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Transcript: 2018 Gallery Partner Business officer First in Asia, know what problems Asian developing countries have Gallery Partner IF YOUR IDEA IS DIFFERENT, WHY IS YOUR PRESENTATION THE SAME? Presenters need a solution to help them create premium persuasive presentations by transforming traditional content into visually engaging presentations using the software most suitable to their needs MAJOR CLIENTS Online Online course Template design Subscription fee Presentation Design Training MEET PEOPLE IN PAIN Persuasive Presentation Platform CUSTOMER FEEDBACK PREZIBASE GraphicRiver MARKET PAIN It occurs everyday. Globally. bring creative process, design process, audience analysis, design techiques, information and data visualization knowledge to students through 6 sessions/course maximum the quality of persuasive presentations of clients and a lot of thanks and gifts from customers and students via email and meetings MẢAJOR RISKS Template Partners COMPETITIVE DIFFERENTIATORS WE PROVIDE all-in-one presentation platform to help presenters persuade their audiences by critical content, strong visual grammar and engaging delivery Startup Training Partners 2016 Slideshare Noteandpoint (more) Development of new tools PREZIBASE GraphicRiver Business officer MENTORS WHAT IS THE POTENTIAL? Gallery Partner Direct Sale on school on business office on startup event CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION Persuade investor to get money Need to learn, got template, work with experts Purchase training, template, experts PREZIBASE Lynda Skillshare (more) Art Director/ Design Lecturer MAJOR CLIENTS Experts Business Officer Experience Presentation Coach Designers Copywriter (more) BUSINESS PARTNERS We have $2500 revenue per month now. THE PROCESS OF MAKING PERSUASIVE PRESENTATION FUNDING/ FINANCIAL INFORMATION Template Partners Training Partners TEAM PREZIBASE Template MAJOR COSTS PREZIBASE Lynda Skillshare Competion of other training platforms ACCOMPLISHMENT MAJOR CLIENTS GO TO MARKET Facilities cost Human resources Marketing cost Training Partners CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION BUSINESS PARTNERS Training Process Giang Nguyen Template Partners SOLUTION BUSINESS PARTNERS Why? They have no method to develop their idea into a complete pitch. They need a lot of time to master the design skills and can't catch the best expert to learn. Besides, they always need necessary materials (tools, templates, research sheets, designers...) to help them do it smarter, faster, more effective for presenting to win audiences. Everyone has ideas, but they are alone to communicate them persuasively Audience CEO Prezibase Business officer Startup Slideshare Noteandpoint Offline Training course Consulting fee Design BUSINESS PARTNERS Presentation Coach Designers Copywriter Template Partners All in one platform, not separated like other competitors HATCH BUSINESS PARTNERS Creative Director/Design Lecturer ...and become the world leading presentation agency to change the way human communicate ideas See more reviews: SALE/DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL PREZIBASE Lynda Skillshare COMPETITIVE DIFFERENTIATORS COO/ Business & Account Manager BUSINESS PARTNERS Focus both in content & visual BUSINESS PARTNERS Knowledge Thanh Nguyen Gallery Presenter Experts The pain: They don't know how to execute a persuasive presentation effectively and successfully Persuade teachers to get higher mark Need to learn, got template, see gallery Purchase training, template, gallery Prezibase's Partner 2015 Persuade clients to get money Need template, work with experts Purchase template, experts BUSINESS MODEL Slideshare Noteandpoint PREZIBASE CUSTOMER FEEDBACK Student REVENUE MODEL HOW MANY PEOPLE IN PAIN ARE THERE? Consult content/ Design In this new development, we will be self-funding first. MAJOR CLIENTS Imbalance benefit between partners is an independent marketplace for ready-made Prezi presentation templates. Everyone can join in by downloading or selling their own templates. Martin Raamat PREZIBASE GraphicRiver (more) When we have some partners and more clients on 2015, we will start to call investors. Experts 2017 Online Sale Plugin on tools Application Website Nhung Nguyen Startup Training Partners Student Saler Marketer Manager Startup 50 mils presentations per day 30 new presentation tools Prezi used by Fortune 500 companies, in Non-profit organizations and universities around the world Presentation Agencies ảaround the world THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! AUDIENCES Teachers Customers Clients Executive Board Investors Student They are between 18 - 35 years old, range from students, startups, business officers and managers. They are presenters who want to persuade their audiences and move them to transformative action. Student "Incredible startup with the best experts of pitching consult and visualization" Nguyen Hong Minh - Former Coordinator

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