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Healthy Benches- Brainstorming Template

Transcript: Brainstorm How do we make healthier food accessible to people from the lower income groups? "Mind Mapping" Method Student evaluations so that professors know how they can better serve their needs Gather overflow food from Farmers themselves Provide access to Foodlink distribution center If students decide to leave with a Masters instead of a Ph.D, they should not be penalized Strong alumni connections so that students can get direct guidance from one of their own Develop a formal Plan of Study for the Ph.D Team building exercises between prof. and students International Students Association helps with visa and other immigration requirements Increase access to Food Stamps (CalFresh) Every student is given a mentor (different from advisor), specifically for career guidance Get nutritional information to low income areas - educate them Confidence building and personality development workshops are conducted with students Every student doesn't need to choose a subject of focus for the 1st year Publish a catalog of practical applications of each course Increase access to shelters, food banks and resources Regular planning meetings with advisor so that student can confide in them Mock interviews conducted with industry reps to advise students Distribute excess food from Farmers Markets to shelters Option of switching your advisor if he doesn't fulfill your requirements Students are encouraged to write an essay of their career ambitions - forces them to think! Make healthy food accessible to homeless Consult with the Career Counseling Dept Provide travel vouchers to food sources - Food Banks, Shelters Students should start job hunting a yea before they graduate Provide a means to access Veterans Admin, a challenge for homeless vets Resume writing and interviewing skills workshops during hiring season Orientation for students to teach industry trends

Brainstorming Presentation

Transcript: Brainstorming What is brainstorming? A Brief History - Alex Osborn Importance of Brainstorming Brainstorming helps promote thinking skills. Brainstorming promotes success for students with special needs as there is no one right answer. Excellent teaching strategy Is a creative technique of generating ideas (sometimes spontaneously) Benefits and Strategies: Can be done as individual work, group work, or class work. Eliminate fear of failures. When brainstorming with more than one person, your ideas can bounce of one another, ultimately triggering a new idea. ‘Claud Seeding’ - “where someone else’s idea can be the seed for a downpour of your own ideas.” Give all students a chance to express their ideas. Tap into individuality, creativity, and prior knowledge. Osborn's Brainstorming Rules No Criticism Any Idea Accepted Work for Quantity Hitchhiking Welcome (Build on each other's ideas) Two Models of Brainstorming Brainstorming Methods Freewriting Freewritting is putting pen to paper and writing down whatever comes into your mind. Quality is not important at this stage. Don't worry about style spelling, grammar, or punctuation. When you find good ideas in your freewriting put them down on a separate "ideas" sheet. Listing Jot down lists of words or phrases under a particular topic. Perspectives Discribe everything about your subject in great detail. History? Importance? Draw a map of it. Distinguish it from similar topics. Similes Complete the following sentence: __________ is/was/are/were like: __________. Clustering/Mapping/Webbing: Can be done randomly and organized after. Or a more organized progression from one idea to the next. If All Else Fails... Look up your subject in the Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, or Google it! Digital Brainstorming (Mind Mapping) Brainstorming has evolved beyond pen and paper. Digital brainstorming allows students to use the internet and computer programs to brainstorm, or mind map. Mind Mapping programs are easy and quick to use. Useful Programs for Digital Brainstorming (Mind Mapping): ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7 iMindMap 5 MindManager 9 MindView 4 NovaMind 5.5 Works Cited Bellis, Mary. "Lesson Plans on Inventive Thinking and Creativity". Inventors. March 11, 2011. <> Change Your Life and Career With Advanced Brainstorming. <> The Military Version of the Brainstorm - the Appreciation Process. 2010. Web. 10 September 2011. University of North Carolina Writing Center. Watson, Sue. "How to Brainstorm in the Classroom." Special Education. June 19, 2010. <> "Where Brainstorming Began" Creative Education Foundation. <> Convergent Thinking: (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Divergent Thinking: by Robert, Peter, and Jamie

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