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Restaurant Presentation

Transcript: Our company name is “Around The World” Our E-mail address is Our website address is The owners are Bohan Liu, Deborah Ho, James Ta, Jaime Sanchez, Najia Ali, and Thomas Nguyen. Summary Our business purpose and goals are to provide food from around the world to our customers. We will create our restaurant by first renting a place that is available for renting. We will make food from around the world that is mouth-wateringly delicious and serve it to our hungry customers. Organizational Matters Our group will operate our restaurant by having a seating crew and waiters. First, customers will get seated by our cheerful seating crew. People will then order their food from the waiters, and within a few minutes, people will receive their high quality food. Our whole group will start this business, and we will decide how many more restaurants we may want to open. This restaurant is a group company, so not only one, but the whole group will manage this gourmet restaurant. Of course, we will need faithful workers to help with the restaurant. We will hold applications and pick around ten great waiters and a few more bus boys. Marketing Plan We will sell our products by advertising our delicious, healthy, and inexpensive food to hungry customers. People should buy our products because it’s fresh, nutritious and yummy! We are targeting families and friends wanting to celebrate, or just enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner. Financial Plan We will need lots of money to start our business. At first, we might need to borrow money. After we opened our business, we will make a surplus profit to pay the interest off and gain a great profit for our restaurant. The bank will be obliged to lend us the money because, of course, our restaurant will be extremely successful. If they don’t think so, then we can just persuade them by letting them sample some our delicious food and they will trust our great head chefs and support our business. Business Image Our business image is going to try to give a relaxing, cool, and comfortable feeling in the restaurant. A 2D picture of our restaurant's interior Menu Examples [ ] Our Ad: California Roll Crab Cakes $6.50 Tempura Shrimp $10.00 Hot and Sour Soup $6.50 Chicken Salad $9.50 Coq au Vin $14.99 Steak and Soba Stir Fry $7.99 Eggplant Parmesan Calzone $8.99 Mirin Glazed Salmon $15.50 Flan $5.99 Ultimate Red Velvet Cheese Cake $7.00 Mango Lassi $2.00 Matcha $1.99 Some 3D pictures of our restaurant's interior Interior Design Advertisement Our commercial: Around the World Business Managers: Bohan Liu, Deborah Ho Head Chefs: Najia Ali, Jaime Sanchez Marketing Directors: James Ta, Thomas Nguyen Business Plan Graphs

Restaurant presentation

Transcript: Desserts CFC menu Yes it's awesome Caesar salad 2.00 euro Tuna salad 2.00 euro Mixed salad 2.00 euro Farmers salad 2.00 euro A description of the restaurant inside Drinks Restaurant presentation By: Menno, Jasper, Rutger, Florian and Pepijn Menno did... Ice cream 1.00 euro Donut 1.00 euro Banana split 3.00 euro CFC menu Florian did... Salads CFC The best on land and sea A description of our customer Burgers Rutger did... C C How we shared the work Fries (Normal) 1.25 euro Fries (Small) 1.00 euro Fries (Big) 1.50 euro Fries special 1.60 euro Fries war 1.55 euro Sauces Ketchup, mayonaise, satay sauce pinda sauce, mustard or curry +0.20 euro Snacks Osinga sandwich 2.00 euro Tosti (ham, cheese, ananas) 1.75 euro Ham sandwich 1.75 euro Tuna sandwich 1.75 euro Jasper did... Pepsi 1.00 euro Warm chocolate milk 1.50 euro Cold chocolate milk 1.50 euro Cola 1.00 euro Fanta 1.00 euro Apple juice 1.00 euro Orange juice 1.00 euro AA drink 1.00 euro Ice tea 1.00 euro Tea 0.75 euro Coffie 1.50 euro Water 0.50 euro #CFC The uniforms of our staff Did you hear about the new restaurant CFC Milkshake (with whipped cream and a scoop of ice cream of choice strawberry, banana, pineapple, vanilla, kiwi) 1.50 euro Chicken nuggets 1.50 euro Chicken wings 1.50 euro Croquette 1.00 euro Frikandel 1.00 euro Cheese soufflé 1.00 euro Cheese burger 2.00 euro Chicken burger 2.00 euro Bacon burger 2.10 euro B.O.S.S burger 2.50 euro Fish burger 2.10 euro Sandwiches Fries Poor, normal and rich Pepijn did...


Transcript: CAFE PASAJE HISTORY In the year 1936 in Bogotá is created by the café pasaje. Near the square the rosary is built by the coffee. The coffee is created by Jorge Vasquez. To enter in the years 40`s is needed by suit and hat. In the year 1941 is created by the sports corporation Santa fe in the café pasaje. The producing coffee and drinks is stopped by the Bogotazo in 1948. The coffee survives the Bogotazo, instead of a few places. In a center of culture and art is become by the café pasaje in Bogotá RECOGNIZED DISH PASSION FRUIT´S PUDDING INGREDIENTS 1 cup passion fruit juice 100 grams of sugar 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 50 milliliters water 200 milliliters of cream 4 eggs FOR THE BASE 10 butter or milk biscuits 25 grams of butter PREPARATION FOR THE BASE The biscuits whit the butter are grinds by in a food processor Then place the mixture into a mold To make it solid is pressed by with a spoon Refrigerate for 1 hour To 180 degrees is preheated by the oven Put in the mold until the base is lightly browned FOR THE CUSTARD The passion fruit juice,sugar,vanilla essences are placed by in a pot Until the mix gets thicker and forms light syrup is cooked by for 15 minutes then lower the heat and leave it to cool then cream, the syrup is mixed by with eggs beaten place in the mold with the biscuit base put into the oven to 180 degrees until golden brown serve and garnish passion fruit pulp COMPETITION 1.Juan Valdez is the most popular coffee shop among others in the area. 2.Café Pasaje is more classic than Oma and Juan Valdez 3.The Facilities of Café Pasaje are smaller than Oma and Juan Valdez 4.Juan Valdez is the best Coffee of Colombian.

Restaurant Presentation

Transcript: Concept: The plan is to have a small chain of taco shops. There will be tables and booths but no waiters or waitresses, you just order and wait for your number to be called to get your food. The food will not be very expensive most meals will cost from about $4.00 to $8.00. The average wait to get your food after you order should take about 5 to 6 minutes. They are going to be built within two miles of any high school. Yo Quiero Tacos Price: The food will be priced from about $3.00 to about $8.00 depending on the different toppings and combos offered for each taco or burrito. Product: There are different types of tacos and burritos, that’s mainly what we sell although there are other things available such as quesadillas and nachos. All drinks are Pepsi products. Place: All restaurants are going to be built here in the valley, the success will decide if we decide to expand or not. All restaurants are going to be built within two miles of a high school. Promotion: Commercials on local T.V., Sign Spinners, Signs, Coupons, and Word of Mouth. People: The target market is anyone that likes Mexican food, but mainly kids from the local schools in the surrounding areas. It will be a spot where kids can come in and order there food, eat, and then just sit around and hangout. I don’t want it to just be a place to eat, but also a place where kids can come and meet up with their friends and hangout for a little bit until they find something better to do. Concept Marketing Mix

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