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Transcript: Example An example of moving forward is when someone you are close to passes away and you might question why it had to be that person. However, instead of questioning Allah's power, you should ask Him for patience and guidance, so that you can get passed your grief and continue to live your life. Answering The Call Answering the call means to answer Allah's call to Islam by following the Quran and Sunnah. In order to be on the straight path, one must answer Allah's call. Conclusion Standing Strong An example of standing strong is when you make dua. If you are constanlty making dua to Allah and you think that He isn't answering your dua, you should trust that He will answer your dua in another way later in life. Example In conclusion, Answering the Call consists of three things: Looking Deep, Standing Strong, and Moving Forward. In order to answer Allah's call to Islam we must reflect upon ourselves, have hope in Allah, and maintain a strong relationship with Him. An example of Answering the Call is when we pray to Allah. The athan is the call and we are answering that call by praying to Allah. Moving forward means that you have a strong relationship with Allah that helps you get through hardships. When you are stuck in a sad or bad place, you should turn to Allah for help and move forward in life. Looking Deep means to analyze and reflect on yourself. There is always room for improvement. So, reflecting upon ourselves after doing something bad or good is an important skill to aquire because it allows us to better ourselves. Looking Deep Standing strong means to always have hope in Allah. When something bad happens, you should never give up on Allah. He is always there whenever you need him, so you should take the opportunity to make dua to Allah and seek his help. Moving Forward The theme of this year is "Answering the Call: Looking Deep, Standing Strong, Moving Forward." This year's theme is focused on self improvement which is the first step to reach the end goal; Answering the Call School Theme Answering the Call Example Examples For example, if you miss a certain prayer more than once, you should look within yourself to find out what is distracting you from praying on time. So, to fix the problem you should eliminate that distraction and pray on time.

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Transcript: Northern Beaches Secondary College Mackellar Girls Campus Over 100 students in Year 11 and 12 elect PDHPE (including Cross Campus). They have performed above the state average for several years with last year being 7% above. Approx 180 Students in Year 11 and 12 do CAFS. Facilities & Resources: Links with Council (Manly/Warringah/Pittwater) Coaching with local Primary School (Manly West) Premier Sporting Challenge Parents used for carpooling, coaching expertise Elite Performer Program Volleyball, Basketball Approx 1200 students enrolled each year LUNCHTIME COMP: Nutrition and active living taught within curriculum Participation mandatory, healthy lifestyle worksheets for unable to participate Recreational: GRADE SPORT: Basketball (Yr 9 & 10), Football (13s & 15s), Netball (Open CHS Knockout), Softball (Open CHS Knockout), Hockey, Futsal Years 9-12 Competing at National Level Regular mentoring to liase with students and parents about commitments Time for homework catch up and mentoring each week Cross Country, Swimming, Athletics HPS FRAMEWORK How 2 hours mandatory PE is met: Representative Pathways Students are given the opportunity to excel in any sport they are interested in meaning that falls under the list for CHS. Daily news and Moodle has reminders to collect notes for trials Netball, Football, Touch, Basketball Manly Vale 2093 KNOCK OUT TEAMS (KO): Courses Offered: Talented Athlete Support Program COLLEGE: Years 9-10 Students highly commited to their sports are offered optional extra study time School Organisation, ethos and environment: Years 7-10 (competing at least at Regional level) 5 enrichment days 7-10 PDHPE Physical Activity and Sport Studies (PASS), Child Studies 2 Unit PDHPE 2 Unit CAFS Cross Campus SLR Partnerships and Services: Years 7-8: 5 periods p/w (40mins each, 4 PE & 1 PD) Years 9-10: 3 periods p/w (40 mins each, 2 PE & 1 PD), plus wednesday afternoon sport (=3 periods) Year 11: Sport Log Book Curriculum Teaching and Learning: Competitive: All girls Public School Part of Northern Beaches Secondary College which allows for Cross Campus classes in Yrs 11 and 12, along with Balgowlah Boys Campus (Brother School), Manly Selective Campus, Cromer Campus and Freshwater Senior Campus. CARNIVALS: Size: Type: Kayaking (amateur), Lawn Bowls, Ten Pin Bowling, Yoga and Pilates, Surfing, Tennis, Powerwalking, Beach Volleyball, Fitness Training, Sailing, Beach Sport Healthy Canteens Australia- Green, Amber, Red Cricket, Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball Open & 15s: Football, Water Polo, Touch, Netball, Basketball, Softball 14s, 16s, 19s: Futsal Reference: Williams, R., Warne, H. & De Angelis, A,. (2014, April 8, May 6). Personal Communication. Physical Activity Opportunities Hockey field, shaded netball court, 2 outdoor basketball courts, Canteen basketball court, Gym equipment room, Hall (Indoor basketball court size), Dance studio, Performance Space, fields across the road. Smart Boards, Computer Labs, Library, Textbook loans, Moodle New Industrial Kitchens. North Shore Zone Sydney North Region Combined High Schools (CHS) NSW All Schools School Sport Australia Talented Performer Program

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Transcript: love go st scho Faith is confidence or trust in a person or thing or a belief not based on proof. It may also refer to a particular system of religious belief.[1] The term 'faith' has numerous connotations and is used in many different ways, often depending on context. jubilee year of mercy faith Stewardship is now generally recognized as the acceptance or assignment of responsibility to shepherd and safeguard the valuables of others.Commercial stewardship tends to the domestic and service requirements of passengers on ships, trains, airplanes or guests in restaurants. This concept of stewardship continues to be referenced within these specific categories. year of the poor Mercy (disambiguation). "Merciful" redirects here. For people called "the Merciful", see List of people known as the Merciful. Mercy (Middle scholasticans has faith hope and love in god and has a for the poor and the jubilee of mercy and love the lord school theme: 2015-2016 Hope is an optimistic attitude of mind based on an expectation of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one's life or the world at large. As a verb, its definitions include: "expect with confidence" and "to cherish a desire with anticipation".[ Among its opposites are dejection, hopelessness and despair. Poor is an adjective related to a state of poverty, low quality or pity. BENEDICTINE STEWARDSHIP Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection ("I love my mother") to pleasure ("I loved that meal"). It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. It can also be a virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection—"the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another".It may also describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards other humans, one's self or animals. help each other #help the poor hope

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