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Transcript: BY DESTINY OF THE SUN Desert Pastime Sand skiing Sand skiing sand skiing is the most popular sport in our region. climb on the top of sand dune then skin down. the idea of this sport the idea of this sport is not like a normal sport, sand skiing dose not have competeion in it. The whole idea of this soprt is to relax and enjoy the speed when you skin down. It is a recreational activity and takes place on sand dunes rather than snow-covered mountains. It involv... It is a recreational activity and takes place on sand dunes rather than snow-covered mountains. It involves riding across or down a dune while standing with both feet strapped to a board, though some sandboarders use a board without bindings. from" wikipidia. com" PICTURES PICTURES Equipments of sand skiing Equipments of sand skiing We used the deadwood stick to be the borad of sand skiing. The bottom of the borad is wax. For the player who is first play this soprt can take two sticks to help them keep balance. the place of sand skiing. the place of sand skiing. Like what i said we choose the sand dune to be the place. The sand needs to be soft and the dune needs to face the sun. Keep the ramp's sands soft and warmth. Generally,there is a river near the dune, because desert is so hot and dry. After strenuous exercise, people always feel uncomfortble and thirsty. If there is a river near the dune, that would be good for the people, they can swim in it or play in it. picture of the place picture of the place the interested factors of sand skiing the interested factors of sand skiing The dune needs to be 45 degree angle from the ground, it required the player have enough courage. This sport is thrilling and exciting. The pastime dose not need a lot of competition elements in it. It can also be the sport that in order to relax and excited for people. the playing methouds of sand skiing. First: choose a ramp and climb on the top of it. Second: stand or lay down on the borad. Then: during the time you skiing down, you need to keep your centre-of-gravity position in the back, and keep legs a little bit up, avoide to hurt legs. The whole idea of this sport is to relax and have fun, So you can try whatever posts you want. the playing methouds of sand skiing. Whatever baced on which kind of imagine, the desert cannot be so prosperous. We think the thing attracts the people are wild landscape. So land skinng is the best sport that can help the visitor enjoyed the landscap. When you skiing down from the top of the high dune. You can feel the breeze was blowing on your face and saw the landscaps. why we choose the sand skiing to be the pastime of desert? why we choose the sand skiing to be the pastime of desert? THE MEMBERS OF DESTINY OF THE SUN Peter 1 Peter 1 Kris Kris Daniel Daniel Forest Forest Allen Allen Gia Gia Sherry Sherry


Transcript: I think that Geogres's mom is right when it comes to looking at the big picture but, sometimes if you don't make the dots matter then you won't really be living your life. Sometimes at synchronized swimming there are some things that get changed that I don't really like but, I know that most of those changes are what is best for the team. Big Picture Georges's Dad Dots By Abigail Champlin A quote analysis for Rebecca Stead's novel Liar and Spy on quotes around Seurat's A Sunday Afternoon in the Park Through out most of the book Georges tries to look at the big picture like his mom said and he lets himself be kind of miserable because he thinks that what is happening won't end up mattering but, after he talks to his dad about everything he realizes that the dots in the picture really do matter. "It's weird,because I know Mom is right about the big picture. But Dad is right too: Life is really just a bunch of nows, one after the other." (149) "Like Mom says, life is a million different dots making one gigantic picture. And maybe the big picture is nice, maybe it's amazing, but if you're standing with you face pressed against a bunch of black dots, it's really hard to tell." (90) Georges "'Look, I know Mom talks about the big picture. She wants you to remember that you'll find new friends, that life is always changing, sometimes in really good ways. But life is also about what is happening now, Georges. What Dallas and Carter are doing is happening now, and you can't just wait for it to be over. We have to do something about it now.'" (149) Georges's dad is right it's good to look at the big picture but, those dots matter too because those dots are what make you, you and that's just the way life is. Georges's Mom


Transcript: ` The expressions, ideas and concepts in this proposal contain confidential and proprietary information of True Star Foundation and True Star Magazine. It is not to be used, copied, or disclosed to third parties for any purpose without the expressed written permission of True Star Foundation and/or True Star Media. By continuing to read and/or be presented this proposal, you are agreeing to the above mentioned terms and are subject to their adherence under United States Intellectual Property Law. Dots takeover Skin, leaderboard banner ad (728x90) and side banner ad (300x250) (November 30th – December 30th) Total Investment Dots & True Star Media Partnership Proposal Cost: $500 1130 S. Wabash Chicago, IL 60605 312.588.0100 (Office) 312.588.0175 (Fax) Online Promotion & Advertising Legal Terms Event cost: $1000 Concept: - 12th day of Christmas Toast with sparkling cider and Holiday Treats. - $200 Dots gift card will be raffled to an in-store participant that day. When: December 11, 2012 Where: At designated Dots Location Projected Participants 60+ teens and young adults When November 30 - December 11, 2012 How Through online fashion trivia, teen consumers in the Chicago Land area will win Dots giftcards Cost: $500 12 Days of Christmas Total Investment $2750 Concept For 12 consecutive days, True Star will give one $50 gift card per day to True Star followers and fans. Grand Event Design, implement, and execute social media campaign 12 Days of Christmas Prize Gift Card Give-Aways (11) $50 gift cards (1) $200 gift card $750 Online Banner Advertising/Promotions $500 Social Media Campaign $500 In-Store Grand Event $1000

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Transcript: Ronnestad and Skovholt Developmental model Based on qualitative research Unique’ in scope, spanning entire career of therapist, where most models focus on initial student and probationary years Therapists in training experience high levels of anxiety Experienced therapists become self-directed learners, there is a ‘growth towards professional individuation’ and congruence (Skovholt and Ronnestad, 1992) There is a move from ‘received’ to ‘constructed knowledge’ – drawing from many sources - art, music, films, anthropology etc... forming a complex ‘internalised map’ (Skovholt and Ronnestad, 2003) A whole career perspective – Allows supervisor and supervisee to identify transition points throughout career and the ‘recycling loops’ in which anxiety may re-emerge as when a student Ronnestad and Skovholt also look at tension in supervision and factors leading to the breakdown of the supervisory relationship. They give particular focus to exploring contextual limitations and differences (Ronnestad and Skovholt 1993) In their ‘tension matrix’, they feature external social and cultural influences which may be acting on the supervisor/ supervisee relationship focus on ‘continuous professional reflection’ as ‘the central development process’ of the experienced therapist The therapist may need to re-draw their 'internal map' and explore the congruence of their presence in a new context more reserach needed DOTS Presentation 27th November 2015 A potentially increasing transition point will be from experienced face to face therapist to novice online therapist current reseach USA focussed why ? What are their findings? How does this apply to online supervision? Further thoughts

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