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Transcript: The Impact of Self-Grading on Middle School English Students’ Writing Skills Angelica Smith - University of Maryland Abstract Superficial teacher feedback on writing assignments combined with little to no student effort to reflect on any feedback keeps students from the opportunity to refine essential metacognitive skills. Previous research indicates that self-grading is an effective strategy for students to practice metacognitive awareness. After 9 weeks of instruction incorporating either self-grading or providing traditional teacher feedback for reflection on writing assignments, gains of 85 seventh graders’ writing scores for organization will be analyzed to determine the extent to which the metacognitive experience of self-grading improves performance. Empirical evidence should help teachers ascertain whether the time-consuming practice of self-grading is valuable to student learning. Statement of Problem Peer- and Self-assessment are not as widely practiced as they could be because teachers' goals are to save as much time as possible and to ensure grade accuracy for all students. Logistical, pedagogical, and metacognitive benefits of peer- and self-assessment were contested and needed to be put to the test. Students don't reflect on teacher feedback on writing assignments and miss out on opportunities to refine metacognitive skills necessary for learning. Significance The proposed study contributes more knowledge about the benefits of self-assessment on student learning The proposed study helps teachers ascertain the value of incorporating self-assessment into their regular practice in improving performance, despite how much time is required for planning and preparation. Research Foundation The Impact of Self- and Peer-Grading on Student Learning Philip M. Sadler and Eddie Good After a Supreme Court decision in favor of peer-grading in classrooms, Sadler and Good decide to put benefits of self- and peer-grading to the test that are of teacher interest (p. 13) Participants included four middle school science classrooms Issues of interest: Student grades as substitute for teacher grades Student grading as a tool for student learning Results: High correlation between teacher and student grades Bias within student grading in self- and peer-assessment Self-assessment students made most gains in test scores Rationale for Proposed Study Test familiarity could have effected results Realistic assessment to determine student learning Research Questions / Hypotheses To what extent does the experience of self-assessment (training and process) impact students' writing organizational skills? Students who participate in self-assessment will improve their writing organizational skills significantly more than comparison students. Methods Participants 113 students in 4 sections of seventh grade English and their teacher No previous instruction on concept being taught during data collection Same age-range as students in original study / Studying different content Measure Scoring Guide for Writing - five or six traits writing rubric; traits include: Ideas & Content, Organization, Word Choice, (Voice,) Sentence Fluency, and Conventions; scores range from 1-lowest to 5-highest. The proposed study will target scores in Organziation. Different from measure in original study in that it is county-/teacher-designed, not student-designed, and assessess aspects of writing instead of science. Procedure All students receive instruction on the Well-Developed Paragraph (WDP) formula: a tool students are required to use to structure WDP's when writing literary analysis. 2 sections in control group (receive traditional teacher feedback on writing assessments); 2 sections in experimental group (trained and participate in self-assessment process) Of the four WDP's written to assess mastery of reading and writing skills, organization scores for first and fourth WDP will be collected. Data Analysis To what extent does the experience of self-assessment impact student's writing organizational skills? Descriptive statistics (means and standard deviations) are calculated in both groups for the first and fourth WDP. Gains from first to fourth WDP are calculated, and mean gains are found. t-test is conducted to determine the significance of the gains in both groups. EDHD 662 Fall 2012 Awareness of progress and performance Ability to modify strategies mid-task Evaluating Reference Sadler, P. M., & Good, E. (2006). The Impact of Self- and Peer-Grading on Student Learning. Educational Assessment, 11(1), 1-31. Assess final product Evaluate strategies used Planning Monitoring Theoretical Foundation: Metacognitive Regulation Selecting strategies Choosing/acquiring resources

Proposal template

Transcript: The Challenge Why Taming Tigers? 1 Day Experiential Equine workshop - Step away from the day-to-day and work as a team on a challenge which is stretching for everyone Build understanding of your own Tiger and the Tigers within the team, plus strategies to tame him Experience the "Hero's Journey" in one day in order to anticipate the journey of change you are about to experience Put yourself to the test physically and mentally with support from your colleagues One to one consultation and coaching over 6 weeks SMT members will: Build an intensive relationship of trust and openness with their facilitators Become very honest with themselves about their personal blocks, attitudes and Tigers (and develop strategies to minimise them) Understand their contribution to the team and to the success or failure of the Evolution project Commit, hearts and minds, to the project by identifying the business critical and personally critical outcomes of the project Team Contract workshop: Aligning the team behind a shared goal, team rules and a powerful sense of purpose and momentum (with roadmap) to deliver on the vision The result is a contract, signed, owned and policed by the the team itself which defines exactly what is required to achieve success and how to get there Tigers are tamed, rulebooks re-written, the team is out on the pitch Quarterly review: Setting the compass together makes the Tiger roar. Delivering on the contract agreed makes him roar again. During 2013 we will help the SMT maintain momentum, address obstacles, upgrade the team culture and apply the 10 Rules to tame the Tiger who WILL roar if the goal is bold enough...which it is. Group of peers, reporting from their silos Differing levels of commitment to the goal Resistance to change, fear of change "This is how we do it here" "Who can I blame?" Senior executives Distrust of each other "This isn't going to affect me" "We can do this without assistance" Team driving forward the ambition Completely aligned Out on the track "How can we do it better?" "I am responsible" Team of inspirational leaders Trusting each other to deliver "I am part of creating the future" "To achieve this we must change...and that means accepting help" (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr doodles We aren't neutral - we are as responsible for delivering your ambition as you are This is what we do. We help leadership teams to set and achieve their bold goals We are business focused. This isn't a "jolly", a conventional "team offsite" or a "team building" programme. It is about business We are experts in our field (4 books published, 150 years combined experience in the change industry, additional 150 years experience in business and public sector leadership roles) But don't just take our word for it... From notes Steve Hardy, Chief Executive, AXA Personal Lines Experiential workshop - 2 days Quarterly review - 4 x half day sessions To The current reality... Notes "It's stunning how it's worked. Our organisational goal and the words Taming Tigers are everyday phrases now. We are seeing real change." Evolution (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr Double click to crop it if necessary Bold ambition The very shape of the business needs to change The SMT is under scrutiny - Is it a strong team? Does it believe in the vision? Is it trusted to lead this change? The SMT needs to become even more sophisticated to succeed The full SMT will be in place by September - the clock is ticking outlook from the top (Note to SMT) You will need to be: Fully committed to the "Amazon" vision Speak honestly (the process will support that) Learn how to tame the Tiger Be willing to try something different Commit the time to driving forward the vision Treat us as part of the business, an extension of your team Team Contract workshop - 3 days offsite plus action steps Option 1 investment: Experiential phase: £6750 Consultation phase: £13,500 Team Contract workshop: £19,850 Quarterly review: £12,000 TOTAL: £52,100 plus VAT and expenses Includes: 16 months of support from Taming Tigers for the SMT to re-write industry rulebooks and drive forward the new business vision as a team A tried and tested process made bespoke for you A combination of individual development, team bonding, experiential learning and open, honest dialogue facilitated by world class experts A committed team at Taming Tigers who will not only help you set the team's compass but achieve the goal, whatever it takes photo frame The objectives - Consultation and Coaching - 3 x 2 hours over 6 weeks Place your own picture behind this frame! (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr details map Option 2 investment: Experiential phase: £6750 Team Contract workshop: £24,750 TOTAL: £31,500 plus VAT and expenses Includes: 2-3 months of support from Taming Tigers for the SMT to re-write industry rulebooks and identify the roadmap to drive forward the new business vision as a team A tried and tested process made bespoke


Transcript: Liang Jing Jing A143023 Azura Razali A146587 Michael Ming A138896 Anis Aza Akma Binti Mohamad A146355 OBJECTIVE METHODOLOGY SOFTWARE DESCRIPTION THE BUS TRACKING SYSTEM IN UNIVERSITI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA (easy bus) TTTK2013 : Software Engineering Methodology project PROBLEM STATEMENT The project will use the waterfall developed model. The waterfall Model illustrates the software development process in a linear sequential flow. This means that any phase in the development process begins only if the previous phase is complete .The waterfall approach is the earliest approach that was used for software development. Initially, most projects followed the waterfall approach because they did not focus on changing requirements The problem faced by the regular br in UKM is: 1. the bus schedule is not the same with the bus useus arrival 2. the student sometimes missed the bus and have to wait for the next bus for a long time. 3. the required bus is not coming in a correct time, sometimes more than 2 bus pass the bus stop. Our system are provided with the map and the GPS system. the GPS system will locate the user's location and the nearby bus . therefore, based on the location, the system will informed the required time for the user to wait for the bus. the user can also log in by using their iFolio in order for the system to read the user's timetable and the system will automatically set the required bus for the user to take based on the time table given.the system can also read the announcement in case specific class are cancel. the user can also key-in the preferred time they want to use the bus and the system will show the available bus on the preferred time. the system are also equipped with the voice recognition that will remind the location of the preferred time and warn u for every 15 minutes the system also have the user feedback so that the user can rate the system efficiency prepared by : the main reason why we propose the project : Help to provide facilities for students to detect bus trip Help to provide an app that will ease the student to manage their own schedule to be more effective. Help to smoothen the bus trip in UKM Help to save the student time


Transcript: Each piece would get: Guaranteed exposure on our front page and in our newsletter for 7 days, with a thumbnail pic. We would also place the pieces in relevant sections – so they will get a lot of eyeballs on them. When the reader clicks through, there will be a paragraph write up on the content, and then they will either be able to download the content or watch it directly (and you can decide if you want to gate the content, so that they have to give you their details as well, so it is a nice lead gen option). Perhaps we could look at using 6 / 12 pieces, over a 6 or 12 week period? AVAILABLE CO-SPONSORSHIP Career Moves Cellular Columnists Computing Content Capture & Management Desktop & Notebooks Digital Office Solutions Electronic Billing & Marketing Green IT IT in Government IT in Healthcare IT in Motoring Project Management Social Media Start-ups Viewpoints AVAILABLE PRIMARY SPONSORSHIPS Career Moves Cellular Viewpoint Digital Life IT in Motoring Social Media Start-ups Tender Watch MICROSITE / SITE TAKEOVER This product is specifically designed to boost a product launch, or event that a client is having. Content creation – ITWeb would assign a journalist to this campaign and commit to writing four original pieces each month. This would mean four original articles, ranging from interviews with product managers, to case studies and product reviews. These are published to the Microsite and links are included on the front page and in the newsletter. A sponsored content box within the editorial space of ITWeb, with the featured article, to run on the day that the story is published to the Microsite. These stories will be considered for additional exposure by our editorial social media activist, and guaranteed exposure on the ITWeb clients feeds (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+). Button permanently displayed on ITWeb’s menu bar for two weeks, in the client’s branded colour, to run across all pages throughout ITWeb. We would also run a site skin, for one day, each month, to drive traffic through to the Microsite. 80 000 impressions run of site banner advertising, to direct the readers through to a: A dedicated Microsite for the entirety of the campaign – here we would showcase: All your social media feeds Any videos that you have made, and would like to feature here. Links to any content that you would like featured in the hub This pervasive campaign would run at a cost of R64 950 per month If you could like to include video interviews, where ITWeb script writes, films, edits and flights on ITWeb’s front page and also in ITWeb’s YouTube feed, it would cost an additional R21 000 per video. AVAILABLE NEWSLETTERS BPM Newsletter IT in Government Newsletter Mobile Newsletter Telecoms Newsletter Unified Communications 3Fifteen The rest? 16% Entrepeneurs 17% Middle Managers 17% Other Co-Sponsorship of Specific Sections on ITWeb ITWeb tags stories as the enter ITWeb, as a specific type of story - like "PRINTING", "NETWORKING", "SECURITY", depending on the focus of the story. When a reader then clicks on the story, to read the full story, your branding is showcased on the right hand side of the page in both a banner, and a logo position. This is a wonderful way to show brand dominance in specific areas on ITWeb, as you would be showcased on these types of stories throughout ITWeb, and also when readers search Google, and find one of these stories as well. A way to further the marketing exposure here would be for your company to create a link on all your emails – saying “for more relevant industry news – click here” and then direct your client to an independent, well respected site – showing you as the co-sponsor, thereby reinforcing their decision to buy from you, and promoting that you are the leaders in the technology space. ITWeb Produced Videos ITWeb commissions a script writer on behalf of the client, to work with the client to create an interesting, informative video script. The ITWeb team films the video, and then edits the video. After the video has been approved by client, it is placed on ITWeb’s front page for one full week, and also into the ITWeb daily newsletter. The video is also placed in ITWeb’s video section and in the clients press office. We also add the video to YouTube, under the ITWeb channel – which has a good following on ITWeb. If you give us access, we can also add the video to your Twitter Feed, and your Facebook page. The cost on each video is R21 000 per video. Company Zone that's 43% decision makers... Michelle Losco Online Business Development Director Cell 082 389 3817 Tel 011 807 3294 Fax 086 504 9943 Skype mishadunlop Email: Logo Sponsorship Positions Prime branding space on ITWeb, is the logo spots on the right hand side of every story that runs. These sponsorship positions open up for one client to own and allows for your logo to run alongside every headline, of every story that is flighted on ITWeb (so over 400 000 impressions per month). This position

Template Proposal

Transcript: CLIENT PROPOSAL DIGITAL GAME PLAN: DIGITAL GAME PLAN: DIGITAL GAME PLAN At Valynt Digital, we’re ready to implement and execute proven digital marketing strategies and tactics that’ll produce results for your [business/nonprofit]. JUST GOOGLE IT GOOGLE ADWORDS Valynt will be boosting your google ranking and fully optimizing your SEO campaigns Your ads will be monitored daily for new re-targeting opportunities and optimization Let's talk about Why Google. WHY GOOGLE? • Google drives 95% of all US paid search ad clicks on mobile • 65% of people click on Google ads when looking for an item or service • 86% of consumers use the Internet to find a local business • Google display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users "The Google" How Can Valynt Help You? • Boost your Google ranking • Optimize your SEO campaigns • Monitor ads daily • Retarget and optimize campaigns GETTING SOCIAL GETTING SOCIAL SOCIAL MEDIA How Important Is Social Media? • More than 4 out of 5 people in the United States have a social media account. • Social media ad spend will surpass $40 billion by the end of 2018 • 86% of people 18 – 29 patronize Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Pinterest What We Do • Write Creative Copy • Design and Build Ads • Target, Retarget & Optimize • Report Analytics FACEBOOK SNAPCHAT What We Do: • Create Tailored Geo-Filters • Design Frames • Create Creative Content & Copy • Design and Build Ads • Target, Retarget & Optimize • Report Analytics "LOOK @ THIS" The sharing never stops. The snapchat platform allows for a new interactive form of native advertising unlike anything the industry has seen before. INSTAGRAM What We Do: • Create Creative Content & Copy • Design and Build Ads • Target, Retarget & Optimize • Report Analytics Why IG: With 300+ million users, Instagram is one of the world’s largest mobile ad platforms and leverages precision targeting via Facebook’s user data. CONTENT IS KING CREATIVE CONTENT What We Do • Professional Video Services • Drone Services • Blogging • Email Marketing • Creative Content Creation BRANDING BRANDING What We Do: • Social Media Management • Event Planning • Live Social Media Event Feed • Press Releases & Blogging for Event and Brand Promotion • Website Management • Email Copy, Design & Build • Monthly Analytic Reports TRENDING NOW What We Do : • Social Media Management • Event Planning • Live Social Media Event Feed • Press Releases & Blogging for Event and Brand Promotion • Website Management • Email Copy, Design & Build • Monthly Analytic Reports According to our research, current trends in the <BLANK> industry show that there are several competitors in the market utilizing Google AdWords and social media to find <AUDIENCE>. MILLENIALS MILLENIALS How Will We Reach Your Audience? <Services based on audience> COMPETITORS COMPETITORS <insert competitors and basic research> logos STRATEGY STRATEGY The Valynt Digital Strategy: Reach Your Audience Beat Your Competition Unique Combination of Digital Tactics Tailored to Your <Business, Nonprofit, Healthcare) Your New Digital Marketing Strategy Will Include: Facebook Advertising Landing Pages Targeting, Retargeting & Optimization Creative, Catchy Ad Copy Multiple Platform Integration Social Media Content Google Adwords CAMPAIGN #G O A L S Timeline Breakdown CAMPAIGN GOALS <INFO> Expectations Valynt Digital has extensive experience and a successful track record of running digital marketing campaigns for <businesses, nonprofit, healthcare> similar to <competitor>. You can expect your campaigns to be a success as your audience engages and interacts with your digital ads—which ultimately will lead to <goal>. Results Valynt Digital has extensive experience and a successful track record of running digital marketing campaigns for <businesses, nonprofit, healthcare> similar to <competitor>. You can expect your campaigns to be a success as your audience engages and interacts with your digital ads—which ultimately will lead to <goal>. BOTTOMLINE BRED. DIGITAL PACKAGES DIGITAL BORN Valynt Digital is comprised of specialized professionals, each an expert in a digital marketing field. TEAM VALYNT TEAM VALYNT Images of everyone and brief description of everyone (1-2 sentences). DIGITAL PACKAGES DIGITAL PACKAGES Brief DIGITAL OPTIONS STARTER # of shares STARTER Per month (2016) CHOICE COUNTRY NAME COUNTRY NAME CHOICE SUPREME # of shares SUPREME Per month (2016) BRANDING BRANDING

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