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Transcript: Texture Transformation Long Spiral Perm Topic 5 Subtopic 1 The spiral perm gives the appearance of natural looking curl and texture to the hair. It can also add volume to the hair when performed on layered lengths. It can be performed with either bender rods or regular perm rods depending on desired result. Short Spiral Perm Topic 5 Title When the spiral perm is performed on short hair, the end result is a natural looking curl with volume. This is a great option to enhance a shorter style without the need to style daily, Topic 2 Straight Back Perm Subtopic 1 The straight back perm is a great option for women and men with very short hair who are interested in a low maintenance style. It helps to enhance the natural style, while adding volume and interest. Male Partial Perms Topic 3 Subtopic 1 In the image shown, the model has the top section of their haircut permed. This is a great option for men who like the appearance of curly hair, but don't want to , or know how to curl it themselves. Digital Perm Topic 4 Subtopic 1 The digital perm is a modern option for a perm style. The result is looser "waves" rather than the usual curls that come from a regular perm service. A digital perm creates texture that is more stylish in the modern world than a stereotypocal perm. Enhancement Topic 4 Title As you can see from the image, the model has very straight but layered hair. I would use a spiral perm to further enhance and exhibit the texture of the cut. With the length in the image, I would add increased layers if they weren't already present before beginning, to create a more even distribution of weight and to prevent the "triangle" shape. To create the perm, orange rods would be used because of the length of the hair. Wrapping that amount of hair around a smaller rod, can create an uneven curl. The spiral wrap would give the appearance of waves rather than undulating curls. Due to the minimal amount of lightness in the hair, th One 'n Only Acid Perm (grey box) would be used to create the natural looking waves, without over processing the hair and keeping the hair's natural integrity as much as possible.

ABC TEXTURE Presentation

Transcript: 2008 "The words, ideas, images become products. Our passion is to create a product designed by the customer." Bodycare THE COMPANY They come from all over the world : Russia, South America, Middle East, China, Spain, etc. ABC TEXTURE provides full solutions which fit with the standards of each firm and each country. Shampoo Masks Oils HISTORIC OF THE COMPANY Quality & Innovation OUR VALUES R&D Laboratory : specialized in the elaboration of innovative textures Manufacturing unit : respect of the HEQ (High Environmental Quality) norms Our team : 15 qualified experts who gather their own know-how and professionalism to imagine and develop successful products Louisette Bourdin, CEO of the company : 20 years of experience as a chemical engineer in research and development in cosmetics - worked in many major cosmetics companies Sensory Marketing OUR CLIENTS Pharmaceutical Industry Specific cares (anti-aging, tensor, etc) Gels Milks Creams Lip balm Direct sales via dedicated Institutes and Brands Moisturizing Creams Slimming gels Firming up gels Foundation Lipstick Lip Gloss Blush Mascara Cosmetics inks OUR OFFER Sustainable Development 2004 Sun creams Gels Oils SPF 6 to 50 Legislation according to FDA or COLIPA We give the added value necessary to your products Make Up Business Requirement Haircare 2006 ABC TEXTURE was founded in 2004 by Louisette Bourdin. ABC TEXTURE ABC TEXTURE In 2014, ABC TEXTURE will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Since its creation the company did not stop to progress and develop novative products. Suncare Construction of the new building according to the HEQ (High Environmental Quality) norms. Willingness to promote the eco-friendly behavior of the company. Company of co contract manufacturing OEM/ODM. Specialized in the creation of beauty products. 2013 ABC TEXTURE was recognized as one of the most innovative companies among 110 young french societies by the magazine L'Usine Nouvelle. Skincare Presentation


Transcript: Texture in Art Composition Can you imagine a world without texture? Everything would be identical and boring. Texture is as important in art as it is in the real world. Hair Wood Grass Everything Texture plays a huge role in appreciating art The way something feels or looks as if it might feel if touched the illusion of a 3D surface Invented 2D patterns that are created by repitition of shapes Matte & Shiny matte- reflects soft, dull light. (skin, wood) Shiny- opposite of a matte surface. Reflects so much light that it seems to glow (car paint, finished wood) Collage paper and other materials glued on to make an interesting new peice of art Texture of Human Skin Almost Repulsive Ivan Albright "The Farmer's Kitchen" Beautiful Renoir, "Madame Henriot" Texture is important! Texture is important in art, too. It allows us to see the difference between objects, and allows us to be more involved in the artwork. Real texture (stone) Matte texture (non-reflective roof) Citations! – 1/27/12 – Texture in Art Portraiture - 1/27/12 - The Farmer’s Kitchen, Ivan Albright -, 1/27/12 - Renior Madame Henriot, 2/1/12- Forgotten, Helga Aichinger , 2/1/12 , 2/1/12 , 2/2/12 , In art wet paint is scratched with tools Frottage Paint forced into random patterns then torn apart (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr My Photo! Texture Simulated texture Simulated imitates real textures painted canvas is rubbed against a raised texture and rubbed or scraped to produce texture Invented texture decalcomania grottage Imagine how BORING life would be without texture Texture Texture is in... Visual Texture Will Canady let's look at

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