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Transcript: Your company mm.dd.yyyy Business Review Defining success Ltd Internal Getting capital financial resources inside the organization The company gets it's financial resources internally and externally External Getting capital financial resources externally Where we stand INTERNAL Retained profit net income Net current assets working capital Sales of assets Allows the full control of the organization Improves planning process Reduces cost of projects More value to the company No additional equity issued Negative impact on the budget Few tax benefits Need of spending discipline More time to complete projects Closing the gap Closing the gap Proposal EXTERNAL Owner Capital Loans Crowdfunding Mortgages Venture Capital Hire purchase Leasing Grants Donations, etc Repayments divided over a period of time, good for budgeting(Bank loan). Payments are spread over a period of time , good for budgeting(leasing). Businesses can have the of equipment immediately when needed (Hire purchase). The company has the use of the property permanently (Mortgages). They don’t have to be repaid (Government Grants). Allows the entrepreneurs to build their company with OPM( Venture Capital). Fast way to raise finance (Crowdfunding). Can be expensive thanks to the interest payments (Bank loan) Is a more expensive method compared to buying them (Hire purchase) If the company doesn't keep up with repayments the property can be repossessed (Mortgages). Can be really expensive (Leasing). Not all companies may be eligible for a grant (Grants). If the company doesn't reach the funding target, the income will be low (Crowdfunding). The investors will expect a regular information to check how things are developing( Venture capital). Risks Risks Risk 1 Risk 1 Risk 2 Risk 2 Risk 3 Risk 3 Risk management Risk management Benefits Benefits Benefit 1 Benefit 1 Benefit 2 Benefit 2 Benefit 3 Benefit 3 The forecast The forecast The sales funnel The sales funnel Projections Projections The action plan The action plan Scope The various forms of borrowing for Signature Resources Resources Budget Budget Stakeholders Stakeholders Stakeholder 1 Stakeholder 1 Stakeholder 2 Stakeholder 2 Stakeholder 3 Stakeholder 3 Time Time Next steps Next steps Step 1 Step 1 Step 2 Step 2 Step 3 Step 3


Transcript: 1. - Professional, reliable, discreet - We are committed to providing an exceptional service, that’s reliable and consistent. Our aim is to form lasting business relationships with you and your companies. So ensuring our clients receive continuity is at the very heart of everything we do. What other companies list as there prime attractive attribute? Aquamark: Quality Office Cleaning London Wide Office cleaning London specialists Aquamark offer a complete service in commercial building and office cleaning. London commercial properties use Aquamark for their ‘can-do’ attitude, utmost professionalism and excellent results each and every time. From the first meeting with Aquamark to discuss your requirements for office cleaning, London based cleaning supervisors will talk you through our services and give you a free consultation. Our cleaning contracts are bespoke, so expect an individual service right from the start. We offer a flexible schedule to meet your needs at the times to suit you. We will work out a personal cleaning schedule and your cleaning supervisor will be readily available to discuss any further requirements or changes to your cleaning rohere are many companies offering office cleaning, London wide, but it’s our commitment to good communication and professional attitude that makes us stand out and keeps our clients loyal to us.utine and requirements. T Use only COSHH regulated cleaning products Use the latest specialist cleaning equipment and methods 7 Reasons To Choose Minster 1. First-rate service reliability through our managed absence cover 2. Value for money - a superior service competitively priced 3. A fully flexible service tailored to your precise needs 4.Reassuring quality controls for consistently high cleaning standards 5.Well trained, trustworthy, friendly and helpful staff 6.A dedicated team member to manage your account 7. Ongoing satisfaction surveys to ensure you remain happy at all times - Beat any quote - Well communicative and reliable staff - personalized service - 24 Hour assistance Everest Cleaning Services Ltd Leaflet Here are some of our guarantees to ensure you the best quality service: Use only COSHH regulated cleaning products Use the latest specialist cleaning equipment and methods Fully insured ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered Safe Contractor Approved Regular communication and meetings with senior staff to make sure your contract is running exactly the way that you want it to Calabash Sunita Chungbang The London cleaners With over 25 years serving the cleaning industry, ECMS have led the way in quality and customer care. By using our innovative quality control practices and continuous improvement schemes we ensure that we not only maintain your offices, we proactively aim to improve the standard! Working with a whole host of clients ranging from SME’s, housing associations, building management companies right through to large blue chip HO’s.

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