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Design Services

Transcript: SUBTITLE TEXT HERE Design Morrison Utility Services (MUS) has invested in establishing a dedicated in-house design service for end-to-end water and wastewater networks. The team, which comprises of more than 40 competent engineers and designers, is based in the North of England. The Design Services team carries out a range of activities within the areas of investigation, field services, design and work on projects such as water network rehabilitation, structural pipeline design, civil ancillaries, lining, mains cleaning (shear stress flushing, ice pigging, air scouring/pigging, swabbing) and pressure management. The Design Service team uses the latest hardware technology – drones, GPS, pressure monitoring, flow monitoring and water quality monitoring. A variety of software packages including the following, AutoCAD design tool, ESRIS GIS tool and the following hydraulic tools, Synergi and Info Works. Introduction TEAM OVERVIEW Team Overview Principal Designer Design Manager Investigation Manager Design Lead Design Co-ordinators MEICA Designer Trunk Main Designer CAD 2D / 3D Technicians Field Surveyor Add Images SERVICES What we Do... FIELD SERVICES What we do? Why we do it? Who we do it for? Question Time CONTACT INFORMATION Christopher Harris AMP 6 Regional Technical Manager Morrison Utility Services Centre 27 Business Park Woodhead Road Birstall Batley West Yorkshire WF17 9TD Mobile: 07921 308 622 Contact Information What We Do Asset Condition Environmental Surveys Realtime working Drone Surveys Virtual Trial Holes Staff based across the North & Wales Region Design Offices Livingstone House, Leeds Bodalwyydan & Mona, North Wales Carmarthen & Newport, South Wales Woodhead House, Birstall 7 locations Meter U, Oldham

Agreement for consultancy services

Transcript: CONSULTANCY AGREEMENT FOR SERVICES INTRO INTRO THE BRITISH COUNCIL THE CONSULTANT- SHAHZAD ALI AGREEMENT MADE ON: 3 JULY 2017 SCHEDULES SCHEDULES 1 2 3 4 SPECIAL TERMS SPECIFICATION CHARGES STANDARD TERMS agreement shall become binding when signed by authorized representatives schedule: 1 Special terms SCHEDULE 1 1. Commencement Date and term ( British Council can terminate this agreement within 30 days notice on the consultant) 2. End Client- Palladium International BV 3. Locations- services provided in Gilgit Baltistan Assembly and other locations agreed upon in the adreement 4. Equipment- laptop 5. Key personnel- Shahzad Ali 6. Working hours/days mean 9 am to 5 p.m local time from Monday to Friday, time spent traveling may also be included 7. Leave 8. Insurance requirements 9. Security arrangements- consultant must adhere to SMP(SECURITY MANAGEMENT PLAN) -TCA (TRAVEL CLEARANCE AUTHORITY) 10. SERVICES Consultant will provide services during the term of agreement ,satisfaction to British council is important otherwise work shall not be accepted He should protect the interests of the End client will follow and comply with the British council to provide services to client consultant acknowledges the right of End client to enforce any obligations on him. 11. Policies and Procedures POLICIES AND PROCEDURES SOPS CODE OF CONDUCT AND CHILD PROTECTIONS GUIDELINES PROCEDURAL MANUALS INFORM BRITISH COUNCIL INCASE OF BREACH OF THE TERMS SAFETY AND SECURITY PLANS CONSULTANT SHALL PROVIDE REASONABLE EVIDENCE PROJECT MATERIAL MEANS ALL MATERIAL INCLUDING DATA, RESULTS, DISCOVERIES, INVENTIONS , REPORTS -ENSURE THE SAFEKEEPING AND MAINTENANCE OF PROJECT MATERIAL -DO NOT DELETE, REMOVE, COPY OR RESTORE PROJECT MATERIAL -PERFORM SECURE BACK-UPS, UP TO DATE BACK UPS -PROJECT MATERIAL -CORRUPTED, LOST AND DEGRADED 12. project material Project material -CONSULTANT SHALL ENSURE EU IS GIVEN ENOUGH PUBLICITY -CANNOT TAKE ANY PR ACTIVITIES W/O BRITISH COUNCIL'S AUTHORIZATION 13. PUBLICITY PUBLICITY shall not exceed PKR 600,000 FOR EACH CLAIM OF LIABILITY Consultant liability: 14. CONSULTANT'S LIABILITY BACKGROUND SCHEDULE 2: SPECIFICATION -SDPI and Promotion of Human rights- advance the functions of parliamentary institutions(EU funded project) the project compromises of 3 key results strengthening institutional development strengthening institutional development strengthening assemblies secretariats strengthening assemblies secretariats Improved transparency and accessibility of PA Improved transparency and accessibility of PA - inititiative by EU to recruit young minds from various academic background, designed in collab with PIPS(2013) -unique opportunity for youth to participate in public policy of country -strengthen the functions of Assemblies and Secretariats -under SUBAI- 100 YPAs Objectives of the young associates programs (YPA) job description: - Research and writing - organization and coordination ASSOCIATE'S RESPONSIBILITIES MAINTAINING THE CONFIDENTIALITY OF ANY SENSITIVE INFO SUBMITTING TIME SHEETS TIMELY MAINTAIN HIGH PROFESSIONALISM QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE: -16 years of education, -law/PS/IR/Economic/CE -excellent oral and written skills -literate -YPA supervisor will be responsible for day to day activities of YPA - YPA will submit work evidence on monthly basis -standard PMS to measure performance of ypa -YPAs will attend monthly meeting with YPA coordinator Reporting arrangements: CHARGES PAYMENT PROCESSING DATE: no later than 18 days through PO INVOICE SUBMISSION DATE: 3RD OF EACH MONTH SCHEDULE 3 CONSULTANCY FEE: PKR 40,000 PER MONTH CONSULTANT WILL NOT BE PAID UNTIL THE DELIVERABLE ITEMS ARE NOT COMPLETED PAYMENT OF ANY INVOICE(valid) ADDITIONAL INFO TO ASSIST BRITISH COUNCIL CHARGES ALL INCLUSIVE OF TAX REIMBURSE THE EXPENSES IT INCURRED ON TRAVEL, EVENTS ETC BACKGROUND IPR BRITISH COUNCIL ENTITIES BRITISH COUNCIL REQUIREMENTS CHARGES CONTROL CODE CONFIDENTIAL INFO DELIVERABLE DOCUMENT END CLIENT EQUALITY LEGISLATION FOIA GOODS INFORMATION DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENTS STANDARD TERMS SCHEDULE 4 PREMISES PROJECT RELEVANT PERSON like delivering the services with care , deliver them to the delivery point and date etc CONSULTANT'S RESPONSIBILITIES -relationship of the Consultant to the british council can not be rendered -contract of provision of services not employment STATUS charges are exclusive of VAT If British council fails to pay any sum, interest can be charged. *sub-contract means a contract between 2 or more consultants, made for the purpose of performing the whole or any part of the agreement PRICE AND PAYMENT If either party wished to change the scope of services, it can only be done with the consent of both parties CHANGE CONTROL The British council grants the consultant the license to use the project IPR and British Council's background IPR Consultant IPR shall be included in the deliverables IPR Disclosing party Receiving party CONFIDENTIALITY no party is liable to any other incase of death , injury

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