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Lottery Win

Transcript: One day girl was borning on name Vera. She was from poor family. Parents didnt`t have money to her education. Therefore she leaving school, went to work by waitress in caffe Sunset. Cook Jack worked with her. They were unseparable from the childhood. ЕThe consequences of the prize Vera began to drink and to accept antidepressants. Then she sat down to drugs. Struggle with drugs was long. Friends turned away from it and she became lonely. Once Jack decided to visit her. But, seeing her in such condition, brought at once to hospital. A lot of money and went out almost six months to her treatment. When Anna woke up, Jack said it : “Do not suffer, dear, long nose - aristocrat's pride” But then Vera understood “who made who”. Vera decided to return to Jack. He was to it glad. To residues of money she repurchased cafe and named him "Winning Ticket" Vera received people many letters of with request to help them by the money and she got a lot of attention from the press .The mum of sickened boy by cancer asked her to send money to his treatment. And Vera helped, because knew, what is stalemate. Vera began to abuse spirits. But to cafe she met charming guy. To it was good with him, because he was clever, is beautiful, eloquent. She spent a whole condition to it , but he threw Anna, saying it that it has a long nose. After that at Anna complexes began. Monday, February 17, 2014 $1.25 Returning of lascivious Vera... And happiness came... Vera`s yuoth The life of Vera changed, when to it happy lottery ticket was got. She won prize to million and a quarter of pounds Vera-alcoholic... Vol XCIII, No. 311 Lottery Win

Win/win Presentation

Transcript: By: Israel Whittle, James Hayles, Jose Soriano 7 Habits of Hignly Effective People : Win/ Win Summary Summary In our society competition is carried over from sports as a child, to even business as an adult. They’re all forms of war which goes into a senseless cycle When a society collaborates instead of compete then we can finally build something that is 10 times as large. When you’re in business and you collaborate with you cohorts, they trust you enough to give you the reins, knowing you Will take whatever’s give to you and double it for both of you. Summary pt2 Summary pt2 Instead of competing for internships, to take the position you’re given and double or triple the opportunity to Build rapport is key to winning worthwhile alliances that truly have trust unbuilt on finance. In a western world where people are used to tear each other down, convinced there are losers when there are winners. Realizing there is abundance is the key to multiplying loaves of fish and bread Visual Aid Visual Aid key Points key Points Avoid selfishness Have self-Discipline and self-Awareness Build relationships on trust Have integrity Work towards mutual benefit Video Video Questions Questions If an investor gives you money and you give them back a part of your business, is that a win/win? True/ False When a corporation gives year up money for interns and interns get hired is that a win/win? True/False When a snail dies and a hermit crab takes over its shell as a new home it’s an example of win/win?True/False

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