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Transcript: Set in the Appalachia, in the 1850's. The Appalachia is a cultural region that stretches all the way from New York to Alabama, through Mississippi and Georgia. Cadi Forbes- A 10 year old that has the most curious mind you'll ever see. The most adventurous little girl, too. Fagan Kai- A 12 year old boy that has many adventures with Cadi and is also very curious. He is very strong willed and is not afraid to go after what he wants. The Sin Eater- A man that the township picked to "eat" their sins when they die so they don't have to go to hell. The Sin Eater loves God but doesn't realize that "eating" sins isn't serving God. The devil lured him into it and God has sent a man to save him. Brogan Kai- Fagan's father. A harsh man. Also willing to go after anything he wants, even if he has to beat and kill everything in his way. He is very self-centered, too. Elda Kendric- An elderly woman. Was very good friends with Cadi's Grandmother, Gorawen Forbes. Miz Elda has a sense of humor and treats Cadi and Fagan as her own grandchildren... Bletsung Macleod- a beautiful woman with courage and faith. She is secretly in love with The Sin Eater. The whole town thinks she has done many wrong things the past and that she is crazy. The Man of God- This man comes to their homestead, called by God, to save them. God tells him that they are in need of the Lord and that he is to help them. He loves God with all his heart and will die for God because he is so devoted to Him and loves Him. In this book it will have page turners everywhere you look. It demonstrates love towards God and loyalty (which we all need to do, constantly). I love this book and I'm excited to watch the movie. It is a great book and I would recommend it to everybody because it encourages you to spread the word of God everywhere you go and to trust God no matter what happens. Title: The Last Sin Eater The Last Sin Eater By: Hannah L. Book title Summary and Critique Genre, Setting, Characters! Genre In the 1980's there was a homestead in the Appalachia with over five families. They believed in God... but in quite a negative way.. They thought that if they didn't have a "sin eater", to take away their sins, they would "burn" in hell... Sounds a little harsh.. Right? But they believed that was that and so they decided to get a sin eater. They picked one and he was forgotten by everybody.. Even his family! But one girl sets out to find the who, what, when, why, where, and how. Nobody even acknowledges his existence. I guess that's what 20 years living on a mountain does to people. But she gets so pulled into curiosity she doesn't even care what the consequence is. Her and her friend will set out on a long journey to find the sin eater and set the truth free. With help from the Man of God, they will have more believers of God, in these mountains, than ever before. The author is Francine Rivers. She is the author of, mostly, all fictional books with a Christian theme. Age: 68 years old Fiction Suspense Summary Cover Page Critique Author Setting Characters

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Transcript: 4 Years LEADERSHIP Learning the history of literature and the art of writing. 1. MISSION STATEMENT 2. POST-SECONDARY INFORMATION 3. RESUMÉ 4. THANK YOU LETTER 5. REFLECTION 6. CAREER OUTLOOK 7. ARTIFACTS During the day at Boston Pizza, I was required to think of jobs to keep myself busy when I had less busy times during the day. My initiative skills will be useful in the future because it will help my work go by smoother if I can do things on my own, without waiting to be asked. HEATHER KEMP Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English Literature and Creative Writing I was a part of student council in grade 8 and 9 and this shows my leadership skills because I was taking responsibility for my classmates and I was actively wanting to take lead and guide my classmates. Being a leader is important for my future because it ties all of my other skills together. It shows maturity and responsibility and it is an attractive skill to have for future employers. Thank You My grade 8 graduation had a very small budget so my friends and I came together to find ways to have an affordable graduation. We came together and perservered through the problem and solved it. Problem solving is a skill I will need in the future because it will help me in my personal life and in the workplace whenever problems arise. I will be able to quickly think of solutions. English Major Bachelor of Arts (Honours) In grade 10 I recieved a 98% on my ISU essay in English. This high mark shows that I am able to use words effectively to convey my point. My communication skills will be useful in the future because it will help me be able to talk appropriately and effectively to my peers in work and in my personal life. The Open University (England) I have learned many skills that will be useful in several different careers. The social skills and communication skills I have gained will be useful in any career I would ever want to go into due to my want to work with others. I can see myself working in the hospitality field but since it's not something I'm extremely passionate about, I don't think I could succeed in a career in this field. 3 Years Grade 8 Graduation COMMUNICATION My goal in life is to be happy and doing something I love. I hope I am living in a beautiful city, writing novels for hundreds of people to enjoy. I hope I am happy while also making others happy. This past year of my life has been the year that has made me realize how much writing means to me. The classes I have chosen for my remaining high school years will help me achieve my goal of writing. CAREER OUTLOOK POSITIVE ATTITUDE Study and interpret different literature as well as learn the art of creative writing. English Language & Literature Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Boston Pizza During our in-school training I was able to learn a lot about my rights as a worker in Ontario. Learning these rights about my safety will help me for the rest of my life. I am grateful I was taught these things because without our in-school training, I may of put myself into unsafe situations in future workplaces. At my placement, Boston Pizza, I had the opportunity to work with great people. I was put in social situations every day and it truly helped my social skills. I was able to be more prepared to talk to strangers and it forced me to break out of my shell. I further developed my initiative skills and now I always do what needs to be done before being asked, at work and in my personal life. I am grateful for the "real life" job experience I got as a result of my placement. 98% on Grade 10 English ISU Essay 4 Years Wednesday, May 6th 2015 Crystal Grieve Boston Pizza - Barb Cadwell Working at Boston Pizza required me to have a positive attuitude when working with costumers. I had to have great custumer service and I had to be positive no matter the situation. This skill is important for my future because knowing how to have a positive attitute regardless of the situation will make myself a much happier person and an easier person to work with, making my future workplaces better places to work. INITIATIVE SKILLS Brock University POST-SECONDARY Queen's University Reflection TABLE OF CONTENTS My placement at Boston Pizza for co-op shows my teamwork skills because I was able to effectively to create a smooth working environment. I helped my coworkers whenever I could and I was a positive member of the team. This skill is important in my future because I will be working amoungst others for the rest of my life and I need to be able to have teamwork skills in order to get along with others. Learning the study of literature, the history of literature and the art of English literature. MISSON STATEMENT TEAMWORK artifacts Member of student council grade 8 and 9. Boston Pizza Boston Pizza In grade 9 I recieved the Honour Roll Award for having an 80.5% average for the school year. This high average shows that I am able to achieve high marks in academics. This skill will be important in the future because I am able

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Transcript: Photo-Shoot Planning Artists that are also featured within the magazine, that also show what sorts of things the readers can expect from them and their story/feature line. There may be more than one artist and image depending on the layout. The same artists (possibly even the same image too) are presented on this page as they are the main cover line/feature of the whole magazine Scenery/ Atmosphere This page is the most important for images as it presents the main focus/feature of the magazine along with some other (smaller images) that present the other contents artists. The front cover/main image will also give the first impressions to the viewer so you have to make the image look good and direct the reader. Shot sizes are very important as they only show what the producer wants the viewer to see or focus on. There are three main shot sizes used for magazines; portrait/close-up, mid shot and long shot. portrait/close-up images are usually of a persons face or even facial features to make the reader feel intimidated or very directed. a mid shot is usually taken/framed around the model's waist/hip and shows their expressions and emotions. a long shot shows the models full body and what they are wearing, which is why they are usually used for fashion magazines. Contents Page Shot Sizes Task 15 Cover Page Double Page Spread What shot size should i use for this? For the Double Page Spread, I will use a long shot, so that the viewers can see all of her and so that there are more opportunities for different poses. On the double page, I will use the same model, but use a mid-shot instead. Where is the image is taken? How does it link to/reflect on the subject? Does the background contrast with the main focus? How does this portray the mood for the story that it comes with?

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Transcript: Sales Resike Bikes Downtown Fort Wayne Limited ways of transportation bus, car, and taxi all are effecting the ozone layer 24/7, cost efficient, & public transportation system Summary Immanuel Bunch In downtown Fort Wayne there is a lot of renovation going on. The only two ways of transportation is on a bus or driving a car. Both of those are effecting the ozone layer plus very expensive. Now what is there was a way to have a 24/7, cost efficient, transportation system that saves the ozone layer. This is where Resike Bike bike share program comes into place. This bike share program are reused bikes turned into new. It also runs 24/7. Not only is it saving the ozone layer but it is saving your pocket a few bucks. Finding a cheap transportation system That's cost efficient and eco-friendly ozone Immanuel Lauran Reece- Celena Valadez- Team Competition Fitness Clubs Solution Resike Bikes Bike-Share Program Health Public Transportation Reinnovate Downtown Bike stores Marketing Main Competitors: Citi Link Celena Valadez Conclusion Problem In the world today, lazy has a new meaning when it comes to finding a way to get to a destination. Around the world, many bike-share programs have been made to help find a more eco-friendly and transportation solution, but Resike Bikes bike-share program has a unique accessibility and all the bikes used are recycled. Those programs use new bikes which will increase prices for the consumer due to the company having to pay production prices. Start-up cost- $15,000 Taxi Vision Lauran Reece

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Transcript: 2. When the system is too busy, it becomes very slow which delay their work. It is better to choose ISpowerOn, because the best thing is to have a system which can be change and implemented, so if there is any future changes, things can be done easier and faster. Another thing that it has the best facilities to help the laboratory to achieve its objective completely. Also the best thing about this system I can be used without the internet so if the organization lost it internet the work won’t stop at all. Another important thing that the system cost is very convincing and not expensive. DFD Level-1 Mani Points. What we have learned from this assignment. DFD Level-0 Assignment Content: • We have asked from the superintendent to see how their employees use the system for the whole two weeks because it was not allowed for anyone else to be inside the laboratory only the staff. Comparing with another system we have analysis those problems , from the feed back we had from the workers in histopathology laboratory. Introduction. Objectives of the assignment. Data gathering tools. Brief Information about the company. The histopathology laboratory role and pressure in SQUH. Identify their system problems. The recommended system. Comparing the recommended system with another system. Which system is better. Special requirements of the recommended system. Context Diagram of the recommended system. DFD Level-0 and Level-1 ot the recommended system. Concultion. Appendix "interview , Questionnaire" Reference. 10f6727 12f9011 Spring 2014 System Analysis and Design Concepts COMP 1004 Context Diagram Afraa Al Abri wadhha Al Darii group members: The recommended system 1. It is too complex to add any new information. 2- System analysis and design book; writers: Gary shelly and harry<view 27/5/2014> Questionnaire: Introduction: Observation: system problems 3. Group assignment Data tools gathering: Conclusion We only need 10 unknown employees to feel up the questionnaire 3. When the networking is down, the whole system stops working. General information about systems. What the assignment will discuss Objectives of the assignment. Brief information about SQUH Histopathology role and pressure in SQUH. 1-System analysis and design book; writers: deva Wiley and sons<view 28/5/2014> We have done an interview with the laboratory superintendent, Ms. Kamla Mohammed Al Mawali Cover page The System Input and Output Interview: References Introduction and Brief information the organization Data tools gathering Table of Content HIS problems that faced by workers

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