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Transcript: Kathryn Harwood, Charlotte Knight, Zuzanna Gierszewska, Rachel Newman, Gerda Kirkutyte. Introduction Who are we? - In this presentation we will be portraying our idea - How we got there -How we think its going to work - How we are going to make it work Our Idea Our Idea Shop Safari Superdrug Boots Shop Safari Fig. 1 Our Mission Our Mission We believe in embracing everyones inner beauty and letting people be who they want to be. Affordable, everyday use. Fig. 2 Our Vision Our Vision Stand out product Unique selling point Festival/ Limited Edition Increase Brand Awareness Constantly connecting with consumers. Methodolgy Methodolgy Primary Secondary Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 5 Fig. 6 Fig. 7 Fig. 8 Ashley Our Customer - 21 years old - Studying Fashion Design, currently is in her final year at university. - She has a disposable income due to having a job and a student loan. - Fashion style: hipster, feminime, classy, trendy. - Makeup style: bright, feminine, colourful. - Loves travelling, going out with friends, taking pictures and posting them on her social media accounts. Watching YouTube videos, especially makeup tutorials and makeup product reviews. - Loves going to festivals, is responsible for doing her friends festival looks. - Always looking forward in trying new products. Fig. 9 - Unique makeup product that will make them stand out of the crowd. - Trend setting looks, that will inspire others when posted on social media. - Travel size friendly products, practical for fitting in bum bags and makeup bags. - Light and smash proof plastic casing. - Long lasting, waterproof products. What customers are missing What customers are missing Fig. 10 Fig. 11 Fig. 12 Fig. 13 Fig. 14 Fig. 15 Solution Solution 'Temp it up, glow it up' Fig. 16 Colour changing, heat activated highlighter stick The Product The Product Fig. 17 Shade Ranges Shade Ranges Fig. 18 Fig. 19 Fig. 20 Prototypes Prototypes Fig. 21 Packaging Packaging Side Front Side Back Fig. 22 Fig. 23 Fig. 24 Fig. 25 Front Front Back Fig. 26 Fig. 27 Sides Sides Fig. 28 Fig. 29 Brand CHAOS Make-Up has previously tried to create something like this, however nothing has been released like the product which we are trying to create. Evidence Evidence LEUCO DYES Organic, safe dyes Colour changing abilities between -5 and +60 Celcius degrees Come in a powder form and can be mixed with water or water based products and applied on desired surface Used in production of colour changing mugs, temperature indicators, toys, temperature sensitive hair dyes can be created to be either cold or heat activated RED 27 FDA-approved for use in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics pH causes the dye to change colour widely used in cosmetics like lipsticks can remain clear or be dyed an array of wild colors Product development may be expensive The product could not work Will the product formula dry out and not last long? People may not like it Bigger competitors could copy the idea and do better Risk Risk Being recognised as innovative brand Gaining more brand awarness across social media Possibility of collaboration with festival performers like Rita Ora/ Dua Lipa Being more desiarble by younger audience Possibility of creating pop up stores on music festivals Creating instagram ready looks for festival participants Reward Reward Overview Overview Creating a colour changing, heat activated highlighting stick, which is unique to the beauty market. - By creating this product Sleek are accessing a new and wider target audience, expanding their customer base and also creating a greater profit for the brand if the product is a success. Fig. 30 Fig. 31 The Product The Product A colour changing, heat activated highlighter which adapts to the wearers changing body temperatures. Our product will be priced at £12.99. Through focus groups and predicting financial outcomes, our product will have a Total Annual Value of £1,520,986.11. With a total awareness of 836,350. We predict this product will be a success within the beauty industry and also within the festival and summer trend. Fig. 32 Following on from the success of the highlighter, Sleek aim to produce a colour changing, heat activated lip stick and eyeshadow product range. Focusing on current macro trends we will develop products further around our customers needs and wants, we will learn this from further focus groups and prinary research. Development Development Fig. 33 Fig. 34 - Focusing on festivals and the summer party season, Sleek will release this product around April-May time, ready for the festivals to begin. - With the target market in mind, Sleek will market their product through social media and online, due to online platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat being used daily by their customers. They will also produce a TV advertising campaign to create awareness around the new product, as some people may be sceptical of the product. -Reachig out to Bloggers and influencers The Marketing The Marketing Fig. 35 The Launch The Launch Fig. 36


Transcript: Section 5 Group A Our Business Level Strategy is mainly Low Cost Leadership, a higher quality product but at an affordable price Expansion Plan Keep Up With our Competitors Distribution Cannels Thessaloniki is located on the Mediterranean Sea Thessaloniki has easy access to railroads and interstates Thessaloniki is the 2nd most populated city in greece MAVROGIORGOS AFOI OE Government Regulations Corporate tax rate of 24%, but will be lowered in the near future Short Term Corporate Level Strategy Risk Tolerance High and Low Risk Opportunities Huge possible profits Entry Speed Slow entry to make factorys, but quick expansion Exporting will become quick paced and high volume Partners Domestic consultants will be used to help break language barriers Legal and historical experts will be a large resource if problems occur Additional Manufacturing (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Greece is located on the Mediterranean Sea in the southern part of Europe Eventually our operations will lead to growth in the form of concentration diversification. Expansion Plans Tap into new European markets Manufacturing Availability of Labor 25% of the youth (15-24) are unemployed There are 322,000 people in the City of Thessaloniki and 780,000 in surrounding suburbs. In the supply chain we manufacture, bottle and distrubute our products. We do not sell directly to customers More Marketing Greece Miles Dekalb Recommendation Our Industry is Toilet Prep and our product is Shampoo Notes Business Plans Sleek- Greek Expansion Expansion Strategy Other Marketing Proximity to Distribution Thessaloniki is within minutes to the Mediterranean Sea We will have access to railways and highways Our Heaquarters is located in DeKalb, Illinois (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr 5483 Outsourcing Manufacturing Marketing 1 EUR = 1.3304 USD International Expansion Our NCAIS code is 325620 The Greek Economy Greece is in fear of bankrupcy and has a poor economy Unemployment is at 12.5% GDP per capita is $27,875 The GDP growth rate between 2010 and 2011 is down 7.3% Consumers do not have much extra money to spend on goods We will manufacture in Thessaloniki, Greece. Early 1900's Shampoo Manufacturing Decision Criteria Feasible? Manufacturing Long Term Corporate Level Strategy Corporate level strategy is a combination of stability and retrenchment in the form of divestiture of our operations in the United States. This is manufacturing of Shampoo Manufacturing and Bottling will be located in Greece Business Level Strategy Greek Culture 99% of people speek Greek 10.7 Million people- 66.2% are between 15-64 .96 Males to Females One of the oldest Civilized cultures in the world Our plan is to market to Greece and continue with marketing in the United States, with the expected expansion of marketing into surrounding European countries within the next 2-5 years. Market Share and Competition There are only two multinational shampoo distributors in Greece, but the market is majorly dominated by those companies L'Oreal Estee Lauder Korres-Large Greek/European shampoo maker Marketing Currently we Manufacture, Bottle and Distribute our products to wholesalers and distributers We recomend moving into Greece with the following actions: What to Look At We strongly recommend on combining a wholly owned subsidiary with a focus on exporting as well as stimulating local demand. What and Why?

Sleek & Chic

Transcript: Sleek & Chic (S&C) Profitable business in America Sales through personal website Major department store presence (Nordstroms & Saks Fifth Avenue) Competitive Advantage based on features With the Port of Rotterdam representing one of the busiest in the world and largest in Europe, S&C decided to import and export our product through this logistic hub. Transportation from our manufacturing facilities in the United States to our distribution center will be by boat Approximate shipment time is 8-10 days Responsible for import duties as shipments arrive & other taxes varying by country Rail -> for products traveling to Germany Motorway -> utilzed for products to the UK The Expansion Team Known for repuatable efficient customs authorites Promotes a favorable operating environment through business-friendly policies on customs procedures Cooperative, practical and efficient Efficiencies due to innovative practices Expansion Interest The Dutch are very supportive of free trade, ranking as the 9th largest trading partner with the United States and the 3rd largest in Europe The Netherlands system is based upon deferment of VAT at the time of importation. The Netherlands Customs Authorites Future Goals Sales Managers Holland, the United Kingdom & Germany iPhone Galaxy Andriod High quality cellular phone cases Durable silicone base & protective inner shield Charging capability Top of the line screen protector 30-100 different products with personalization option Statistcally prooven that e-commerce is extremely popular in all three countries. We will provide a unique variation to the webstore to cater to each country, tailored according to the given language Working population of the Netherlands Highly educated Bi-lingual High Productivity Competitve labor costs Flexible Contracts Hiring Country specific adjustments based on outlets and packaging The Netherlands "La educación dentro y fuera de la escuela es el arma más poderosa que podemos usar para cambiar el Mundo" The Expansion Team High demand for high quality products in Northern Europe Mobile phone considered a lifestyle not a tool Fashion accessory Way of life Asset that can be capitalized to mobilize technology Higher levels of disposable income Country specific adjustments Sleek & Chic The American Business The End! Western expatriate for each region as a sales manager Familiarize with cultures and values Training based on different cultural norms, values and work ethics Country Specific: Germany, Holland, & The UK Lack of American department store presence in Europe The United Kingdom Selfridges & Harrods Germany Quartier 206 & Peek Cloppenburg Holland De Bijenkorf & Maison de Bonneterie A team consisting of 3 managers will initially move to the desired location for the Holland distribution center one year prior to the desired start-up date Step 1 - Logistics: Set up contract with a distribution center at Port of Rotterdamn; get the center ready for the initiation of operations; Develop plans for efficient product imports and exports to retail Step 2 - Employment & Compliance: Hire the executive team and managers who will ultimately run the distribution center; oversee the hiring of the distribution center employees; ensure compliance with local and national regulations Step 3 - Sales: Hire regional sales managers; assist managers to set up contracts and operations with department stores in each country; monitor progress and quality of sales efforts in European department stores Ally Miess Bridget Monahan Caitlyn Robertson The Distribution Center Country Specific Adjustments Transporation & Logistics Goal 1: With successful European expansion S&C has future expectation for further expansion within three years. We will first target other regions of Europe and then after significant profits, expand into Asia. Goal 2: Exclusive partnerships with brand designers is another long-term goal. S&C would be able to create design made patterms and use their distribution channels Goal 3: Own and operate through our own retail locations independent of department stores The Initial Expansion Distributional"Hot-Spot", The Netherlands Central location that provides direct routes to the large market economies of Germany & England


Transcript: Thank You Brand name: stars today Fun itchiness • Product saturation • High brand loyalty – hard to convince consumers to make that “switch” Trendy Anna Possible Brand Extension For the New Breed of Men Brand logo: without Adventurous Slogan: Points of Difference Stylish Presented by: Brand Elements Young male Strengths HOTTEST Price Fierce • The first anti-dandruff & anti-itch hair gel • Cost efficient • Wide distribution • The first tube-type/ toothpaste bottle hair gel • High loyalty/ patronage of the product • Stylish • Appeals to the new breed / generation • Hip • Cool • Fun • Unique • Smells refreshing/ “bagong ligo” • Does not make hair sticky • Style/ Hold lasts all day • Dermalogically tested Brand Positioning Customer Insight 15-35 years old male; Male students & young professionals; High School students, College/ University students & Yuppies Income: Students – 40,000Php / mos Single; Newly Married --who wants to look properly groomed Points of Parity Fresh are experiencing 10 g Strong/ Medium / Light Hold Commercial Models ( e.g. Piolo Pascual and Jake Cuenca) will visit offices in Makati, schools, bars and pubs For the Cosmopolitan Male Anti-dandruff, Anti-itch they are currently using. Social Media (Facebook) 4 P's Strategies to build Brand Equity Competitors Analysis Sexy Those that are not afraid to "mess with their hair" TV Ad Joan No itch, Anti-dandruff Hair Gel Baby Sleek for Kids Brand Elements Weakness Opportunities Provides light control for fine or thin hair of all lengths, resulting in a natural look with slight definition. Light Hold Texture Lotion is formulated with natural extracts like ginseng to make hair look thicker and increase manageability. This is an excellent choice for those who want light control in their hair without using a lot of styling product. Perfect for creating a healthy, natural, barely styled look with minimal effort. Anti-itch & Anti-dandruff “ You can mess up my life, but not with my hair!” Type. Formulated with botanical extracts to add body, shine and control without stickiness. Our gels hold your styles while drying naturally. When applied before blow drying, controls frizzles & helps hair look thicker. Only a small amount is needed as this is a pure product with no added fillers. A little bit really does go a long way It's not sticky like a regular hair gel and gives body, and holds style. It's really quite amazing. External Enviroment Analysis with the Php 45.00/tube Brand Association First of its kind/ Breakthrough Product/ Market Entry Product Itchiness & Dandruff Cool • First of its kind “anti-dandruff/ anti itch” in the market • Product category saturation (meaning there is many hair gels in the market) • Primarily for men • Appeals to the young Strong Hold Cool Silver Sleek for Senior Citizen Billboards - posted along EDSA Cool Groceries/ Drug Stores/ Salons Physical fitness/ body conscious, shoppers, travel, sports, career oriented The Hip & Cool School events sponsorship, grooming seminar for students Rommel Fresh Radio Ad Sleek Fun Dermatologically tested For styling grooming Pleasant odor Used to hold hair into a particular style Does not contain alcohol and plastic Product Psychographics Character Adventurous Promotion No Itch, No Dandruff Hair Gel Magazine Ad Trendy Malls with kiosks where stylists can teach men how to style their hair Php 50.00/tube brands Place Nerie Cati Hip & Cool Threats Hair Gel hair gel No Itch, No Dandruff Hair Gel Market Segmentation & Targeting First Proper Grooming, Php 4.00/sachet Mitch Brand Image Hot Sleek Sleek & Chic for Ladies Medium Hold Events 100 g likened to the Pamphlet/Sample Product Brand Promise Lifestyle: Adventurous, Well Travelled, Knowledgeable in fashion and trends, economical Brand Personality SLEEK Event for straight guys Newspaper Ad Mitch Cabunilas Joan Javier Nerie Lopez Hot Activities & Interest Men Sexy Anna Medina Rommel Pasol Cathy Punsalan * Locks style in place * Dependable, long-lasting hold for ultimate control * Defined, high-shine, flake-free result * Use on damp or dry hair * Hold factor: strong Provides all-day maximum hold for a variety of styles that require firm control, such as classic, clean styling; sleek, wet looks; or managing longer or wavy hair styles. Nourishes, hydrates and protects hair and scalp for a thicker and healthier appearance. Easily brushes out and rinses away with water, leaving hair clean and without residues. Completely free of alcohol and fragrance that can make hair dull and brittle. Six in the City In Full Blast • Possibly tap into the silver market a.k.a the “senior citizens” • Could tap into the female market Sexy Middle- Upper Middle Class & Opinionated and not easily swayed/ convinced 75 g Social Media (Twitter) Light Hold Social Class Those that are passionate about how they look Demographics Proper grooming Brand Positioning

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