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Summary Report

Transcript: Analysis 1. The site we selected was Paranagua, which is a city in Parana, Brazil. 2.We picked a different start date because we needed out data to be as accurate as possible.If the date wasn’t changed, our start date would have been the date we started this project which meant, no data would be present for the whole day and days after. 3.Paranagua, Brazil is a popular tourist destination because it is the oldest city in Parana, which is the state in Brazil that it is located in. 4.Paranagua is a city in Brazil, which is located in the eastern part of south america in the western hemisphere. It was founded in 1648 and is 319.2 mi^2. The population is about 148, 232 and it as an elevation of 16.4. 5. Our tides are almost consistent all year round. Every high tide is around 4.5-5.0 and all low tides are around 1.5-2.0. Year after year the high and low tides remain consistent. Meaning each year the low tides are always around 1.0-2.0 and high tides are around 4.0-5.0. Calculations Data Graph Pictures Conclusion Citations Forming an Equation Data Table Summary Report To form our table: We turned all the recorded time from the data into decimal hours by dividing the total minutes by 60. 24 was added to all times on day 2 and 48 was added to all times on day 3. Tidal Waves And Sinusoids By: Alyssa Rodriguez and Corrina Isaac In this project, we researched the tides between May 23, 2015 and May 25, 2015. We got to see what the high and low tides were at certain times then we took the information and put it in an equation. y= a cos(b(x-h))+d To form our equation, first, we found the vertical shift, d, by calculating the average high tide and the average low tide. Then, we added them before dividing by 2. After, we found the amplitude, a, by calculating the distance between the high tide and the vertical shift. Next, we used 12.4 as the period, b, because it's a half lunar day in decimal hours. (12.4= 5pi/31) Finally, our horizontal shift, h, is the time of our first tide. Our equation- y=1.472cos(5π/31(x-7.15))+3.492 The high tides and low tides are consistent. This is proven in the data. I believe this is due to the climate of Brazil being consistent. The pattern of tide is predictable and the moon might have an influence on it. Maybe the position of Brazil on the earth causes the moon to have a certain amount of gravitational pull on the water. Another natural phenomena that can be modeled is the rise and fall of the climate. At 11 am on the 6th day, the tide would be about 2 ft. because a low tide occurs around that time, and rose over the three days At 6 am on May 30, 2016 would probably be about 5.70 ft because that's when high tides occur ansd it rose over the course of the three days


Transcript: A. New Applicants: 9 (nine) B. Reloans 7 (seven) C. Additional loans 8 (eight) Updated number of loan availees: Common Accounts 40 Separate Accounts 48 Special Accounts 5 TOTAL 93 INTEREST COLLECTED OTHER MATTERS SUMMARY REPORT JULY 2015 AGENDA I. CALL TO ORDER II. OPENING RPAYER III. MATTERS ARISING FROM LAST MEETING A. PROPOSED PROCUREMENT OF MOTORCYCLE FOR USE OF COORDINATOR IV. UPDATES: A. FINANCIALS AS OF JULY 2015 V. OTHER MATTERS VI. ADJOURNMENT THANK YOU VERY MUCH! A. Common Account Total Principal Collected P143,955.00 Total Interest Collected P 58, 305.00 SHARES 1. AB8 P 29, 153.00 2. SUMI P 24, 988.00 3. Kong Jess P 4,164.00 TOTAL DEFICITS FOR SUMI P18,213.00 SUMI SHARES-TOTAL DEFICITS P 24,988.00-18,213.00 =6,772.00 LOAN AVAILEES FOR JULY PERCENTAGE SHARING B. SEPARATE ACCOUNTS Total Principal Collected: P 175,930.00 Total Interest Collected: P 68,060.00 SHARES 1. AB8 (4%) P 38,900.00 2. LUZ (3%) P 29, 160.00 TOTAL DEFICITS FOR SA: P20,933.00 LUZ SHARES-TOTAL DEFICITS 29, 160.00 - 20, 933.00 = 8,227.00 JANUARY : P 20,343.00 FEBRUARY :P 54,721.00 MARCH : P 80, 584.00 APRIL : P 99,102.00 MAY : P 122,475.00 JUNE : P 132,475 JULY : 126,365 SUMI: P636,065.00 SPECIAL ACCOUNT: P 14,599.00 TOTAL: P 650,664.00 PERCENTAGE SHARING PRINCIPAL COLLECTED JANUARY : P 55,710.00 FEBRUARY : P 145,618.00 MARCH : P 189,705.00 APRIL : P 264,182.00 MAY : P 285, 371.00 JUNE : P 233,781.00 (CA) P 106,523.00(SA) JULY : P 319,885.00 PRINCIPAL LOAN COLLECTED P 1,600,775.00 (SUMI) P 52,632.00 (S. ACCOUNTS) TOTAL PRINCIPAL COLLECTED P

Summary Report

Transcript: Future homeowners are the targeted clients/users for this product. Therefore the new product should appealing to a variety of different people. Specific Problem Bibliography The first style of house I found was a "smart home". This was a house built entirely on the concept of making life easier. Everything in this house was run by technology, meaning this house consumed large amounts of energy daily. The problem I am trying to resolve is the lack of eco-friendly housing. Research #2 The last house I came across was a blend of the two previous homes. This last house seemed to be focused more on the futuristic look rather than efficiency. It definitely had small quantities of both previous concepts, however it was focused on the fact that it was pure white and twisted into cool new shapes. Research #1 Research #3 1) http:/ 2)http:/ 3)http:/ Research and Analysis Product User Today's houses are very wasteful with energy and other resources. This new house should make life easier, be eco-friendly, blend in with the landscape, and it should also have a new look. The next house I found was a very eco-friendly based home. It' s characteristics make this home energy efficient, cutting down the cost of heat and electricity as well as pollution. This home had plenty of greenery inside and out blending it into the landscape. However this home did not have any forms of technology to make future life easier. After some more research I found that the solar panels,etc. were very expensive. Problem

Summary Template

Transcript: VAFI home page Strategy areas for Govt & Industry 1.Technology literacy & Innovation to wards developing high-performance, low-emission wood products to replace traditional high-emission construction materials. 2. Investment in new long rotation sawlog plantations to supply building industry needs 3. Commercial restoration of degraded forest land 4. Building the capacity of landholders to participate in carbon markets 5. Allow managers to realise the full value of carbon forestry; by promoting research into improved methods for estimating stored carbon that are robust, replicable and can be used routinely by the industry. 6. Renewable energy from biomass Renewable energy policy should also include greater promotion of bioenergy as a viable energy source which is complementary to other renewable energies. Policy development needs to be flexible to support a potentially broad range of bioenergy based opportunities from small co-generation facilities located in small regional areas to large facilities located in the capital cities and other industrial centres. As previously mentioned, there is also the need to develop incentives for the creation and utilisation of renewable bioenergies. p.9 Risk of job losses outweighs park push - Document Forest Industry Taskforce - website Victoria’s Native Timber Industry Factsheet - Forests VIC DELWP - Sustainability Charter Farmer & Cook, Climate hange Science a Modern Synthesis. Vol1 The Physical Climate Environmental science: toward a sustainable future - Richard T. Wright, Dorothy Boorse Themes: Section 3 Weekly Summary The Taskforce will aim for recommendations that will enable us to successfully create and sustain jobs and industry growth in a changing economic environment, to conserve high value ecological assets, to protect key species such as the Leadbeater’s possum and to implement a durable plan for the good stewardship of Victoria’s forests that can be embraced by the Victorian community. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. The areas of shared concern include: ongoing lack of wood and fibre resource security and market certainty which impedes new investment and in turn diminishes employment security and growth; lack of jobs growth, lack of security for existing jobs and stalled opportunities for skill development driven by the uncertainty surrounding businesses in the industry; and a lack of ecological integrity and security across the forest landscape which creates uncertainty and apprehension about the extent to which conservation values, threatened fauna and flora and ecosystem services are protected across eastern Victoria. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Australian Conservation Foundation The primary purpose of the Forest Industry Taskforce (the Taskforce) is to arrive at a set of long-­term, durable recommendations and proposals for government concerning the future of Victorian forests (east of the Hume Highway), including industry dependent on the forest, jobs reliant on this industry, and the conservation of forest ecosystems and threatened species. This Statement of Intent presents a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities, and a consensus approach on the next steps to build a durable outcome. Themes: Weekly Summary 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 1. The truth is that the Earth is warming p. viii 2. Scientists and others may differ about their definition of “better” but most want to improve the Earth and human society. p. viii 3. the evolution of Earth’s climate through time, known as paleoclimatology 4. If humans can understand climates of the past, perhaps we can better understand what the climate of the future will be and humankind may be able to mitigate some of the problems that are sure to occur in many future scenarios of Planet Earth’s climate. p.ix 5. Climate change scientists have gone far beyond the simple concept of global warming and now are attempting to devise ways that humans can cope with ever increasing temperatures and their effects. p.x 6. Climate change scientists deal with massive amounts of data over relatively long time periods and are able to see significant trends revealed by analyses of these data. The most obvious are the trends in temperatures, changes in sea level, volume changes in glaciers and their waxing and waning, changes in atmospheric and oceanic circulation, configuration of continents and their locations over the Earth’s surface, trends in energy amounts received and distributed by Earth processes, etc. 7. 8. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Theory Connections Themes: Section 2 What: Types of Forest & boundaries & definitions for purpose of discussion. Where: Local Geography, Who: Stakeholders, Issue: Guidelines for use of public forestry resources Issue: Position of VAFI: Forest to be managed to maximise carbon sequestration through active harvesting and renewal supported by research and technological innovation to the benefit of local industry, broader social


Transcript: BY PAIGE WORLEY It will take me until January to make my trailer because i need to plan thoroughly and get all the right equipment to ensure my trailer meets the right standards. For the equipment, i will be renting it from my college, i will be filming both in my hometown (Addlestone) and my college area (Woking). USP (Unique Selling Point Type of production Finance DNA films have a partnership with fox searchlight pictures, fox searchlight pictures specialise in British independant films, benefiting DNA films in terms of funding. 20th century fox that specialises in dependant British films as they own 50% of DNA films as well as others that helps finance the company such as UK film council. Hollywood companies like universal, who make big blockbusters use their profits from best-selling films or previous films to fund new films. this will impact my production because DNA films are not rich enough to fund their own films so i will have to rely on the BFI or American companies. Film 4 are one of the companies that help fund British Films, film 4 is channel 4's production and invests £15 million annually in developing and financing films for theatrical release in cinemas. They work collaboratively with filmmakers and usually in partnership with other funders. The BFI is the lead agency for the film in the UK. The BFI film fund has a number of funding strands, investing over £26 million of lottery funds per year to support film development, production and distribution activity in the UK. Contingency Plan Personnel SUMMARY REPORT The type of film i will be creating is a feature film (90 mins +). I'm doing this because i do not feel as though the narrative will be carried out as well in a film shorter than 60 minutes and i know commercially, feature films do not do as well distribution-wise. The genre i am looking into is drama and psychological. The type of personnel British Films have are the camera crew, editing crew, the distributor and the sound crew etc. The camera crew are broken up into roles, such as multiple camera men, microphone etc. The size of my team will be quite large because the aim of my movie is to capture "all aspects of life through the eyes of mental health" so the different angles from different cameras and the editing and putting together of the whole piece is vital. Timescale My contingency plan will be that if it is raining outside whilst filming, to make sure my equipment doesnt get wet and ruined (which will make the costs higher) i will be filming inside. i have also created understudy positions to make sure that if my actors are unwell, iw ill be able to still film and meet deadlines. Introduction My USP is that my film is about mental health, there are not a lot of mental health based films out there. Another USP is that i will be using British scenery, which is quite dull and country-side based which helps add to the genre. i think my USP adds to DNA'S USP because a lot of their films are quite dark. T2 Trainspotting in particular is a dark film and psychological so it means i won't be leading too far away from DNA Film's original genre. My client is DNA Films, I have been asked to provide a film under their name to compete with Hollywood audiences. It is essential that I meet the requirements of a British Film as DNA Films themselves produce British Films and I will be using British landscapes.

Report template

Transcript: Boxes which need to be modified: -Professor/a: Depending on the gender modify it and just add your name. Watch out! There are two boxes!! -Nivell ( level) : Write down the level they are doing. -Participant: You have to write down name and surnames. -Terms: Fill in the correspondent term. It is really easy, you just have to follow certain steps. If you do not follow them, we will send back your student's reports for you to modify them. -There are two main parts: Term evaluation and comments. Every term you will have to fill in with their marks, leaving the previous ones. - Interacció ( interaction): if the participant interacts / participates . There are 4 possibilites: Ok, Good, Very Good or Excellent. -Writings: Pass or Not pass. -There is no average mark! Therefore, participants will see how they are doing in each skill. They are adults. In the comments section is where you have to write down your opinion. Report templates Acadèmia Formate -Reports have to be sent to the language school in advance. We have to check for spelling mistakes, appropiate comments and translation. - Send a whole group in a file. -Every year , we have to modify reports and Ferran and myself have to rush up because teachers do not pay attention. That is why, we will send back anything not been appropiately filled. - Translations have to be done for minors. So, their feedback must be in English and Catalan/ Spanish. -First / advanced students do not have reports! -Write down as well when we are coming back in the comment!!! At the bottom of the sheet, modify: Professor o professora (depending on the gender) and date. -Once we print the reports, you will have to sign them. -Exams have to be handed in in reception as well. Children's template: The format is different. -You grade your pupils according to their abilities and evolution throughout the term.

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