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Transcript: Skeletons Our Body's Foundation Skeletons are made of Bones Human skeleton Bone Fun Fact !!! This bone is the femur the largest bone in the body bone tissue bone cell Why do we have Bones? Our body's foundation is the skeleton. It holds us up and helps us keep our shape. If we did not have bones we would be a blob. How many bones do we have? Adult: 206 Baby: 275 Why do the young have more? The young have more bones since children are growing.Part of growing is when bones fuse together Analogy Our body is like a building. Buildings have frames which are like a skeleton. Some systems in the human body rely on other systems such as The Muscular System relies on the skeletal system The muscular system relies on the skeletal system because... Tendons connect bones to Muscle Ligaments are muscles that connect bone to bone Bones are great But with some flaws One flaw is bones can BREAK!! For example... Arm Humerus Ulna Raduis Hand Carpals Metacarpals Phalanges Broken bones can sever other tissues Tendons and Ligaments can get broken or torn by broken bone when broken bones are in a cast for weeks you don't use your muscles which can cause muscle atrophy Another flaw is that people can get Arthritis Arthritis is inflamation in one or more joints which will cause pain Arthritis is when cartilage breaks down Cartilage! Arthritis can affect the whole body by reducing mobility and forcing dependence on others Thank you for watching! these could be effected if you breack a bone Tendons are musles that connect bone to muscles It relys on skeletal system because... Cartilage is a very flexable bone which helps our bones to not rub together. ligaments are muscles that conect bone to bone Theres more than bones in the skeleton

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