal No trends Presence in 7 countries One sales representative 80% of sales proceed from Panama Top 3 customers Panama Canal Ministry of health Firemen Duwest Top 3 sales representatives Miguel Resendiz Gabriel Martínez Antonio López Shared resource QC (acids and bases) $139 USD (12 EA) SL (acids, bases and some solvents) $250 USD (6 EA) BR (acids, bases and solvents) $350 USD (2 EA) TK (acids,bases and solvents in emergencies) $585 USD (1 EA) TK training $300 USD (1 EA) Recover fiberglass segment, jacuzzi, TPI, Werner and line 3 BDP. Distributor Mapping Top 3 sales representatives Saul Dorantes Eduardo 2013 sales $1.4 MM No shared resource % Market Share 99% Chemical – 1% other DPT Decreasing trend BDP Dcosted Laminated, low price market No branches 14 sales representatives Top 3 states Mexico City State of Mexico Five branches 21 sales representatives Top 3 customers Gold Corp Peñoles Manufactory Two branches 8 sales representatives Top 3 sales represnetatives Two branches Three sales representatives Hermosillo Southeast Top 3 customers Pemex Grupo México Ford Presence in two states Top 3 customers Assambly plant 2013 sales $0.171 MM 5 branches 16 sales representatives Top 3 customers Top 3 segments One branch Five sales representatives Top 3 customers Aeromexico Assembly plant Tyvek® for medical applications, forensics, epidemiology and biological threats. 19 Branches 96 intern sales, 102 outdoor and corp sales representatives Sales in five states Veracruz Mexico City State of Mexico Monterrey Campeche Top 3 customers Top 3 segments Automotive Manufactory Industry 65% Chemical - 35% Mechanical 100% Market Share 2013 sales $0.789 MM Increasing trend DPT


Transcript: Local reactions such as erythema , induration and local pain, are common at the site of injection Pertussis, whooping cough , is a disease caused by Bordetella pertussis is transmitted by direct contact with respiratory secretions of infected persons . is a mixture of three vaccines that immunize against diphtheria , Bordetella pertussis ( whooping cough) and tetanus. Children should get 5 doses of DPT : at 2 months of age , then at 4 months , 6 months, 18 months (these are embedded in the pentavalent vaccine called ) , and 4-6 years only as DPT1 DT vaccine is the name for diphtheria and tetanus. DPT Diphtheria is a disease caused by Corynebacterium diphtheriae which is mainly transmitted by contact with an ill person or a healthy carrier The efficiency is 70 to 90 % in the first 2-5 years after the implementation of the vaccine, with decreased immunity over time until after about 12 years of the administration of the last dose , immunity is lost against Bordetella pertussis TETANUS IMMUNOGENICITY AND EFFICACY The whole cell vaccines typically have mild reactions . Local reactions occur in approximately 50% of those vaccinated , at the site of injection. The most common are redness ( 1 in 3 doses) , swelling ( May 2 doses ) and pain ( February 1 dose). The causative agent of tetanus is a bacterium called Clostridium tetani. Tetanus infection is given by the entry of the bacteria into the body, through a particular wound or tissue necrosis if a foreign body . IMMUNOGENICITY AND EFFICACY After a complete vaccination against tetanus, nearly 100% of people develop immunity to the disease . ADVERSE EFFECTS The tetanus vaccine usually present good tolerance DIPHTHERIA ADVERSE EFFECTS Bordetella pertussis vaccine ADVERSE EFFECTS IMMUNOGENICITY AND EFFICACY After administration of a complete vaccination with four doses in adults and three children , it was found that 95% of those vaccinated have an optimal level of immunity to the disease.

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Transcript: Physical Therapist Assistant Jonelle Hook Introduction Introduction Assessment What kid of degree does a PTA need to practice? Can a PTA advance an exercise program? In the state of South Dakota, how many PTA's can a PT supervise? In the state of SD, how many supervising PT's can a PTA have? What do you feel is the most important characteristics of the PT/PTA relationship? Physical Therapist Assistant at Rehab Choice Inc. Kansas City and Columbia MO Physical Therapist Assistant at Fyzical (formerly Great Plains Therapy), Vermillion SD Currently: Instructor in the Health Sciences Department Education Education Bachelor of Science from The University of Iowa in Physical Education and Health Associate of Applied Science from Linn State Technical College in Physical Therapist Assistant Master of Arts from USD in Educational Administration/Adult and Higher Education Physical Therapist Assistant Physical Therapist Assistant: Physical therapist assistants (PTAs) work as part of a team to provide physical therapy services under the direction and supervision of the physical therapist. PTAs implement selected components of patient/client interventions (treatment), obtain data related to the interventions provided, and make modifications in selected interventions either to progress the patient/client as directed by the physical therapist or to ensure patient/client safety and comfort. (APTA, 2017) Physical Therapist Assistant Education Knowledge Anatomy Physiology Kinesiology Human Diseases and the Disease Process Therapeutic Exercises Modalities Recommended Skills for a PTA Ability to work on a team Communication - Verbal and Written skills Visual Observation Knowledge of Healthcare Delivery Systems Ability to handle emotional stress Ability to multitask Attention to details Recommended Skills Working as a TEAM Most Important PTA's are clinical problem solvers PTA's ensure the patient/client safety and comfort Keep the PTA algorithm in mind PT/PTA Relationship PT/PTA Relationship PT/PTA Relationship PT/PTA State Physical Therapy Practice Act Varies from State to State Know your states Practice Act Professional and Ethical Documents Code of Ethics for the Physical Therapist APTA Standards of Ethical Conduct for the Physical Therapist Assistant (2019) PT/PTA Relationship Know the PTA Education, Scope of Practice and Experience APTA offers several resources addressing these issues: Direction and Supervision of the Physical Therapist Assistant PTA Patient Care & Supervision Supervision & PT/PTA Teamwork APTA Policies on Scope of Work PT/PTA Real World Get to Know Each Other Strengths, Weaknesses, Experience, Level of Supervision Trust Communicate Constantly - Good notes with specifics in the (P) Plan and Precautions Approach each case as a Team - Foster confidence in the patient/client Be flexible PT/PTA Salaries and Employment According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Salaries and Employment Projected Growth 32% increase in the number of PTA jobs 2020-2030 23,800 open jobs Average wage: $27.72 hr. Average salary: $59,770 Projected Growth Employment opportunity Venues Office of other Healthcare Practitioners: $58,050 General Med/Surg hospitals: $58,460 Nursing Care Facilities: $67,120 Employment Venues Top Paying Industries Home Health $66,860 Skilled Nursing Facilities $66,620 Assisted Living Facilities $66,000 Top Paying Industries Assessment What kind of degree does a PTA need to practice? Can a PTA advance an exercise program? In the state of South Dakota, how many PTA’s can a PT supervise? In the state of South Dakota, how many supervising PT’s can a PTA have? What do you feel is the most important characteristic of the PT/PTA relationship? Assessment Questions? Questions


Transcript: SUPERMETHANOL Biodiesel 1 ton Glycerine H2O + Minerals Water Recycle Geinjecteerd in reactor in kleine hoeveelheden Fuel Gas Methanol Methanol synthesis reactor Alternatief oplosmiddel Nodig voor RWGS reactie Hoge druk/temperatuur zorgt voor hoge conversie Makkelijker constant te houden Waarom superkritisch water? Methanol Katalysator SCW Reactor Fuel Gas In Minerals + H2O Scheiding Water phase contains a large amount of the contaminants (mainly NaCL, and possibly H2S, NH3, HCL) Vegetable Oil Low Pressure Seperator: Seperates syngas from water Hier wordt het synthesegas via reversed water-gas-shift reacties op de ideale verhouding gebracht. Echter nemen wij dit vooralsnog niet mee, en nemen aan dat de reactor het ideale mengsel oplevert. Rapeseed oil Glycerine gasified in superkritisch water (T>647.096 K, P> 22.064 MPa) Syngassamenstelling can be varied by changing process parameters such as temp, residence time, concentration & composition of the feedstock Temp: between 600-700 celcius Pressure around 300 bars Residence time in seconds LPS DPT Project Composition in reality (vol%) H2 : 43.8% CO: 29.1% CO2 : 9% CH4 : 12.8% Small amounts of higher alkanes (<3% e.a.) Gas Conditioning HPS Methanol Catalytic conversion of syngas to methanol @200 celcius Black box approach: 90% conversie Biodiesel Plant Syngas+H2O Glycerine 100 kg H2O Fuel Gas High Pressure Seperator Seperates syngas from water Temperature is variable Significant amount of CO2 remains in water phase H2O GtM Process Wikke den Hartogh, Annemarie Dedden, Wouter Post, Samuel Mok

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