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Medical Examiner Career Presentation

Transcript: Medical Examiner By: Jordan Thomas Who? A Medical examiner study cadavers to find the manner of death and the cause of death. They have to conduct autopsies, analyze injuries and wounds, and collect samples in a laboratory. Medical examiners are called on to present their results in courts when a body undergoes an autopsy from a criminal investigation. Medical examiners are physicians and appointed their position in comparison to coroners who are elected and don't necessarily have medical qualifications. Job Description Education High School Classes Biology Chemistry Undergraduate degree Major in biology or chemistry Meet all medical school requirements What education is required to become a Medical Examiner? Medical School Advanced Anatomy Physiology Microbiology Complete supervised clinical practice rotations Take available courses in forensics or pathology Earn either M.D. or D.O. Earn medical license upon completion of medical school Start full time residency in a pathology speciality, this takes 3 years Specialize in Medical Examiner Fellowship after residency and complete 1 year Pass licensing exam for desired state from Board of Medical Examiners Obtain certification by the American Board of Pathology After Education Requirments Job Duties -Perform autopsies Photograph body Take note of postion of body, clothes, and foreign objects X-ray body Weigh and measure body Take general describtion on recorder Complete dissection on body -Testify findings in court -Explain to families what happened to their loved ones -Explain to law enforcement their findings Job Duties Salary In the United States the average salary for medical examiners in 2019 is $99,329 or roughly $20.23 an hour. The 10th percentile makes around $35,000 a year or $10.93 per hour. The 90th perentile can earn up to $320k or $50.59 an hour. Salary (n.d.). Medical Examiner: Job Duties, Career Outlook, and Educational Requirements. Retrieved from Admin. (n.d.). Forensic Medical Examiner Salary, Career & Education Requirements. Retrieved from (n.d.). Average Medical Examiner Salary. Retrieved from Valdes, R., & Kiger, P. J. (2018, October 5). How Autopsies Work. Retrieved from Works Cited Works Cited

Medical Career Presentation

Transcript: After the residency Duties of a CT Surgeon According to Salary Wizard, the median salary for cardiothoracic surgeons in general was $400,312 as of April 2011. A starting cardiothoracic surgeon earns around$324,323. The middle 50 percent of the profession $324,323 and $497,720. The top 10 percent of the profession earned above $586,404. To say the least, they make bank. After Med School The outlook for cardiothoracic surgeons in the US is currently not favorable. According to various groups, there will be a shortage of cardiothoracic surgeons by 2020 due to the extent one has to go through to become one. In this project, I really did not learn very much aside from what I already knew about my career. I did, however, strengthen my passion to pursue this career as a result of this project. I hope you all learned something new though! Cardiothoracic surgeons are responsible for providing open heart surgery on various areas in the heart region whenever a patient contracts an injury or an illness in that region that must be corrected Insert pacemaker, bypass surgeries, heart disease, etc. Cardiothoracic Surgeon Now that the majority of the schooling is finished, the individual will then be required to take three tests. The first is a medical doctor (M.D.) board exam. The second is a general surgery exam. Finally, a cardiac surgery exam (ABTC Exam). On top of that a certification exam must be taken in every state in which the doctor practices. Must continue education. Life of a Cardiothoracic Surgeon Education Requirements What did I learn from this project? Job Outlook Parth Kamdar Abdul Basheer A Cardiothoracic Surgeon is a physician specializing in surgeries of the heart and vessels in the chest cavity. As an undergraduate in college, one must take the necessary courses in a pre-med major to get into Medical school. The individual must also take a test called the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test). Once accepted into Med School, the individual will then be required to undergo four years of specialized training, two of which will be clinical rotations. Complete a 3-5 year General Surgery Residency Complete a 2-3 Cardiac Fellowship Pass Pertinent Exams What is a Cardiothoracic Surgeon? Salary The Big Bucks... They have completely dedicated their lives to their patients, and pretty much live in the hospital. High Pressure and Intense Situations can lead to lots of stress. Very busy schedules are the result of long surgeries. Can opt for a slower paced life in a private practice as opposed to a hospital. This is a coronary artery bypass surgery.

Career Background

Transcript: The ethic violations that Juan Williams face was being accountable. Mr. Williams was fired from Fox news because the NPR accused him of Anti-Muslim bigotry because of the comments that he on the Bill O' Reilly Fox news program. After the Allegations What are they doing? Juan Williams was fired by the (NPR) after the allegations that he was an Anti-Bigotry. He didn't leave the profession, matter of fact he's now a Senior writer at Fox News after the incident. He had consequences for his action, but he eventually maintained a job back at Fox News. This is part of Juan Williams response. You can see the rest on Fox News opinion section. Where they are now? $1.25 Monday, February 17, 2014 Who: Juan Williams What: Accused of Bigotry When: October 21, 2010 Where:Fox News Why:He made those statements because he believed that 9/11 occurred because of Muslims. Career Background Juan's Response Juan Williams is still in the United States living a nice life. Ethical Violations The 5W's and H Juan Williams said in the interview is: "Well actually, I hate to see you because, I don't want to get your ego going. But I think you're right. I think, look, political correction can lead to some kind of paralysis when you don't address reality. I mean look, Bill I'm not a bigotry. You know the types of books I've written discussing the civil rights movement in the country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are Muslim garb, and I think you know they're identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous. Opinion Juan Williams career background has a lot of Journalism work that he has done. He has written for The Washington post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. He has been published in magazines like The Atlantic Monthly and Times. He is a Senior Analyst for National Public Radio (NPR) and most famous for being a Political Analyst for Fox News channel. Impact of the Allegations By Brian Marion Vol XCIII, No. 311 The Story of Juan Williams Juan Williams is back with Fox News working as a Senior editor. My opinion about the circumstances surrounding Juan Williams is that he was fired for the freedom of speech that comes with his right as a American. Even though he was judging anyone that looks like a Muslim because of the 9/11 attack, he has a right to feel like this. He shouldn't have said it the way he said it, but this was his feeling this way so he made this statement. I believe that the punishment does fit the crime, even though he has freedom of speech. He should have watched what he said because, he shouldn't show this type of anger toward Muslims. He can;t hold everyone accountable that a Muslims to the 9/11 attack. That's unfair to them and that shouldn't happen to anyone because of others.

Medical Career Presentation

Transcript: Residency and Fellowship ......Career Student Perhaps...... Medical Personnel: 300 Physicians and 500 nurses Population: 331,900 .......MD, DrPH...... School of Medicine [3.] [5.] 3.) What do I plan to do with my medial career? Surgical Oncology Interventional Cadiology 2.) How will I get my physician license in Belize? Natural Products Drug Design and Development Institute References Location: Central America/Caribbean Residency and Fellowship [6.] Pharmaceutical Company Less than one physician per 1,000 population One nurse per 735 of population Belize City populace is about 1/4 the entire country ¾ of medical practitioners work in public sector and ¼ in private sector Paul Morgan (10557002A) Advocate for...... [1.] 1.) What will I Learn as a Medical Student at I-Shou University 2016 - 2020 April 27th 2017 Spearhead Belize's 1st [4.] Belize Health Care System “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” ― Albert Einstein [2.] Belize Health Care System Drug Design and Development Most physicians and dentists in Belize are trained in the U.S., Mesoamerica, Caribbean or UK. There is not even a single Belizean operated medical school. Physicians earn an average annual salary of about 20,000 US per year (607,800 NT) The Belize Medical Board is responsible for registration of medical practitioners and dentists 4.) What are my long term career goals? My Medical Career

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