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Friendship Presentation

Transcript: FRIENDSHIP PRESENTATION by: Abbey, Jessica, and Roman Why do friendships fail? Determine whether the friendship is worth repairing FORGIVENESS Note your friend's most admirable qualities All friendships will need forgiveness "A two way street" Vital to survival of a friendship Know when to overlook "Genuine friendship cannot exist where one of the parties is unwilling to hear the truth." Cicero strengthens immune system 1. Change. (Out of synch, jealousy, anger, pity) It's part practical and part emotional. Make more accomodations. 2. Neglect. (no forward motion, too busy, lack of nurturing) It happens often during a stressful time in life. 3. Betrayal. (gossip, flirting, doublecross) Dismantles trust. Benefits of Friendship gives us strength be authentic be your own person Take the initiative what people appreciate most about friendships Step 5: Rebuild respect Don't respond with revenge Take responsiblility and offer a sincere apology lower cholestrol 500 to 2500 acquaintances multiplies joy HOW TO KEEP FRIENDS - 4 qualities Step 1: Count the Costs Perfect - based on admiration of someone's good character, fulfilling, rare keeps stress in check Step 3: Forgive friends of the road - a short friendship that happens in a stage of life or a particular stretch of the road friends of the heart - friendship that endures over a lifetime 1 to 7 close friends Step 4: Diagnose the problem DEDICATION Remember: It's normal and appropriate to change/lose friends, because life changes. HONESTY survive coronary disease Don't pretend that there isn't a problem keeping promises keeping secrets not deserting in a time of need Realizing that a friendship no longer works can be a positive LOYALTY Find out what went wrong to avoid repeating it Set your pride aside 20 to 100 core friends Pleasure - young people, purpose of partying, founded on flimsy circumstances Step 2: Make meaningful contact ability to influence others' plans, thoughts, actions, emotions personal sacrifice selfess devotion/commitment wards off depression Utility - eager, upbeat, often in business, to improve the "bottom line", founded on flimsy circumstances cuts grief Convey your desire to fix the relationship and explore their openess to considering a discussion

Friendship Presentation

Transcript: Frienship Presentation By: Mia Munoz Friendship: a person who has a strong liking and trust in others. Peer: people in the same age group Acquaintance: someone whom a person has et but doesn't know well Definitions of Friendship, peer, and acquaintance What's the difference between the three words? What's the difference between the three words? The difference between the words peer, acquaintance, and friendship is that friendship are friends that both know each other well, acquaintances are people that don't know each other as well, and peers are people you don't know but they're the same age as you are. Why is communication so important? Communication is so important because if you don't communicate then you might misunderstand someone. For example is someone spreads a rumor about your friend then if you don't talk to your friend about the rumor you might think it's true. Charaterestics of a good friend Charaterestics of a good friend The charaterestics of a good friend are loyalty, trustworthy, and honest. These are good charaterestics because if your friend is loyal then you can trust in them even if they did something wrong, if your friend is trustworthy then you can trust in them with anything, and lastly if your friend is honest you know they will always tell the truth. How to make and keep friends How to make and keep friends Name / Job title You can make friends by starting a conversation if someone looks alone, relate to them, and being nice to them. You can keep friends by not starting drama or gossiping about them, being kind and nice to them, by being trustworthy, and by not telling a secret that they told you. Seven Principles of a relationship 1. Look for a good match (respect & tolerate differences) 2. Always be open for a conversation (don't always mean a fight) 3. Pay attention to different values (don't sacrifice your values for your friendship) 4. Don't manipulate, play games, or pressure someone 5. Don't try to change the other person 6. Don't change yourself for someone else 7. Have an idea of how you want to be treated You can end a friendship in good ways or in bad ways. The bad ways to end a friendship are by gossiping on someone, causing drama, and starting rumors. Good ways are if you move places and can't speak to each other because your to far and by telling each other you no longer have interests in each other How to end a frienship When do you use I statements? When do you use I statements? You can use I statements when your friend tries to cheat from your test because they forgot to study & you've worked very hard. Another one is when your coach puts you on the bench when you have worked hard. Example 1: I have worked so hard to study for my test and I have listened in class when I needed to. Example 2: Coach why am I out? I have practiced very hard and while I was hurt and I am still on the bench. Do I need to improve? What can cause a conflict, tips to resolve it, how can they be prevented Poor communication, instant flare-ups, jealousy, stress, and revenge are few things that can cause a conflict. Some tips to resolve a conflict are to define the problem, and suggest a solution from both points of views. They can be prevented by thinking before you speak, staying calm, and by talking it out with the other person. Types of Peer Pressure and how to de... Types of Peer Pressure and how to deal with them Types of peer pressure are bad and good. The good ones are studying, volunteering, joining a team or club, and being active. The bad types are drugs, alcohol, violence, and disrespect for authority. You can deal with them in both ways by having a good self esteem, surrounding yourself with positive people, knowing the consequences, and by talking to people who you trust.

Friendship Presentation

Transcript: Friendship in Film Introduction Conclusion "Development of relationship measures" by Rebecca B Rubin Assert individual identities Old agreements become points of contention Comes from needs of autonomy and change Relationship Maintenence: Bonding Ritual of exclusivity Symbolic public gesture Public commitment Relationship Maintenance: Circumscribing "Interpersonal communication and Human relationships" by Mark L. Knapp Restrictions and restraints applied distinctions from differentiating stage now enforced. Relationship Maintenance: Integrating The cycle of a friendship: Starting a friendship: initiation, experimentation, intensifying Maintaining a friendship: integrating, bonding, differentiating, circumscribing Ending a friendship: stagnating, avoiding, terminating "An exploration of Knapps relational model" by Jesse Fox Best friend Stage give up old characteristics develop shared identity Starting a Friendship Thank you! Coming Apart Stagnating Avoiding Coming Apart Terminating Initiating Short introduction, first impressions Proximity, then attractiveness and compatibility(Lang) Experimenting get to know each other- small talk Lots of friendships end here(Knapp) Intensifying Shared activities, self disclosure Code changing: present in online and offline relationships(Chan) Alejandro, James, Lalo, Miguel, Taylor Relationship Maintenance: Differentiating What is Friendship? Interpersonal Communication & Friendship: Starting a friendship Maintaining a friendship Ending a Friendship

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