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Transcript: CAD in Interior Design Cadsoft Personal Architect or HGTV Home Design software were both created for general consumers to use for new residential and remodeling projects. CAD programs used by reality TV companies Pixar and Disney Movies what types of models are created with CAD blueprints? programs that make CAD blueprints - - - - - sources - Autodesk Homestyler - sweet home 3D - smart draw CAD is very important in the interior design/ architect industry Reality tv who uses CAD blueprints? Programs Used pictures: Interior design helps the average person know the basics of interior design, but..... Animators for many different animated movies and hyper-realistic commercials use CAD to design animated rooms in entertainment. Many interior designers argue that 3Ds Max is better than Maya when it comes to interior design, but Disney/Pixar use Maya for 3D animation as well. architects and interior designers use blueprints that are generated by CAD and programs using CAD why? Blueprints Architects and interior designers create blueprints using different CAD programs. blueprints -Architectural Design -Deck Plans -Plot Plans -Mechanical Drafting -Electrical Design -Civil Engineering -Plumbing Layouts -Landscape Design interior designers and architects use blueprints to create 2D designs which they then use to create 3D models to simulate what they intend to do with the space and help customers decide if they like what they are planning. This also helps the architects/ interior designers communicate their ideas effectively to construction workers so everything is built correctly. Disney/Pixar: Renderman, Maya Before interior design met television, people weren't empowered to solve their own interior design problems at home. However, because of the increase in viewing these television programs, professionals feel that these "show-junkies" are receiving an incomplete and unrealistic understanding of interior design and all it encompasses. A lot of the shows don't even give you all of the information on their processes. On the positive side, these shows have increased the public's knowledge on basic interior design and decorative processes. It also may increase their awareness as to how unhappy they are with their interior homes. Animation What shows revolve around interior design? Pixar and Disney both utilize interior design programs when animating scenes for their films. They also use real world inspirations for their designs In The Incredibles 2, they gained inspiration from a research trip to Palm Springs, California, to pull off the mid-century with a twist 3D modeling to render remodeling projects as well as virtual reality, which help designers render their ideas. Interior designers also set up online meetings if it isn't possible to meet in person. Studio Aiko is a company that specializes in animation for TV commercials and video games. They primarily use interior design programs such as 3Ds Max to make their animated commercials. Studio Aiko: 3Ds Max, After Effects, V-Ray, Photoshop Interior Design Animation Interior design television programs include: “Top Design”, “HGTV Design Star”, “Fixer Upper”, “Love it or List it”, “Amazing Spaces”, “The Great Interior Design Challenge” programs for general consumers Reality TV shows on channels like HGTV use CAD for many different things. reality tv Studio Aiko


Transcript: Demonstration Finished Product Finished Product Officer Maddox and K9 Ayla are demostrating a narcotics search. Instead of using the boxes like I made Officer Maddox used a bag that he had. The bag contained two ounces of Marijuana. In part 1 of the video Officer Maddox releases Ayla and gives her a command to search the bags a long the wall. Along the wall are normal bookbags and then his training bag. Then in part 2 of the video he begins to explain the three important things he is looking for in his K9. He explains that you will see her sitting or laying down as a final alert. There Ayla went through all three stages. First, is breathing change we saw her breathing heavier. Second is behavior change we saw her wagging her tail and moving around the bag. Third is final alert we also saw her barking and pointing her nose at the bag. When a K9 is searching it may look so quick and simple but there are actually a lot of things going on in that short period of time. The K9's officer handler must watch his/her K9 the entire search. Officer handler's look for three things from their dog indicating that they have found something. First, is breathing changes like panting. Second, is behavior change like excitement. Third, is final alert like sitting down or barking. Inside the Box It is very important to make the boxes the same exact color or style becuase if not the K9 will remember which one is the drug box by what it looks like. They will start using their eyes instead of using their nose. For a K9 it is very important that they use their nose instead of their eyes because sometimes your eyes lie to you. I painted all four boxes all black with a blue line in the middle of it. The colors that I picked represent police officers. Important Information Senior Project 2016 Painting Blue Prints I went to Home Depot and purchased all the wood and supplies needed to build the boxes. Then went to my garage and built them. Velcro is placed inside all three of the false boxes and none in the drug box. Shop and Build Part 2 Part 1 Making a K9 training box has a lot of thought and process to it. You must think of position, color, balance, and size of the boxes all because of the K9. I made four opened and coned shape boxes so when the K9 scratches at the boxes it does not tip over like square boxes would. There's four boxes total. Three of which are false boxes and one of them is the drug box. The false boxes have velcro in the inside of them so you can tell which ones are which. Also so the boxes dont scratch eachother when stacked up together. The drug box does not get velcro in it. It is also always at the bottom when all stacked up together because of the drug odor in it.


Transcript: BLUEPRINT Juma's Life Retold from a Public Health Perspective Juma Juma held a life that was short lived and preventable on many fronts. This is an attempt to map out the failure of the systems meant to represent him. Juma's Story Environmental Factors Environment Low quality environment (air/water) Common diseases in crowded areas HIV/AIDS already prevalent in a precarious region Seasonal harvest a priority for food Policy Factors Not enough done for women's rights Lack of oversight and investment in healthcare. Lack of intervention primarily Government/Policy Economical Factors Economy Lack of money = lack of financial authority Lack of financial authority = lack of control over one's household Without financial prosperity, a paycheck to paycheck scenario quickly turns violent Societal Factors Society Patriarchal society Men pressured to provide A society based upon family bloodlines and authority over prevention and care A probable assumption that one is expected to look after his own Lack of societal engagement and education Communal Factors Community Male dominance in the family is prioritized. Juma's family aligns with the norm Low investment in the community, focused on male counterparts in the family. Family constraints with lack of societal resources. Violence over a lack of support ensues. Individual Factors Individual Juma senses a lack of security Fear for survival Fear masked with violence due to lack of education. Contributing to violence in the community, and the violent response of law enforcement (male dominance)


Transcript: Presented by Amir Hardoof Blueprints Blueprints is short for “Learning Blueprints” A Learning Blueprint is a sequence of lessons with practice that takes the learner step by step to a desired goal The learner just needs to follow instructions, much like using GPS to navigate - do this next - until you get to your destination What are Blueprints? Intro Demo Let's see how it works About Me B.Sc. in Physics and Electrical Engineering Founded Media Mind in 1999. Company went public in 2010, and acquired in 2011 for $517MM One of the leading small business consultants in Israel Founded Skill Blaster in 2016 Amir Hardoof Who is it for? Who is this for? Blueprints are for teachers as well as learners Teachers Teachers Design an entire learning experience Help students who need more work on a specific topic Enable fast learners to move faster Select practice problems from a huge repository - no need to invent the wheel Use for teaching or for practice or for both Use for evaluating learners with integrated tests Monetize your knowledge - what you create for your own students (to use for free) can become a paid Blueprint for everyone else Learners Learners A learning experience that fits your unique strengths and weaknesses Retain your knowledge Develop specific skills needed for exams Or: Go deep into a subject and be at the cutting edge of it A "Navigated Learning" experience, where you say where you want to go, and the app tells you what to do every step of the way. Behind the scenes Behind the scenes A smart "navigated learning" engine uses algorithms and machine learning to create the optimal learning path A growing database is the underlying "map" on which these paths are created Navigated learning Navigated learning Navigated learning is about knowing where the learner is at all times Select the right lesson and the right problems Move ahead only once a lesson has been successfully completed Use spaced repetition for retention Dynamically select the next step, including related topics, based on the learner as well as the learner community The practice database All problems are stored with solutions Learners can upload their own solutions All progress is tracked The database is a shared resource - meaning teachers can create Blueprints from a huge number of problems created by others The practice database is the underlying "map" on which all learning paths are created.


Transcript: Do... -Call Scottish men Scots -Expect to be called "Deary" or "Love" -Be invited before calling someone by their first name. (Neuliep, 2018) Kinesics- Body It is considered very rude if you are even a minute late. Being on time shows a sign of respect for the person you are meeting. Oculesics- Eye Contact Don't... -Go in for a kiss unless you are family It is said that Scots like their space. People should remain one arms distance away or more to not be considered rude or invasive (Glasgow Caledonian University, 2016). (Getty, 2016) Don't... -Stand anyone up -Be Late WARNING: (Glasgow Caledonian University, 2016) Don't... -Invade personal space. -Assume you can kiss someone as a greeting. It is reserved for family and close friends. Though women are in the workforce, most do not hold managerial positions in Scotland. References: Haptics- Touch Do... -Plan your timing. -Let the person know if you are going to be tardy. -Arrive perfectly on time or minute earlier. Don't... -Call Scottish men Scotch. It is offensive. -Bring up another person's family without first bing invited. (Glasgow Caledonian University, 2016) Do... -Give people thier space -Walk with the flow of others. Don't... Put your hands in your pockets while standing or walking. The right and left hands don't have any significance when giving or receiving. Shaking hands must be done with the right hand. Cameron. (2018, August 11). 10 Things to Know Before you Travel to Scotland. Retrieved November 4, 2018, from Cultural Clues, Do's & Taboos: Communication Guidelines for SCOTLAND. (2014, April 27). Retrieved November 4, 2018, from blog/2014/04/cultural-clues-dos-taboos-communication-guidelines-for-scotland/ Getty. (2016, March 21). 10 signature Scottish scents you'll only appreciate if you're a true Scot. Retrieved November 4, 2018, from scottish-news/national-fragrance-day-10-signature-7600817 Glasgow Caledonian University. (2016). Social Customs | GCU. Retrieved from https:// lifeinglasgow/socialcustoms/ Neuliep, J. W. (2018). Intercultural communication: A contextual approach. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. (Getty, 2016) Scots tend to "downplay expressions and hand gestures" when they are communcating with others (Cultural Clues, 2014). Chronemics-Time Avoid small talk when standing in lines. Scots don't like feeling as though they are bothering or interupting someones personal thoughts (Cultural Clues, 2014). Paralinguistics- Voice Do... -Say hello and shake hands with new people By: Catie Borgerson Blueprints Communication in scotland Common smells that you might find are... -Chips and Cheese -Prefer to smell -Buckfast Tonic Wine clean. -Scotch Malt Whisky (Getty, 2016) Proxemics- Space Don't... -Dress casually when meeting people for the first time. -Assume all Scots wear kilts. Don't... -Talk to someone you don't know while standing in a line. Do... -Look professional -Be knowledgeable in your field Do... -Shake hands with someone you've never met. -Shake with your right hand only. Physcial Appearance- Dress Do... -Make eye contact with superiors. -Keep eye contact while shaking hands Olfactics- Smell

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