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Transcript: By Chenson, Kai, and Bryan Legendary Status: Romans TECHNOLOGY TECH THE AQUEDUCT AQUEDUCT The aqueduct was a significant piece of technology, that was built to create broad water sources all around Rome. Why? Why was this better than Han Dynasty's technology? Rome's technology was better than Han Dynasty's technology because the aqueduct contributed to the Roman people and allowed them to survive. This part of technology also took more effort to create because China's technology is applicative, while it took 2 years for Rome to build a 30 feet high structure with a length of 59 miles. Source: Roman Aqueduct Produced: 312 BC Producer: Emperor Claudius Found: November 13, 2018 on Wikipedia CONCRETE CONCRETE Concrete was a revolutionary piece of technology from Rome. Rome's concrete was better than China's technology because concrete was used to make big creations such as the aqueduct. Concrete was very useful compared to China's silk, salt, and silverware. Concrete was hard, so it was durable. Concrete was solid, so water wouldn't leak through it. And concrete was mold-able, so you could shape it freely. Source: The Secret of Ancient Roman Concrete Produced: 3rd Century BC Producer: Emperor Claudius Found: November 13, 2018 on Why was Rome's concrete better than China's technology? Why? Society SOCIETY Society One of the greatest emperors in Roman history helped build a great piece of technology, the aqueduct Romans Empire Empire The Roman Empire was better than Han dynasty because of how powerful they became due to its society needs, Emperor Claudius saw how his empire need resources and he was able to do so by creating the aqueduct, which is considered to be a great innovation, Claudius was able to deliver his needs to the empire and his people were able to construct the aqueduct Source: Roman Aqueduct Produced: 312 BC Producer: Emperor Claudius and His people Found on Ancient History Encyclopedia November 14,2018 Roman Empire Why? Even though the Romans empire had many resources, they sent 5 merchants in order to discover silk which was very useful, they were used for dresses and warmth in the cold, the Romans were always looking for ways to expand there empire and If the 5 merchants did not discover silk, empires could would not be able to utilize the silk Source: The Roman Merchants Producer:Han Dynasty Found on on November 14 2018 Trade Trade Government GOVERNMENT They had an assembly so that the Roman officials can all decide on a decision that could impact the Roman empire The Romans had an Comitium where high ranking officials and Roman Gods would come together (in theory) to hear announcements and make important decisions on the city’s behalf. Assembly The Assembly was a vital piece in the Roman Government in order to pass laws Assembly Why was it better? The Roman assembly was important to Rome, they were part of legislative branch, so the assembly needed to decide whether or not to pass the legislation that the citizens gave,without them passing the legislation or denying it, without the assembly, people could not address key problems in the area Source:Roman Assembly Producer:Roman Government Produced: 753 BC Found on Wikipedia November 14,2018 Why? The Comitium was important to the government because it allowed the high ranking officials and Romans Gods to talk to each other about problems Comitium Comitium The Roman government is better than Han Dynasty because the Comitium was where high ranking officials could come together with the Romans gods ( that's the theory)and discussed on the city's behave and the god can decide to help them or not while Han dynasty while all of Han Dynasty decisions based on one person, the emperor. How is Roman government better than Han Dynasty Why? Source: Roman Comitium Producer:Roman Government Produced: 600 BCE Found on ancient.Eu November 14,2018 Economy Economy <img Describe all of these ideas regarding Rome's legendary status in one brief statement. Rome's technology, society, government, and economy had higher legendary status than the Han Dynasty because Rome's technology was more advanced, Rome's population was larger, and Rome's government and economy was more stable and straight forward. Big Idea Big Idea


Transcript: First Turning Pt: Catherine is captured by Vilgrid, but everyone thinks she has been slain Catherine Emma Watson snake sidekick of Catherine; can disguise self as bracelet on Catherine’s wrist; snarky; incompetent; scaredy-cat; acts braver than actually is Vilgrid the Bad Legendary Hank Azaria Exposition Chris Pratt Climax: Catherine hatches plot to use Vilgrid's greed against him Inciting Incident: Gaius finally passes away, leaving the kingdom vulnerable to Vilgrid somewhat cocky; training with father in expectation of one day ruling the kingdom; excels at magic Typical Disney 3D cartoon style (this is where we attract younger audiences) Will be more cutesy, attractive cartoon, like Frozen Vilgrid’s lair will be dark and creepy, as a typical villain’s lair Kingdom will be pastel colored and effervescent MIND OVER MAGIC Linear We will attract older audiences with the style of humor, sneaking in jokes children will not understand but can still witness that older audiences will catch Subjective for the most part; Catherine’s point of view with occasionally the objective view from the castle ruler of the kingdom Elyon; trains Catherine and Cedric; left with fatal wound after battling Vilgrid in the past Two twins, Catherine and Cedric are the children of legendary wizard king, Gaius the Great Wizard and Queen Evelyn. Trouble ensues when Gaius’ archenemy, Vilgrid the Bad, stages Catherine’s death and kidnaps her in hopes of acquiring The Great Wand, leaving everyone in the kingdom to think she is dead. Medieval era (1400s, England); Gaius defeated Vilgrid centuries ago and banished him from Elyon; now Vilgrid is bitter and waits for his opportunity to steal the Great Wand for himself and use it to take over the kingdom. Narrative Structure Cedric Overall Plot Simeon the Snake Queen of Elyon, wise, nurturing figure, motherly Sacha Baron Cohen Recurring Themes somewhere in her teen years; plain looking; has not discovered any magical powers yet; terrible at training; booksmart; studies magic Joy Ekwueme, James Thweatt, Brenda Szwejbka, Kate Anderson, & Nic Palumbo Colin Firth Evelyn the Good Queen villain, kind of a Gru-like character, speaks with exaggerated Ye Olde English accent, goofy/awkward, yet evil; power weakened after battle with Gaius the Great Wizard Visual Design An Animated Disney Feature Denouement: Cedric decides Catherine is better fit to rule the throne Patricia Clarkson Second Turning Point: She escapes from Vilgrid, without revealing the location of the wand courage/bravery/intelligence embracing your flaws family you don’t need magical powers to be great Gaius the Good Wizard Characters

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