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Pokemon presentation

Transcript: Topic that intersts me: Pokemon Who created it? A man named Satoshi Tajiri created Pokemon Who created it? What makes it dear to me? Even though I started getting into pokemon when I was 11 I like Pokemon very much and find it dear to me. I have pokemon plush toys cards and several games. What makes it dear to me? What do I need to tell others about it What do I need to tell others about it It may seem like a kids game but a lot of adults play it as well. There is also a lot of thought put into the designs of the Pokemon. Many of them are based off of japanese monsters and myths while others have different inspiratrations. It's a simple game yet its really enjoyable and fun. Is it still going? The Pokemon Company is still producing the anime, movies and games. The latest game was released on November 28 2022. Is it still going Why do I find this cool? Why do I find this cool I like the concpet of cathing monsters and using them to face off agasint other monsters. I also like it becaue there are so many strategies to win such as having Pokemon that can win by being the most powerful or by gradually dealing damage through other methods. Many of the Pokemon designs are really cool as well. How did Pokemon get started? How did Pokemon get started Pokémon was invented by a Japanese man named Satoshi Tajiri and his friend Ken Sugimori, who is an illustrator. Back in 1982 Satoshi started a gaming magazine together with his friends called Game Freak, but after a while he decided to start making his own video games, instead of writing about them. In 1989 Satoshi turned Game Freak into a gaming company, and together with his friends they released a few games such as Pulseman, Yoshi and Mario & Wario, which did pretty well. In the early 1990s, inspired by his childhood exploring forests and finding bugs and tadpoles, Satoshi came up with the idea for Pocket Monsters (or as it's better known Pokémon), and pitched it to Nintendo.

Pokemon Presentation

Transcript: Pokémon Derek Taylor Overview Pokémon Origin Release Info Pokémon initially released on February 17th, 1996. The man who created all of these beloved characters and intense story was Shigeru Miyamoto. Pokémon Red and Green were initially released on this day, both being for the Nintendo Game Boy. Release info Betta Fish Twitch Fish Pokémon and Children Pokémon and Children Positives of Pokémon Although Pokémon was eventually banned at many schools for creating a lot of issues, parents also beleived that the game had a positive influence on the children. One parent was interveiwed by MSNBC during a "Pokemania" segment in 1999. When this mother was asked what she thought about the craze she responded with, "I really think it's an okay thing for the kids... because they learn to save their allowance to budget for it and they learn to trade and be kind of reasonable with their friends." Positive side of Pokémon In 2001 Saudi Arabia brought forth a relegious edict that warned people from playing Pokémon. An excerpt from the Telegraph reads as, " Pokemon violates Islamic prohibitions against gambling, uses devious Masonic-like symbols and promotes "forbidden images"." They have recently renewed this with the release of Pokémon Go. Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia and Pokémon Star of David Example Pokémon Go Pokémon Go Statistics -Currently 650 million Pokemon Go downloads worldwide. This means that in some way shape or form, approximately 650 million people were more active, and more social. -5 million daily users, last updated 4/4/17. -147 million monthly users, last updated may 2018. -Pokemon taught children how to negotiate, how to treat animals... or pocket monsters properly, and learn to save their allowance. -Number of friend connections made on Pokémon Go was 113 million as of 9/11/18. - Players make an average of 26% more steps now that they have downloaded Pokémon Go. - App store rating of 3.9/5 Pokémon Go Statistics Pokémon Worth Worth Conclusion Pokémon Lessons Staff, Our Foreign. “Saudi Arabia Renews Fatwa for Pokémon Go.” The Telegraph, Telegraph Media Group, 20 July 2016, Stine, Rachel. “The Pokémon Effect: How 20-Year Old Game Boy Cartridges Shaped a Generation.” The Huffington Post,, 7 Dec. 2017, Works Cited Works Cited

Pokemon Presentation

Transcript: There are 2 influences in Pokémon In Pokemon there are 6 generations, let's see them First Generation is best known for be the first one... Well, let's start second generation But which was the most important feature of this game? But Let's go with third generation, wow, more colors! (and more Pokémon, of course) But the important thing Another games of this generation That's all for this generation, shall we move? Time to move to the present, sixth gen! Ok, history is cool, but how about the maths? And which are the uses for PID? Now, a little more complicated Now, let's talk about the moves All starts with a little business created by two japanese men, Satoshi Taijiri and Ken Sugimori Fifth generation core games This one! Well, it also has it own formula, well, its a combination It can be very long! 4294967296 Here are some fights, just to see the graphics WoW, very bugs So Link Cable Very Bug catch 3rd MOD Well, battles were also more colorful, that's also important! Even the sprites were moving! it has its uses! it has this... Say hello to the core games of third generation In this generation, we take a look back But not precisely about developing videogames... Or even the letter of the unown All the forth generation is in NDS ¿And this? How Started all? 1st MOD Of course, there are more games Special mention to the mystery dungeon of this gen ♥ Probably now you are like... Using this table Nintendo rejected the project various times GTS(GT) Born Probably you have played to this 2nd MOD 2 Ultraman Well, this forms also core of this Gen, sure you know those old friends Until April 26 1986, that made a videogame development company Game Freak developing for Nintendo A new friend of Taijiri called Miyamoto saw the project, saw potential on it, and pitched it in Nintendo All of these, for checking this: The Stats of the Pokemon That's all, thank you all Indeed, new graphics Some fights comparing white and black and the sequel Yes... 1 Bugs in Nintendo's Link Cable for Game Boy Moves have some properties This is another matter... And also, the generation of the PID! And Spin offs! With totally unseen graphics in core games Sure you remember those Actually, we have 18 types Gender of the Pokémon In February 1996, first Pokémon came to live, and other before them So, the damage formula is this if you don't short it But lets start from the basics, the PRNG Ability Nature Then, the development started, so... Then, an expansion, with new history! Damage formula! Now with 3D! Priority or this... This is the first generation, but this is too Hey look, it's the Internet! If it's shiny Defense Attack ... In this gen, Special defense and special attack where separated Power Variable THE CABLE LINK KILLER

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