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Transcript: Survey for Transitioning Issues Campaign Strategy #2 Campaign Strategies #4 Make information easier to find and the use of OTonCampus services to be simple to understand and locate. OTonCampus Brand Story Goals and Objectives Helping You Help Yourself. Therapy focused on prevention and self-advocacy in students with transient issues like insomnia, time management issues, roommate issues and overall anxiety. These students will be seemingly functional to those around them, but will have struggles in one or two aspects of their lives that is holding them back from their full potential. Threats Stigma- It takes several distinct forms; personal, public, perceived public and self-stigma. Public stigma concerns the negative stereotypes and prejudices held by a society collectively, while personal stigma are those prejudices held by an individual. Political Overthrow Obstacles is the key message in the OTensity program. Therapy will be focused on the individual and specialized to each patient like OTonCampus. Students who are involved in this program can only be involved through the referral of disability services and the counseling center because of the sensitive nature of serious mental health issues. Focus Groups Primary Research Results Campaign Strategy #1 Cont. OTonCampus Economic PEST 1. Applying OT’s expertise to news areas such as mental health or less serious daily functional issues 2. Differentiate themselves from other medical professions at SLU 3. Teaming with other SLU programs that are looking to help students with struggles they have as college students 1. Students voiced adjusting to study habits, peer pressure and sleeping were major adjustments. Felt these were all exacerbated by stress. 2. Students didn’t believe it was possible to treat transient issues like trouble sleeping or bad study habits. 3. Students had mixed opinions about how effective SLU’s programs would be at helping with academic issues. 4. Students were not concerned with long-term mental health issues, but transitional issues they were currently facing in college. 5. Students felt that if they understood what OT was more, they would be more likely to use the services of OTonCampus. 6. Mentioned it was difficult to get appointments at Counseling Center so they were unlikely to seek help from them in the future. Objectives Strengths Key Findings in Secondary Research Target Audience OTensity With the advancements in technology Occupational therapists are allowed to be more innovative with their treatment methods, which allow them to gain greater understanding of their patients needs. 1. Create a social media presence 2.Find a solution to OTonCampus not having a designed space on the main campus. 3. Help more students at SLU with problems that apply to many and not few. 4. Find the most effective channels at SLU to get students information. 5. Create marketing materials to explain OT sponsored programs 6. Provide information in the St. Louis community about SLU’s OT program and what they are doing with their new programs.. Inform parents of the services the OT Department offers for SLU students and create more overall awareness of the OT Department. 1. Along with depression and alcohol abuse, college students face transient issues related to adjustment or temporary factors of being a college student. 2. Research has shown that few than half of college students get help for mental health issues because of time, privacy, lack of emotional openness and financial constraints. 3. 50% of students rate their mental health as below average or poor while only 25% of universities students report their students to be in this range. 4. 86% of students with mental health withdraw from college before completing their degree. This group is a growing group, but also is an opportunity for universities to target these students and change their trajectory. Target Audience Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)- Allows communication about a specific student among institution of higher education staff, faculty and administrators who are concerned about the welfare of a student. Target Audience: Students with development issues like Aspergers or Autism and students with serve mental health issues. Tactics: 1. This service will be a referral only program so it will be dependent on key people in the counseling center and disability center to distribute literature to students they feel could benefit from OTensity. A brochure will be made for OTensity as literature to give potential OTensity patients. 2. St. Louis area parents will also be informed of the service of OTensity through a news story in the St. Louis Dispatch and KSDK. OTensity will also be featured on the OT Department website and will direct potential patients on what to expect from their treatment. Have SLU students tell their friends who are struggling to get help from OTonCampus through a word-of-mouth campaign. Another aspect to this goal is to have key SLU staff like the

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Transcript: Descriptive/ Elements of Essay h Nancy Zometa Erika Salinas Nasreen Vasaya A 5 G Descriptive Writing Straightforward description of people, places, objects, and feelings. Writer uses details to paint a picture with words It calls for focus and concentration rather than vocabulary or adjectives. B K S Description Techniques Dominant Impression Is a vivid description that is heavily focused on It should be the center point of the person, place, or scene being described. Using Images in Description Description Techniques B Comparing two unlike things using "like" or "as" Simile ex: They fought like cats and dogs. ex: As white as a ghost Metaphor Descriptive Technique A Using Images in Description Indirect comparison without linking word such as "as" or "like" ex: The moon is a white balloon. ex: Life is a roller coaster. Appealing To All The Reader's Senses Descriptive Techniques C Use sound, smell, and feel when describing The best type of description is when many senses are use appropriately D e Salvation By Langston Huges "So I sat there calmly in the hot, crowded church, waiting for Jesus to come to me." " ...old women with jet-black faces and braided hair, old men with work-gnarled hands." "The whole room broke into a sea of shouting, as they saw me rise." C Elements of an Essay 4 e Elements of an essay include an introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, transitional paragraphs, and conclusion. The introduction, like any essay, is the attention grabber. Introduction A Thesis/Body Your thesis statement should be included in your introduction along with your general ideas that will be described in the body paragraphs. A transitional paragraph may be added, transitional paragraphs are added to make the change between ideas smoothly. Transitional Paragraph B Conclusion Lastly, the conclusion paragraph is meant to generalize what was talked about and the thesis statement is presented again to end the essay. E X Z W What We've Learned We learned that descriptive writing can make a huge difference when in comes to making a great essay. The details and form of dominant impression enhance the writing making the reader feel like they are there in the story. We also learned that some historians do not prefer descriptive writing.

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