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eating an apple

Transcript: Eating an apple ! Created by Hayley Schenk Start How it all started I get out of my mom's car along with Austin, mom, and Marke. We were here at Dracuts Apple Orchard to pick some apples! Then I remembered in a science class,that I was using my Skeletal system and Muscular system to move my body . The lady by the front desk gave us our bags and we were off using our Skeletal system and Muscular systems! When we were in the apple orchad of green apples, my stomach sent a message to my brain that I was hungry. I then remebered again that in class that my nervous system was telling my brain to get an apple and eat it. I then find a ripe green apple and I pick it . "I was going to be obtaining food and nurtients if I eat this apple !" I said with some people looking at me. In the orchard Heres a fact Heres a fact! Our Skeletal system, Muscular system, and our brain work together , like a team! Same with other systems like the Circulatory system with the Respiratory system. What a good working team! In the orchard (2) I ask my mom to eat this ripe and juicy apple. My mom looks at it . "Sure honey , I bet your hungry ." She repiles "Thanks!" I replied . I then remebered again in a class that my skeletal system by using my phalanges, mandible , and my carpals. In the orchard When your brain tells a body part like your femur to do walking, the femur will do what the brain says ! Heres another fact!!! Heres another fact!!! Almost out of the orchard Almost there My manidibe chews the apple , my phalanges grip the apple , and my carpals move my hand to bring the apple to my mouth. Then my saliva breaks my food faster so when I swallow it , it won't hurt. Then down the esophagus it goes , down in the stomach it goes breaking away from the acids. Then it goes to my intesines,where the nurtients is taken out . And we all walk out from where the green apples were. Out of the orchard Out of the orchard In the end! In the end Where my nurtients is now in my bloodstream . Then my Circulatory system carrys the blood to cells that need it more. It's an amazing experience to see these processes of systems happen without you even knowing it was happening ! Then me, Austin, mom ,and Marke got in the car and drove home! In the end (last part) In the end (last part) " So how was your day Hayley ?" My mom asked even though she was with me the whole day . " Very sweet I should say , I remeber some body systems from classes!" I repiled . My mom gave me a happy smile and I smiled back . " Were home." Marke said and stopped the car. And we all went in the house with all our apples. Before I say goodbye I wanted to something about "Obtaing food and nurtients." Obtaing food and nurtients is an Essentail Function that we need to live ! Say like in the story when I was going to eat the apple , that was obtaining food and nurtients ! Crazy right ?! It make's stronger and healther!! Bye now ! What is "Obtaining food and nurtients ..." What is "Obtaining food and nurtients ..."

Man Eating Monster

Transcript: McCaughrean, Geraldine The Odyssey. NY NY 10014, USA Fitzgerald, Robert The Odyssey NY, NY 10014, USA Riordan, Rick, The Sea of Monsters. NY, 125 West End Avenue, NY, NY 10023. Homer, The Odyssey, 299 Jefferson Road, Parsippny, Nj The Sea of Monsters Odyseus Citation Summary At Percy's school there was kids visiting. When it was p.e. they had to play dodge ball, the visitors turned into laistrygonians and tried to kill Percy, that's when Tyson was sent by their father to help Percy out with his quest . Before they left with Annabel who appeared out of nowhere, the gym got destroyed by the Laistrygonians. Laistrygonians are giants that crave humans. Some live on the island or some come to the city when they smell heroes. They can disguise themselves as humans. -both fought the same type of monster -both were being chased -Percy & Odyssey were about to get eating by the same monster -they both connection with gods "The one called Joe Bob growled at me. He had a tattoo on his biceps that said: JB luvs Baby cakes. " And lose our tasty morsel? No, Son of the Sea God. We Laistrygonians aren't just playing for your death. We want lunch." The Sea of Monsters page 17. After one of Odyseu's guy opened the bag of winds, Odyseus went back to the Zephyrus, but the Zephyrus didn't give him more wind. They were sent off and landed on the laistrygonians island.The Laistrygonians daughter saw them and picked some of Odyseus crew and took them home to eat. Odyseus then left with only 10 ships out of 11. Similarities Laistrygonians are monsters who enjoy eating humans. They are very giant and scary,mostly appear when heroes are around.They look like monsters but can disguise as human to eat the heroes. Only certain heroes can smell laistrygonians. Percy Jackson Man Eating Monster Laistrytonians Percy Jackson Odyssey -different homes (where they are from) -The laestrygonians went to Percy's school and odyssey went to their island -Percy was away from home for two weeks and Odyseus was gone for 20 years Differences

Eating an Apple

Transcript: Eating an Apple The Begining The Beginning One day after school I was sitting on my couch doing my science homework. It was about body systems. I started to get hungry so I went to my kitchen to get a snack. I saw a apple on my table. I wasnt sure if i really wanted to eat it an apple (I would honestly rather eat chips). As a started to walk away I heard a strange noise. "HI SISTERS" it said. "I'm Flashback Mary." He said,"If you don't eat an apple you won't obtain minerals and nutrients from the food." Then he showed me a photo of this lady who only ate CHOCOLATTE on his phone. Not James Charels this is Flashback Mary. This is the lady who only ate CHOCOLATTE. By: Samantha Harding Body Systems and Bones Body Systems and Bones He explained to me that when you eat an apple you use these body systems: Nervous, Digestive, Skelatal, and Muscular System. This made me think about my homework. I remembered that your Muscular and Skeletal System work together. When you eat an apple you use you carpals and phalanges to grip the apple and put it in your mouth. Then you use your mandables to chew it. Your Nervous System controls what you do so when you want to pick up and chew the apple it sends waves through your nerves so you'll do it. Digestive System Digestive System Flashback Mary told me that when I eat an apple I also use the Digestive System. Your teeth work together to chew the apple up. Then your saliva breaks it into particles. Before you digest it, a mucas helps make the particles smoother. After that it goes to your stomach where you digest the apple. After a process through your body. It turns into waste and leaves your body. The Ending I took a huge bite out f the apple. Flashback Mary turned into James Charles. "Im free of the Flashback Mary curse"he said. I was thinking about how all those body systems and functions are happening in a blink of an eye in your body. My mom started to walk downstairs "Who are you talking to." She said. James was GONE *dun dun dun*. Flashback Mary is now James Charles

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