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Design Services

Transcript: SUBTITLE TEXT HERE Design Morrison Utility Services (MUS) has invested in establishing a dedicated in-house design service for end-to-end water and wastewater networks. The team, which comprises of more than 40 competent engineers and designers, is based in the North of England. The Design Services team carries out a range of activities within the areas of investigation, field services, design and work on projects such as water network rehabilitation, structural pipeline design, civil ancillaries, lining, mains cleaning (shear stress flushing, ice pigging, air scouring/pigging, swabbing) and pressure management. The Design Service team uses the latest hardware technology – drones, GPS, pressure monitoring, flow monitoring and water quality monitoring. A variety of software packages including the following, AutoCAD design tool, ESRIS GIS tool and the following hydraulic tools, Synergi and Info Works. Introduction TEAM OVERVIEW Team Overview Principal Designer Design Manager Investigation Manager Design Lead Design Co-ordinators MEICA Designer Trunk Main Designer CAD 2D / 3D Technicians Field Surveyor Add Images SERVICES What we Do... FIELD SERVICES What we do? Why we do it? Who we do it for? Question Time CONTACT INFORMATION Christopher Harris AMP 6 Regional Technical Manager Morrison Utility Services Centre 27 Business Park Woodhead Road Birstall Batley West Yorkshire WF17 9TD Mobile: 07921 308 622 Contact Information What We Do Asset Condition Environmental Surveys Realtime working Drone Surveys Virtual Trial Holes Staff based across the North & Wales Region Design Offices Livingstone House, Leeds Bodalwyydan & Mona, North Wales Carmarthen & Newport, South Wales Woodhead House, Birstall 7 locations Meter U, Oldham

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