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Transcript: Clotuber Presentation Deck Jacob, Weston, Jackie Group Five CLOT UBER Vision and Value Proposition VISION AND VALUE PROPOSITION It's clothes delivered. No more waiting for days for your clothes to be shipped. Order clothes from your local store and have it delivered same day, saving you time and effort. But we are not stopping there as we want to help you with all your clothing essentials. Styling, dry-cleaning, you name it we are here to help THE PROBLEM The Problem The Problem WAS simply, time and effort. For anyone, going out shopping for clothes is an all day event, and if you wanted to order clothes online, it is a minimum of two days before you receive them. And on the other hand, there is a whole excursion when it came to picking up and dropping off clothes at services. This stops now. With our app, you can order clothes, shoes, or anything from a clothing store near you, and our drivers will pick it up and deliver the items right to your door, all in the same day. TARGET AUDIENCE AND MARKET SIZE Target Audience and Market Size Our demographic is middle class individuals who live a fast-paced lifestyle, but at the core, Clotuber is meant for anyone who wants to save time and effort. We have designed our app to be accessible to anyone who can simply operate a smartphone. Of course, those who can afford to want to save time and effort will appeal to this kind of service more, but we aim to please anyone. If you wear clothes, we would love to serve you. SOLUTION SOLUTION Our solution to more accessible clothing lies within our app. In it, all you have to do is pick a clothing store near you that you usually shop at (Marhsalls, Tilly's, Etc.) and choose what clothes, shoes, or other items that you would like from that store, and our service will order those items for you and put them on reserve. From there, one of our drivers will go to that store, pick up your items, and deliver them to your door or anywhere within a 20 mile radius. There is no item limit. It is that simple. Revenue Model REVENUE MODEL Clotuber will be making money from: Customers Advertisement Sponsors Companies We would be charging for: Delivery Fees Add ons: Dry-cleaning Styling And more! TRACTION AND VALIDATION ROAD MAP Begin the process of setting up app Start talking to investors Talking to companies who want to be involved Launch app Continue promoting app through various sources Sending out surveys to customers Traction and Validation Roadmap MARKETING AND SALES STRATEGIES Marketing and Sales Strategy We will start investing in advertisement through: Technology Social Media Press Release Start of with discounted prices for first time users Launch surveys frequently to hear customers thoughts Have an office available for customers to call about concerns Start a Loyalty program: Recommendations Discounts for long time users TEAM Team We saw a problem and we found a solution. We all have different backgrounds which will add to the company We are reaching for the same goals WESTON CEO Weston Leadership Experience Responsible Takes Initiative Gets others involved JACKIE CFO Jackie Good With Numbers Come up with ideas based off trends Planning Organized JACOB CMO Jacob Public relation skills Cooperative Developer Knows the marketing side FINANCIALS Finacials Within the last 3 years, Clotuber has generated almost $600,000 in sales. Broken down by the year, $70,422 in year 1, $157,578 in year 2, and $352,326 in year 3, for a total of $580,326. In regards to competition, there is no other company that does exactly what we do. COMPETITION Competiton We are competing against online shopping markets But how are we different? We are same day delivery, in person customer satisfaction, we are reliable, and we are easily accessible. Clotuber took two loans from Chase bank; An Intermediate-Term and a Long-Term. The Intermediate-Term is a $10,000 loan with a 6% interest rate and 3 year payout. The Long-Term is a $33,000 loan with a 7% interest rate and 4 year pay out. INVESTMENT AND FUND USE Investments and Funds This money will go into: Insurance Advertisement Training Creating an Application CONTACT INFORMATION Contact Information Visit Our Website! To Make an Appointment Call: (808)-555-6393 To Reach Us Individually Visit Our Social Media! Insta: @CLOTUBER_Official Twitter: @CLOTUBER_Official CLOT UBER

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Transcript: Setting the Scene Partner Stability and Performance Percent Total partner annual fall out rate Net Income ≤ Php 50,000 Percent Cycle Fall out rate on Mid to High Risk Partners DP Fallout 2016 FMCG Benchmarking Big Idea Partner Management Program Route to Market Analysis & Modeling Partner Targeting Model Partner Recommendation & Business Plan Partner Appointment Performance Management Operations Performance Model Recommendation DP Profitability Working Capital Capacity Utilization Profiling Scouting Screening Partners Profile Dimensional Assessment Financial Strength Organizational Capability Willingness and Cooperation Ranking Stop Light Analysis DP Results and Recommendation Business Plan for The Territory Assigned 3 Year Business Contract Standard Distribution Agreement Contract to be reviewed by both parties and agreed upon To be drafted by Coca – Cola FEMSA Legal How it works Delivery Partner Consolidation Consolidating 58 High and Medium Risk partners will drive sustainability to our partner base How do we mitigate risk of fall out? Conventional Routes Preseller Routes Francorp and Franchise Asia Methodology, we will establish a Strong Business Model with tight Operational Standards supported by a more structured and wider channel points Partner Recruitment Process How do we find the right partners? The Team Who are the creative minds? Who's in the Team Future Vision Where to Next? Future Plans Contact Info How do People Find You? Contact Details Franchise Asia

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Transcript: EFFICIENCY CLIMBING TO The Challenges we face 01 Let us start by telling you a small story. Rider Tracking- The process of recording the movement of objects or people. Route Optimization- A route alternative with the most cost effective or highest achievable performance under the given constraints. Executive Management Rider Performace Analysis - Rider Performance Analysis is the process of studying or evaluating the performance of a particular scenario in comparison of the objective which was to be achieved. Vendor Performance Analysis - Vendor Performance Analysis identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor, then compares them to find the vendor that best matches the needs of their company. Performance Analysis Data Mapping - Data mapping is the process of creating data element mappings between two distinct data models. Data mapping is used as a first step for a wide variety of data integration tasks. Data Uploading Data Accuracy Potential Solutions 02 An executive app and a dashboard to help track the representatives, in turn making them more productive Benefits 03 More space on more multi brand store POS accountability Field Staff movement tracking Marketing Material utilization First mover advantage Strong visual presence at MVOs which would capture the essence and get users interested in the product we are about show you Our Technical Support Team is avaiable 24 X 7 to help you with any problems you might have. Vendor Analysis 04 Automated notifications :- Hence resulting in quick action and VENDOR ACCOUNTABILITY. Sample Wireframe - 1 Sample Wireframe - 2 Sample Wireframe - 3 Congratulations You made it! 06 You just took the first step to automating your marketing infrastructure!! Together! We will take many more!!

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Transcript: Recommendations Thank you for your time and for considering our recommendation. Contact: 18-24 years old (2) 25-34 years old (15) 35-44 years old (10) 45-54 years old (5) 55-64 years old (7) 65-74 years old (3) Maintain Encourage cooperating departments to work in Google Docs - editing/sending purposes - commenting features No security measures Use Google Drive as an archive - UC Academic and Career Development Agenda Gauge Interest Levels of Project Measure Effectiveness of Potential Solutions Gather Enough Information to Narrow Down Potential Solutions Determine Best Implementation Steps based on Respondent Views General Aspects of Academic Advising Ways Technology is Used in Academic Advising Interdepartmental Relationships Web-Based Database Systems (Cloud Storage) Recommendations Produced and Presented by: Jamela Snow Lydia Keegan Marina Slaven Alyssa Butler How can we create a central archive for the University College that contains up-to-date resources from all of the advising departments on campus? University College Academic and Career Development Years of Experience Scholarly Journals Trade Journals Doctoral Dissertations Methodology Source Types Used Continue meetings with other departments -Semesterly - Encourage community Advisors need access to Google Drive - Contact IT Data Methodology Advisors (18-44) are more comfortable with the technology Advisors 45+ years are less comfortable with the technology 62.5% of respondents say 3+ people are responsible for updating resources Data Data Survey Focus < 1 year (7) 1-2 years (10) 3-5 years (9) 5-10 years (6) >10 years (10) Introduction Research Question Methodology Data Recommendations Conclusion Resources and Meetings Demographics of Respondents Methodology Research Question Methodology Recommendations Secondary Research Info 60% of respondents use email for resource distribution Google Drive eliminates the need for emailing information 67.5% say meetings are important to share information - Meetings needed to train staff on using Google Drive Google Drive and Resources The lack of a central archive creates a need for more time spent searching for resources and information. This time lost could be better spent in more pertinent areas of advising. This presentation outlines the research we conducted pertaining to advising and web-based solutions, the data collected, and recommended solutions to the problem. Implement Google Forms Survey Issued to All Academic Advisors on Campus via E-mail Link 42 Respondents Total Introduction Prepare Hold initial meeting with other departments regarding Google drive - demonstrate comments, edits, privacy - Utilize IT Create folders in Google Docs for cooperating departments and colleges Conclusion Primary Research Focus

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Transcript: Finishing Touches to Pond Project ADA compliant path. Bradford tree removal. Native plant and tree restoration. Fence removal/repurposed for new area. Science equipment purchased for students. Observation deck permit completed and awarded. 5 education stations for students to complete water assessments. Stones used for drainage along path and for erosion of bank by the pond. Wildlife habit development - bluebird, keseral box, wood duck box, bath 4 bat houses. Milestones PA American Water Grant Thank you to our community supports! Timeline of Events Timeline of Events Lowe’s SSM Group Dyer Quarry Curb Appeal Berks Nature OZ Properties Fisher Rentals Sartin’s Paving Tractor Supply Spring Township Kraft Engineering PA American Water Kraft Code Services Backyard Woodcraft Industrial Metal Plating Lower Heidelberg Township B. Miller Mechanical & Contracting Berks County Conservation District Tree Removal Tree Removal Excavating Digging the Path Spreading Stone Spreading Stone Blacktop Laying the Path A day learning at the Pond Laying the Path Observation Deck Observation Deck We are Wilson! Shiloh Hills Cornwall Terrace Green Valley Whitfield Spring Ridge Southern West High School Allows individuals in wheel chairs to observe all parts of the pond. Students can paint/draw setting paintings while on the deck looking at nature. Observe wildlife: Birds - Blue Birds, Mallard Ducks, Geese, Bittern, Red Wing Black Bird, Blue Heron and Swallows. Insects - Dragon Flies, prey, Mantis, Spiders, Butterfly, Ants, Beetles, Bees. Reptiles - Painted Box Turtle, Snakes, Frogs, Salamanders Fish - Largemouth Bass, Blue Gill, Sunfish, Pumpkinseed. This resource will be accessible for all students and community members accross Wilson School District. Why do we need an observation deck? Cost of Materials Cost for Railing Key Link Fencing and Railing - $18,688.11 ------------------------------------------------ Lowe's Cost from Corporate - $16,819.30 ------------------------------------------------ Lowe's Final Cost with Discount - $16,377.79 Total Expense = $20,054.30 - West Fundraising - $5,962.15 ------------------------------ Equals = $14,092.15 Additional Cost Lowe's Material Order - $2,176.51 ------------------------------------------------ Composite Decking - $1,000.00 ------------------------------------------------ Miscellaneous Cost - $500 ------------------------------------------------ Lowe's Final Cost with Discount - $16,377.79 Questions Are there any questions? What is next? Trail Map Trail Names Mallard Mile Raccoon Way Turtle Trot Whitetail Walkway W. Way We look forward to continue our conversation and sharing more about the Top Dog Fit - Trail. Kristen and Javius September 2018 Meeting Stay tuned...

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Transcript: Client Pitch Deck Created by: Elizabeth Nusbaum Conner Faucher's Music Release Plan Background of Conner Faucher Musician and songwriter Independent Christian artist in the folk genre Plan was to release a 10-song album Starting out he had no brand, website or plan Objectives Through This Project Having a higher volume of listens At least 1000 Spotify streams by the end of April of 2021 Finding his voice and brand Receiving engagement from his target audience (Ages 16-32) Key Findings in Research Secondary Research Website Articles Primary Research John Mark Pantana John Lucas Secondary Research: Social Media Presence Having consistent and engaging social media presence is imperative to gaining music exposure (Nguyen, 2018). Releasing unique and excellent visual art will capture attention and keep people listening (The Global DJ School, 2018). Knowing your audience and creating a social media strategy for that audience is important in gaining attention for music releases. This means having a social media calendar, scheduling posts, etc. (Burstimo and PQ, 2018). Secondary Research: Best Social Platforms Instagram is the top platform. This is because of the visual appeal through photos and the various tools to engage with the audience such as Instagram stories and Instagram reels (Barnhart, 2020). Tik Tok (Musican Port, 2019). Facebook (Gikaru, 2020). YouTube (Musician Port, 2019). Secondary Research: Streaming Services Spotify is the number one streaming service where most people will go to listen to music, Has "Spotify for Artists" analytics tool. (Poow 2020). Apple Music, YouTube Music and Pandora (Poow, 2020). Primary Research: Social Media Instagram is the main social media platform used. The main purpose of Instagram is to build a trust with the target audience by interacting and being personal (J. Lucas, personal interview, February 15, 2021). Posting excellent visual art on Instagram will help to gain more followers from the target audience (J. Pantana, February 15, 2021). Tik Tok is the best social platform for music exposure. This is due to Tik Tok’s algorithm and how random videos can “blow up” (J. Pantana, personal interview, February 15, 2021). Primary Research: Spotify Spotify is one of the best streaming services for music exposure. It is the new "radio" of today (J. Lucas, Pantana, personal interview, February 15, 2021). Pitching singles to Spotify playlists is vital because Spotify playlists have thousands of listeners (J. Pantana, personal interview, February 15, 2021). Spotify alone can gain you thousands of music listeners Primary Research: Release Plan Post about a release on Tuesday, and release the music on Friday (J. Pantana, personal interview, February 15, 2021). Release multiple singles before releasing the album (J. Pantana, personal interview, February 15, 2021). Have excellent and unique music art that is posted on social media and used as the music art (J. Lucas, personal interview, February 15, 2021). Primary Research: Website Design Squarespace and Wix are the two platforms that are easiest and most dynamic when it comes to creating web content for an artist (J. Lucas, personal interview, February 15, 2021). Visual, personal, and music content are three apsects that can help create an engaging and informative website (J. Pantana, personal interview, February 15, 2021). 7-Week Marketing and Release Plan Create Content Post Consistently Build a Website Music Plan First single released April 2, during week 4 Second single released April 9, during week 5 Third single released April 13, at the beginning of week 6 Full album released April 16, at the end of week 6 Social Media Plan Created social media content every week Posts began starting week 3 Posted at least three Instagram Posts per week Posted at least three Tik Toks and Instagram reels per week Week 1 Collected all of the content art for the next 7 weeks Photos to be used for posts, website creation, and album art Started website design Photos Photos Art For the First Three Singles Art for the Album Week 2 Created and scheduled social media posts to be posted during week 3 Three Instagram posts and three Tik Toks/Instagram Reels Continued website design Instagram Posts Instagram Reels + TikToks Week 3 Social media posts for week 3 began Pitched week 4’s single to a Spotify playlist Finished and launched website Created and scheduled social media posts to be posted for week 4 Website Launched in time for the first single to be released Website has the artist's bio, music release information, information on how to connect with the artist and the store for merchandise that is "coming soon" Week 4 Social media posts for week 4 began First single released Friday Pitched week 5’s single to Spotify playlist Started working on merchandise for website Created and scheduled social media posts to be posted for week 5 Week 5 Social media posts for week 5 began. The second single released Friday. I continued

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Transcript: Stay Connected Local Food Hub Fruit Recovery Get Rooted Goals for 2021 Fresh fruit for the community - Trained volunteer captains - 8000 pounds harvested - Seven recipient organizations - Yearly returning volunteers - Value-added recipes and workshops - Win-win-win Food Skills Kids in the Garden Youth empowerment through - Mentoring - Internships - Employment - Social enterprise - Youth steering committee Strategic Committees - 350 Weekly ready made meals *Six recipient organizations - 300 Weekly school lunches *Volunteer drivers - 18 schools Mindful and healthy students - Elementary school program - Integrated curriculum with videos - Breakfast and green club support - Aeroponic grow towers - Earth and life sciences - Healthy eating habits - Summer garden support Free workshops - Salmon - fin to fork - Turkey - zero waste - Healthy lunches and snacks - Building a basic food pantry - Canning and preservation Ian Lai 778-681-9264 - Roll out new strategic plan - Button up charity status - Connect with MP's and MLA's - Explore community food hub - Increase membership - Program for COVID - Build new gardens - Expand existing gardens - KPU school garden - Puppets Community Gardens - 415 Community Garden Plots - 11 Locations across Richmond - Gardening workshops - Volunteer garden captains - 464 Person wait list - Ongoing expansion -170 plots Seed Library Program Streams Yes, a seed library. Really! - Check out, grow, eat, save and return - Trained volunteer seed librarians - Engagement and recruitment tool - Community outreach Key Supporters 1. Community Garden Program 2. Fruit Recovery Program 3. Get Rooted Youth Program 4. Kids in the Garden Program 5. Seed Library Program 6. Food Skills Program 7. Local Food Hub Program Vision Healthy people, community, and environment - Family Place Society - Gilmore United Church - KPU - Richmond Food Bank - Richmond Foundation - Sfaira Foundation - Sharing Farm - United Way - Vancity Mission - Richmond Community Services Advisory Committee - Food Security Agricultural Advisory Committee - Intercultural Advisory Committee - Indigenous Collaborative Table - Food Aid Delivery Coalition - BC Coalition for Healthy School Food Engaging a resilient local food system through education, advocacy, and community building initiatives Strategic Partners I acknowledge that I live, work, and play on the ancestral, traditional, and unceded territory of the Musqueam peoples Ian Lai - Executive Director

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