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Transcript: Geo-Information for Urban Planning and Adaptation to Climate Change Status of ISEG DATABASE- a case study of Faridpur Project area Contents Geo-Information for Urban Planning and Adaptation to Climate Change (GPAC) Bangladesch – German Technical Cooperation Project Database Data quality ISEG database Data entry Findings Conclusion Database DataBase A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can be easily accessed, managed and updated. Data is organized into rows, columns and tables, and it is indexed to make it easier to find relevant information. Data Quality Data Quality Data quality is a perception or an assessment of data's suitability to serve its purpose in a given context. Key factors The quality of data is determined by factors such as Data Completeness Data Consistency Data Quality Data Accuracy Data Timeliness Data Uniqueness Data Validity Data completeness refers to whether all available data is present. Borehole data SPT data Geotechnical data Waypoint data Data completeness Importance Importance Poor- quality data is often attached as the source of erroneous reporting and unrealistic approaches. When collecting data, it is important that the data collected are of high quality so that we can be reliably using as the basis to make sound results. To ensure data quality, data control measures must be applied at every stage of the data collection process. ISEG Database ISEG database An open source software ‘PostgreSQL’ database was used to prepare the ISEG database. ‘PostgreSQL’ is the world’s most advanced open source database. Methodology DB Team Key Players Mohammad Feruj Alam, Sarwat Jabeen, Tahera Afrin Md. Khairul Islam Ahmed Shoeb Werner Buchert Data completeness is around 90% All data are consistent Timeliness within November all data should be entered. For PSA accuracy is 90% Each and every BH is Unique. nothing is entered more than once ISEG DB Quality ISEG DB Data entry Processes of data check- Excel table query Checking missing information or identifying suspicious information determine the data accuracy Up to date Data Checking Finding Waypoints Info Photo info Overview of project areas Case study - Faridpur project area Statistical analysis of SPT(N30) SPT info Summary of all collected & tested samples Geotechnical info Waypoints Distance analysis of Waypoints location Map Photo information of the Project area Data Overview of project areas Conclusion These expected grain size analysis test results are 2011 but the actual amount of receiving results are 1807 instead of 2011, as some samples are missing of different depth because of • few samples are damaged during extrusion , • samples are not sufficient to perform test Data accuracy 90% Thank you

Database Presentation

Transcript: Database Presentation for South Sea Cruises Group 17 Overview Overview Objectives To provide current and useful information Provide a database to evaluate trends and look for possible new cruises ideas and packages We have created a database that addresses each of SSC's requirements Cruises Itineraries Ships Information and more... Key constraints of a database are; Cost Security Compatibility Complexity Scope Limitations Entity Relationship Model ER Diagram Relational Schema Relational Schema SQL Video SQL Implementation SECURITY & PRIVACY Issues and Ethical Considerations Security Security Surge in e-commerce has led to an increasing amount of people providing private information over the internet. Leaving customers vulnerable having their highly sensitive information leaked and taken advantage of. 2011 Sony Playstation breach Implement; Views Encryption of certain data, Login details and passwords Segmenting the database Auditing Privacy PRIVACY Data/information privacy is concerned with the sharing of sensitive information with third-party institutions. Databases retain all customer information to provide market research to the company or other companies. 2017-2018 Facebook Key Features of Database Designed Key features of Database Through SQL each tables fields are explained with information about each field that uses abbreviated names Explaining Field Names Explaining Field Names Separating bookings into past, current, and future provides more clarity of what people are willing to pay through a cruise status number Separating Bookings into Past, Current and Future Separating Bookings to Past, Present & Future Most of the fields allowed to be left empty like docking fee and number of docks may be dependent on when South Sea Cruises actually decide to use them Some ports requires more research, particularly smaller ones with less of an online presence Planning of Future Ports and Tours Planning of Future Ports and Tours Crew information in our table not only provides information about ship number assigned, manager, it also elaborates on their job position and department Crew Details Crew Details An automation to the desgination of bookings to past, present and future as these will shift over time Ship Number assigning to Crew members field able to be left blank to account for those members currently not assigned or on leave, no means at this time to differentiate these Activties and Tours tables have capacities in mind but a means of implementing a limit check on these bookings required More information on means of docking, some cases like small Fijian Ports are too small for docking and what occurs is small boats carry passengers from a cruise that is offshore to the island Future improvements Future Improvements Inclusion of Onshore Staff Monitoring Overcoming Language and data sharing barriers Possible Improvements Possible Improvements QUESTIONS? QUESTIONS ?

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