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Transcript: ANALYSIS Cultural movement that began in the early 1920's. Purpose: resolve the previously contradictory conditions of and [dream & reality]. Techniques allow the unconscious to express itself, but also an . came to occupy an important role in surrealist activity. The use of procedures such as double exposure, combination printing, montage, and solarization evoked the union of dream and reality. LIGHT & DARK IN PHOTOGRAPHY The bars on her back oppression. Her hands stretched through the bars represents her impatience of being liberated from her body. The rocky floor coldness and heaviness as if her life was full of tough situations. Messsage: "we can’t escape from reality, we are trapped in your body until we die." Every single experience we've had in our life, every facet of our existence, comes under reality. We are trapped within our own consciousness and thoughts. SURREALISM D I A N A R A M Í R E Z L Ó P E Z PHOTOGRAPHY The Metropolitan Museum of Art. (2014). Retrieved October 3rd, 2014, from: Erick Johansson Photography.(2014). Retrieved October 3rd, 2014, from: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.(n.d). Retrieved October 3rd, 2014, from: Photographer Sweeden “I use as a way of collecting material to realize the 's in my .” (He doesn’t capture moments, he captures ideas.) ERICK JOHANSSON Naked woman laying on a rocky floor. On her back jail bars. Her hands stretched through them (jail bars). In my perspective: there's a contrast between light and dark in order to focus on a specific point where the author’s concept lies. The use of light centered on woman that lays on the floor. Darkness around her sense of coldness and sadness. SYMBOLISMS: The woman’s naked body sense of reality. TRAPPED INSIDE REFERENCES:


Transcript: LIGHT | DARK A. Gonzalez, AUTUMN 2017 [ARC 550] A CASE STUDY OF CONTRASTING REGIONALISM IN THE [architecture] of the DEEP SOUTH CHARLESTON, SC CHS Charleston, SC is nicknamed the Holy City. Founded in 1681 it quickly became the epicenter of commerce in the Colonial South. The growth was fueled in large part by the rice plantations founded on the banks of the Ashley and Cooper Rivers. The development of these foundations grew simbiotically with the Atlantic Slave trade. Charleston, SC was the point of entry into the Americas for many of the sequestered Africans. The site of the Slave Market is still a prominent municipal building located on the corner of East Bay and Broad Streets. There at the steps of the buidling these foreigners were stripped of the few remaining vestiges tying them to their homeland. Sold off as 'lesser beings' these Africans were catapulted into a new place whose social constructs would dictate their new paradigms and indoctrinate them with a framework that would stay with their legacy for the next four centuries. The survey of work presented here proposes to expose the subtleties of the dynamics between the 'senses' of place held by two juxtaposing cultures. Not only do the cultures contend with one another, the roles which each played mirror many ubiquitous philosophical archetypal relationships. The captor and the captive, the master and the servant, the agressor and the victim, the teacher and the student. These counterparts, while ultimately characters in a tragedy, are directly responsible for informing the work presented. Without the dynamic there exists no Manor and no Slave Shack. There exists no plantation nor rice field. Without this historical schism there exists no segregation nor Civil Rights movement. The buildings presented are separated by uses, the abode and the meeting place. Each type is represented by two firms which called Charleston their home. Clark + Menefee and Huff + Gooden. The firm of Clark + Menefee, was comprised of W.G. Clark and Charles Menefee, both men are of European ancestry. The firm of Huff + Gooden was comprised of Ray Huff and Mario Gooden, both men are of African ancestry. While my intent is not to illustrate the cliches that typically accompany any race based discourse, I have attempted to chronicle the context which is clearly grounded in the dichotomies fomented by a place so marked by racism. This survey exposes processes which without question have informed the built work of both firms. These processes, while displaying similarities through their regionalist approach, also offer stark differences as they pertain to education, privilege, history and sense of place. Chronicling a tragedy such as this one can often produce sentiments of disdain and melancholy, however perhaps the silver lining is that both firms were able to perceive this place with all of its detriments and still produce excellent architecture. This architectural redaction could possibly stand witness as a beacon of hope loudly proclaiming that in the end we are equal and of the same species simply trying to find our sense of place in a rapidly atrophying universe. CLARK + MENEFEE C + M 'Nevertheless, myths of authenticity as projected in Laugier’s primitive hut and Thoreau’s Walden find their reverberation in Clark and Menefee’s Reid and Croffead houses or in the guest rooms at Middleton Inn. Being there, almost in unmediated contact with nature, merely screened with fig-leaf-like adjustable wooden louvers, puts the inhabitant of the primary cell, as that comforting euphemism of a primitive hut, into as close as a prime state of existence as possible in today’s spoilt civilization...' -Wilfred Wang on the work of Clark and Menefee [17] Croffead House | Clark + Menefee Croffead House | Clark + Menefee James Island, SC 1989 Site; Aerial 2017 James Island, SC CHS HARBOR NORTH Admittedly, part of the home’s success is simply its outstanding site: a bluff offering more than 180 degrees of waterfront vistas, ranging from the tight confines of the Wappoo Cut to the faraway marsh expanse where the Stono River passes by Johns Island. [3] THE SITE CHS, SC Stono River Wappoo Creek DRAWINGS Elevation [6] Axonometric Section [20] Section [8] Ground Floor Plan [7] CROFFEAD HOUSE, 1989 | Clark + Menefee 'It's one thing to replicate, and you can manner anything, its another thing to advance the architecture through a situation that is more than how you exist in the city. It doesn't mean that it has to destroy the heritage, but there ought to be some sense that living in a Charleston single house is a bitch. I mean it's tough... shotgun rooms, I mean they're hard.' -Ray Huff [10] The architects noted that when they began work, the Croffeads’ instructions to them were simple: They only wanted “a house without a lot of rooms lying around waiting to be used,” a painting studio, and a desire “to live in the trees.” [3] DESIGN CONCEPT IMAGES Facade facing East [5] ' I tell my students all the time;


Transcript: the dark seeing the dark Light is one of those things that we are sort of born understanding. However much science teaches us about photons and radiation wave lengths we still don't change the fundamental meaning of light. We don't bring this meaning to words. We can use it freely in our speech as an idiom, compare it to things, categorize things as light, etc. Even in the times of Ancient Greece, when Oedipus Rex was written by Sophocles, people understood the rules of light. We know The opposite of light is dark Light comes from a source We need light to see The language in Oedipus is poetic, because even though it's a play the medium was still developing. Words were still for free use. There weren't as many rules. Because of the balance of restrictions writers like Sophocles could use different language. What does it mean to say "Thebes [is a] sunwhipped city"? Why are the gods and their overwhelming power and majesty associated with strong light, meaning why should the "gods descend, [coming] with blinding torches"? Why are gods in their divinity symbolized by the inability for mortals to see their gods in their true form? "Let it come! However base my birth, I must know about it." The light we know comes from the sun. Almost all the energy in the world comes from the sun. When we think of light, because we naturally affiliate light with the sun and sun with energy, we feel like light makes us feel beetter. That's why some people have better moods when it's sunny outside. In poetry darkness is associated with evil and uncertainty. Saying a setting is dark, in place or with zeitgeist, makes people think of opposition pairs like good and bad, sickness and health, and other things that don't have anything to do with photons. Light has this kind of power over us, it can control our mind, because it's so familiar in our heads. We understand light enough it becomes an idiom. "O Oedipus, most royal one!/The great door that expelled you to the light/gave at night--ah, gave night to your glory:/As to the father, to the fathering son." In this case light is the fame and night is infamy and scandal. Oedipus has fallen from up where it was light rapidly to the dark deep below. "A blind man, Who has his eyes now, a penniless man, who is rich now; And he will go tapping the strange earth with his staff To the children with whom he lives now he will be Brother and father-- the very same; to her Who bore him, son and husband--the very same Who came to his father's bed, wet with his father's blood." ~Teiresias, p25 Every one of us has this addiction to understanding and certainty. We need light to see everything properly. We find comfort in certainty, like everything is clear and in control. Our attention might show us the unknown, and our instinct is to find the answers, whether the answers will help us or not. In Oedipus Rex king Oedipus only has the duty of being king. Whatever clairvoyant Teiresias was trying to say by telling Oedipus that with the truth comes the answer, Oedipus wouldn't have been blind and he'd still be king. He had this need for certainty feeding his passion. His wife was trying to get him to be realistic, mostly because of her own fear of the truth. This fear of the unknown can cancel out the need for things to be known. These forces are related and could be inverses of each other. There is warmth in knowing the whole truth and there is warmth in believing you already do. And one more thing... Krishna Anand E 167 Ms Weiss Theme and motif poster "The next full moon, a grace to your gentle shade," sings the Strophe in Ode III. Light and dark each influence certain feelings on you. In this case both are parallels, light being stronger but still graceful while the dim being daintier. There are different kinds of light and dark because of the mood and the way we percieve the setting. Sunny may mean optimistic or torturous. We have given light and dark all these different meanings. Merriam-Webster's first definition of light as "something that makes sight possible." We cannot know something without seeing it. With light comes focus. In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus the king looks for the light on his past. The past to him is a mystery. All he has is the prophecy, the drunken message, and Iocaste's experience with the oracle. He needs this light to see clearly, and light to him helps him in his search. Finding the light is finding the truth. Thank you for your attention! "The [oracle] of Delphi... he spoke of other things... that I should lie with my own mother, breed children from whom all men would turn their eyes, and that I should be my father's murderer." ~Oedipus, describing the prophecy (p42) Our own definitions Light is the Source the warmth of light Direct Rays of Light Light can control our attention. In the real world we would notice things better if they were lit up. Oedipus's attention draws him from worrying about his country during the plague to blinding himself in self-protecting passion. If we

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Transcript: Dark Light Khushi Gender Pay Equality In Sport Change Maker: Megan Rapinoe - The US Women's Soccer Team generated $50.8 million, the Men's Team made $49.9 million but the men got paid extra. Women end up getting additional views and more people paying money for them yet they still get paid less Facts Facts - An entire Women's AFL team costs less than an average male player - NBA umpires earn more than WNBA superstars - Did you know that in the total FIFA World Cup men made 45 times more money than the women did Graphs Graphs Highest paid Athletes - Males vs Females The female's column is so small you can barely see it compared to the men's Volleyball has the most equal pay Soccer males earn the most money out of these sports Sam Concussion In Sport Change Maker: Dr Bennet Omalu Concussion Facts Concussion Facts - In the US, roughly 300,000 athletes suffer from concussion a year -The American population had 3.8 million concussions in 2017 - After getting 7 concussions in the AFL you are forced to retire, but in NFL, a player can obtain over 100 concussions and not be forced to retire - Those who have already had 1 concussion are more likely to have another Graphs Graphs - USA has the highest amount of concussions a year In 2017 the USA had 3.8 million concussions and had the most in 2017 Australia had 3000 concussions in 2017 to have the lowest on the graph The difference between the most and least concussions in 2017 was 3.7 million Graphs Graphs NFL had has the most injuries in a season and in a 29 week season they had the most concussions Due to the least amount of fights in a 29 week season, taekwondo had the least amount of concussions 100 of Australia's 3000 concussions come from the Australian game Lucille Gender Pay Gap In Tennis Change Maker: Serena Williams Facts - Black women in the US have to work 8 months longer to earn the same pay as white men do in a year - Korea has the highest pay gap between Men and Women - The sports that have greatest gender pay gap are, Soccer, Basketball and Cricket Facts Graphs Graphs The Gender Pay Gap in Different Countries New Zealand is one of the fairest country because they have the least GENDER PAY GAP. New Zealand has the lowest GENDER PAY GAP in this graph South Korea has the highest GENDER PAY GAP in this graph All of them have some GENDER PAY GAP Joel Drugs In Sport Change Maker: USADA Facts Facts . USADA was founded on 1/10/2000 by Travis Tygart . Doping has been a problem since the 1960's . USADA's mission is to preserve the integrity of competition, inspire true sport and protect the rights of athletes Graphs Graphs Between 1960-1969 there was the least amount of doping cases In 2000-2009 there were the most doping cases recorded since 2016 The difference between the most doping cases and the least is about 400 caught athletes

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