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Transcript: Traits: ~relaxed ~easy going ~tolerate Stop the stress ~identify that you are stressed ~ask yourself, "how do i cope with stressful situation?" ~if not health, learn other ways ~say no once in a while ~stay away from stressful people and situations ~slow down your schedule Dangerous situations ~the pupils dilate ~dry mouth ~heartbeat increases Long work hours Characteristics: ~steady work habits ~like success but accept failure ~less competitive Opener You wake up and you realize that you are running late, you would... anxiety Who's Bound to Stress? ~write down how many times you lose yourself (freak out, be rude) be aware so you can change ~talk or write about your feelings ~write about how you can help yourself and ways to change. Which personality are you? Type A or Type B A. Address the receptionist saying that it is not acceptable for you to be waiting that long. B. Keep waiting patiently until you are able to been seen. Keep Calm & Watch On Name one thing about your personality, good or bad. Family Problems I Can't Even Deal V.S. A. Freak out, rushing through your daily routine to try and make it out the door. Speed as fast as you can are try to make it to your destination. B. Accept the fact that you are late and get there when you make it. You are talking to your best friend who is rambling on and on, you would... Type B People with type A personalities live a rushed lifestyle. To become diagnosed the Structured Interview was created. It "measures the intensity, frequency, and duration of several criteria." A. Rush them by interrupting the conversation or telling them to hurry up their story. B. Let them talk for as long as they need, waiting for them to finish. Risk: ~heart disease ~high cholesterol Women are known to having more stress than men. Young adults, ages 18 and up, are known to having the more stress thank other age group. Personalities: Stress Prone/Resistant -V.Vega Stop Stressing & Watch Why are you stressed? Traits: ~tense ~prone to sympathetic arousal ( response to when the body is stressed) Benefit: ~ reduced chance of CHD Closer Type A How to deal with Type A personality People with type B personalities have ways of coping with stress in situation. You are in a waiting room for an appointment and the receptionist says, "it will be only a moment". Then, 30 minutes passes by and you still have not been seen, you would... Characteristics: ~ rapid speech patterns (talk faster &raises voice than normal) ~hyper-aggressiveness (need to dominate others) ~Ultra-Competitiveness (compares selves with others)


Transcript: On Sunday A wakes up as a teenager named Roger Wilson. Roger has a mother and 3 sisters of a caring house hold but is also struggling and no father seems to be present. He uses the time before church to set up the email he gave to Rhiannon. A comments on how with all of the religious events he has attended that all the religions want the same thing but it's the 2% difference that causes so many wars. Today A is a cheerleader named Megan Powell. She is going to meet up with Rhiannon at the Clover Bookstore. Rhiannon thinks she is going to be meeting up with Nathan. A is feeling very uneasy about this but she feels that someone should now besides herself and she feels that Rhiannon is the one. A wakes up as a girl named Margret. She checks her email and sees that Rhiannon has sent a new message to Nathan about the other night.After A reads that email she sees that Nathan has written A an email and he says that he was possessed because of what he experienced while A was in his body. A says "I feel both guilty and defensive. Guilty because I did this to Nathan, whatever my intentions. Defensive because I certainly didn't force him to react in this way, which will only make it worse for him, if not me."pg 86. This situation is starting to get a little out of hand wouldn't you say? Amy Crossing the Threshold In this chapter of the book A is a twin brother of a teen named Tom and they have another brother named Paul who is a year older than them. A is in the body of Tom's twin named James. The family is poor and the brothers play football as an outlet for aggression it seems. They scarf down their free lunch from school. At school A checks his email so that he can talk with Rhiannon about their discussion the day before. Rhiannon offers to ride up to Jame's school. What would you do in this situation? Yes I would recommend this book for just about any teen. This book is very well written and you are able to get a really cool view on how different lives live and how to accept different things and idea's people tell you. Very good book one of my new favorites!!! Setting Opener Day 5998 Day 5995 A was woken by Leslie's grand mother because her mom had already left for work. After A take her shower she's ready to go to school. But Leslie's brother Owen a Senior decides to light up in the car."Still, Owen hazards a 'Don't say a word' about three minutes into the ride."pg 30. A says she's been with families similar to this but was surprised that Owen decided to light up but A couldn't let it show on Leslie's face. When Leslie gets to school A meets her friend Carrie. A pretends to care about what Carrie is talking about but can't help being a little upset because while Carrie is having a true connection with her crush and A isn't with Rhiannon. Megan Powell- Transformation Road of Trails - Test James- Crossing Back Day 6003 Heart Break On this Day A woke up as a boy named Skylar. Skylar lived about 4 hours hours away from Rhiannon so it was pretty much impossible to see her. A just had to go through the motions of a regular day at Skylar's school. He told us about soccer practice and his coach and why he doesn't like to participate in dangerous sports. A told us about a time when he greatly injured him self when was a kid who had learned how to ski but A couldn't remember. So he thought about what would happen if the person he was in died what would happen. The knowledge from this experience is the amulet. Recommendation Adventure Novel Book Review By: PJ Roberts. Based on the book every day by David Levithan Day 6002 For the first time A is able to see what its like to see someone right after they a wake from being in possession the day before. A is James' twin brother Tom today. His brother James to his surprise doesn't recall what happened and in fact acts like it never even happened no recollection of what really happened with him and Rhiannon. Now the book isn't over. It's up too you to read on and see what happens between A and Rhiannon and does Nathan ever press charges? Does Rhiannon ever believe A. Read the rest of David Levithan's every day to find out! The next day A wakes up a little spent from the day before but Nathan has gotten good sleep, is well rested and has gotten all of his home work done for the weekend. A goes on his own personal email and sees that there is going to be a party at a boy named Steve Manson's house. A gets permission from his parents if he could go to a school musical even though he is just planning on going to the party. This shows how in love he is with Rhiannon because of all the stuff he is willing to do. Leslie-Meeting the mentor Justin Today A wakes up as Amy Tran. Amy has a license and only lives an hour away from Rhiannon. "I cant rely on Amy's memory here- we're going somewhere she' never been. So i did some google mapping right after my shower,typed in the address of Rhiannon's school and watched it pop up in front of me. That simple. I printed it out, then cleared the


Transcript: what do you think Muscular relaxation is? Benefits Deep relaxation •Controlled stress and anxiety •Relieves insomnia •Reduces symptoms of certain types of chronic pain •Aids in symptom relief for a number of conditions, including headaches, cancer pain, high blood pressure, and digestive disturbances •Decreases muscle tension • As body relaxes, so does the mind • People who use PMR have less health issues Opener Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique that involves tensing specific muscle groups and then relaxing them to create awareness of tension and relaxation. It is termed progressive because it proceeds through all major muscle groups, relaxing them one at a time, and eventually leads to total muscle relaxation. Name two things you learn today. Places Steps to Initiate PMR What it can do for you? What is Progressive Muscular Relaxation? This helps you focus on the difference between muscle tension and relaxation, and you become more aware of the physical sensations caused by stress or relaxation. Progressive Muscle Relaxation teaches you how to relax your muscles More Steps: Progressive muscle relaxation can be used under almost any conditions, be it in the evening before falling asleep, during a meeting, in fear situations, in test situations, in the office, on the train/plane or during a brief break during a long car journey, and many other situations. Closer Find a comfortable position. • Begin by monitoring your breathing. Inhale when you contract each muscle group, exhale when you relax each muscle group. • Focus your concentration on each muscle group as you work various regions of your body. First, you systematically tense particular muscle groups in your body, such as your neck and shoulders. Next, you release the tension and notice how your muscles feel when you relax them. This exercise will help you to lower your overall tension and stress levels, and help you relax when you are feeling anxious. It can also help reduce physical problems such as stomachaches and headaches, as well as improve your sleep.

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