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T-Shirt presentation

Transcript: T-Shirt By: Alyssa Mora The Problem The Opportunity The problem with the T-shirts is the fact that cotton can take a lot from people. Another thing that cotton does is the fact that kids are working to make T-shirts and that is causing child labor. The Problem 1st Problem The problem with the T-shirts is the fact that cotton can take a lot from people. What I mean by that is some people in the world have limited supplies. For Example: -Cotton uses a lot of water -Chemicals used to harvest cotton cause cancer -Cotton is ruining the environment -Organic cotton is better for the environment This is what I mean that people choose to do these things in order to get money. In some countries people have limited water and instead for using it to be clean and use for good health they choose to make money. Also people know that it is good to use Organic cotton , but instead they choose to use regular cotten which people kow it hurts the enviorment. The problem 2nd Problem Another thing that cotton does is the fact that kids are working to make T-shirts and that is causing child labor. When you think children what pops into your head ? What pops into my head is safe, caring, and healthy. Well that is not what happened in the 1800's or maybe even before then.Well they had children work and work with no childhood that is called child labor. Child labor started when people had to survive and they send children to work. This is very bad for children and due to cotton they are having to spend more days and hours working and working so because of this some kids are getting less time with family witch is not good. The Solution The Solution 1 of the solution is instead of using products things that are limited in some countries then use other things that are not limited. For example: -Water -Food -Clothes -Land Are all things that are limited. Also -The power to write -Read are not limited so instead of making shirts they could be teaching other kids to read and write. Another Solution Market Size Another solution is to have children going to school. What I mean by that is if you don't want your child to suffer and work all of he/she lives then send them to school and if there is no school where you live then have then read a book or if not let them do what makes them happy. Just don't let them work have the parents do that. Where at? Where is the problem? These problems are happening at China, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Brazil. This is very bad its like saying you only get 1 water bottle a day. If you choose to spend it on clothes to make you are wasting it instead you could have been drinking it so you won't be thirsty. Another reason why this is bad is because not everything will be good at times and at those times you wish you had water, but you don't have it because you wasted it on making something not as important/ valuable. As Buyers . . . As buyers . . . As buyers we don't really know what are clothes are being made out of and sometimes we don't really enjoy it sometimes maybe even through it away. Which is wrong if you ask me it is like saying you spent 24 hours to make something and just throw it away. You wouldn't like that would you. Well anyways as buyers if we buy this item and then realize we don't like it or even want it we can reuse it. It might sound terrible, but its not.We can add our own spark to it and customize it instead of making someone do so much work then throwing it away.

T-Shirt Presentation

Transcript: T-SHIRT PITCHES Reef Rescue Reef Rescue My first idea for a t-shirt line is an awareness line for coral reefs and the rapid rate of decay they are in. These shirts would be sourced from 100% recycled plastics only. In addition 25% of profits would be donated to help reefs. NICHE Niche My Target niche are environmentalists. I plan on targeting this niche by providing environmentally friendly and awareness raising clothing that give back to the environment. DESIGN Design Front Back Market Research MARKET SOUNDFREAKS SoundFreaks A line of T-shirts for the music junkies. With clever, clean designs, these shirts are designed to look cool and sleek while still displaying your passion. NICHE NICHE The niche I am targeting is the music streaming niche. It is targeted by streaming providers and sound equipment companies but not many clothing brands which is why I chose it. DESIGNS DESIGN MARKET MARKET As of 2018 there were 225 million paid users on Spotify alone. In 2017 there were 368 million headphones and headsets sold worldwide. Design 1- Marketing 1- Marketing 1.5- Design 2- Design 2.5- Marketing 2- Marketing 2.5- Sources Sources

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