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Transcript: ROOF INSULATION ISOTHERM THERMAL INSULATION MANUFACTURING: USING RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES ( PET BOTTLES) CONVERTED INTO PLASTIC PELLETS THROUGH SHREDDING & DEHUMIDIFYING . PLASTIC PELLETS ARE THEN MADE INTO GREEN POLYESTER SHEETS USING SPECIAL A RESIN BINDER. INSTALLATION: PACKAGED IN ROLL. ROLLED OUT AND CUT TO THE REQUIRED SIZES. DOESN'T REQUIRE SPECIAL PROTECTION GEARS GROUP 1 FIGURE 1 (n.d.). How to insulate your geyser. ADVANTAGES SAFE & NON-TOXIC LONG MANUFACTURE WARRANTY MINIMUM MAINTENANCE CHEMICAL & DUST FREE MOISTURE & MOLD RESISTANT ENERGY EFFICIENT FIRE RESISTANT EFFECTS ON OCCUPANTS DISADVANTAGES ITS NOT COMPRESSED PACKED WEAK PACKAGING DIFFICULT TO CUT SUSTAIN FLAMES ( COMBUSTIBLE) NON - HYGROSCOPIC LITTLE / NO TENDENCY TO ABSORB MOISTURE RESISTANCES& EFFICIENCY GOOD FOR SUMMER AND HIGH HUMIDITY CONDITION HAS THE ABILITY TO HANDLE WATER : IF SLIGHTLY DAMAGED, IT DRIES OUT & INSULATES EFFICIENTLY ENERGY EFFICIENT REGULATES THE TEMPERATURE INDOORS (COOL IN SUMMER & WARM IN WINTER) CAN KEEP GEYSER WARM FOR LONGER COMES IN DIFFERENT THICKNESSES BASED ON THE CLIMATIC ZONES OF DIFFERENT AREAS FIGURE 2 (n.d.). Control temperature HIGH THERMAL STABILITY FIRE RESISTANT CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF POLYESTER FIBERS (HIGH MELTING POINT). MORE RESISTIVE TO DECOMPOSITION AT HIGH TEMPERATURE. AS A RESULT : IT HAS AN 'O' FLAME SPREAD INDEX TESTED AND COMPLIES WITH SANS 10400 INSULATION REGULATIONS ISOTHERM Thermal Insulation - Fire Test. (2010). [video] GetGreenSA. 360 DEGREE GREEN PRODUCT ENTIRE LIFE CYCLE CONTRIBUTES TO A GREENER ENVIRONMENT MANUFACTURING INSTALLATION BENEFITS TO OCCUPANTS DEMOLISHED DEMOLISHING PROCESS MADE FROM RECYCLED PET BOTTLES - REDUCES THE AMOUNT OF PLASTIC FILLING UP ON LANDFILL SITES RECYCLABLE - IT CAN BE REUSED / BROKEN DOWN TO MAKE OTHER PRODUCTS THUS A LOW CARBON FOOTPRINT LIFE CYCLE Costa-Smith, L, Maltzer , I & Martino ,J. 2017. Poly Pelletizer: Recycled Pet Pellets from Water Bottles.[O]. Available; Accessed 3 August 2019. Green Living Begins at Home . 2015. [O]. Available ; Accessed 3 August 2019. Profile.2015. [O].Available; Accessed 3 August 2019 Isotherm. 2019.[O]. Available: Accessed 3 August 2019 Product specifications for ISOTHERM Thermal Insulation..2019. Product specifications for ISOTHERM Thermal Insulation..[ONLINE] Available at: Accessed 3 August 2019 Isotherm Insulation. 2019.[O]. Available; Anon, (2019). Disadvantages of isotherm. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Aug. 2019]. (n.d.). How to insulate your geyser. [image] Available at: [Accessed 3 Aug. 2019]. (n.d.).Control Temperature. [image] Available at: [Accessed 3 Aug. 2019]. REFERENCES group members AEROLITE INSULATION GROUP 2 OVERVIEW A non-combustible, glasswool ceiling insulation solution that reduces the energy required to maintain a comfortable environment CHARACTERISTICS: It is non-hazardous can insulate water pipes in homes works well with heating and air conditioning systems limits air movement and convection Manufacturing Made form fiberglass wool It is bonded with thermosetting resin it is manufactured in rolls that can be easily cut for installation material has a varying thickness according to the climatic zone it would be installed in Aerolite 135mm: Temperate Coastal; Arid Interior; Cold Interior Aerolite 115mm: Temperate Interior Aerolite 100mm: Hot Interior; Sub-tropical Coastal materials effectiveness is also determined by the R- value of the material R-value: ability of the product to resist the transfer of heat To Occupants: Affordable Results in comfortabilty dramamtically slows down heat loss or gain Safe in terms of non-combustiblity (will not burn) Benefits Has acoustic control enhances indoor enviroment by absorbing noise from the inside and outside It is also a pest reppelant (does not house rodents) easy and simple to install Lesser Known Benefits Aerolite is recyclable (made up of 80% recycled glass) Factories in which Aerolite is manufactured are CFC and HCFC free Saves up to 100 times the energy consumed and CO2 emitted from manufacturing After Demolition DISPOSAL Can be disposed as non-hazardous waste Precautions: area must be isolated before disposal if exposed to water, removal is

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Transcript: To support you with hands on work experience and training on the job. How to Succeed... Welcome & Introduction Presentation Tour BKSB & Free Writing Assessment Interview Q&A depart Who can help you? Free college buses available Free college car parking You must be able to travel to work each day (own transport) Inspiring achievement, driving ambition Assessor Where will you work? College Teaching Staff & Block Release Assessment Centre Redwood Brickwork are woring in 21 Sites across the north west of England. You will be based with a gang which may occassionally move to another local site Manchester / Liverpool / Chester / Crewe / Winsford / Northwich / Macclesfield Final Interview with Employer (within 2 weeks) Purpose of Day : 13.00-16:00 Visit in the workplace at least every 4 – 8 weeks, track, assess and monitor H&S and look after your well being! Any Questions? Attend College assessment centre Stages of enrollment onto Apprenticeship Apprenticeship BKSB & FREE WRITING This Course has been designed to enable apprentices to gain skills, knowledge and behaviors expected for the role of a Bricklayer within the Construction Industry. Your BKSB assessments will give us a the college an indication of your current academic ability in Math & English. We use these results to screen for support requirements you may need throughout your apprenticeship journey. There are no time limits on any of the assessments, It is important you take your time with each question. If you do not know the answer to a question then leave it blank so that your results offer a true reflection. You will only have one chance with each assessment What happens if you do not achieve the required level for the apprenticeship? You may be offered a conditional place based on your GCSE results You may be offered further support Please speak to a team member should you have any questions or concerns Employer (Mentor) Cover theory/practical's at college giving additional support and training off the job CSCS CARD Provide evidence that they have achieved (or are in the processing of achieving) a nationally recognised construction related qualification relevant to their occupation. Email a copy of their qualification certificate or registration to Pass the appropriate CITB Health, safety and environment test. Call 0344 994 4777 and pay £36 using a credit or debit card. Final Stage Start Work as a Brickwork Apprentice for Redwood Brick Starting on or above NMW College Starts in OCT 2019 Travel

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Transcript: THE PROJECT THE PACKARD BUILDING Convert into 40 unit apartment building Commercial space on 1st floor MARCH 2008 - Resetarits entered into agreement with Dane Electric. Dane's job - perform the electrical work for the project. January 2008 - Resetarits entered an agreement with Packard Building LLC to serve as the General Contractor on the conversion of the Packard Building Apartments. Buffalo company Founded in 1987 Manages more than $25 of construction per year THE CLAIM THE PARTIES SOME BACKGROUND Buffalo based company Founded in 2001 Provides installation and management of fire alarm and security systems Services Western New York Dane contracted Great Lakes Building Systems to install the fire alarm and carbon monoxide system. AIA 401 - AGREEMENT BETWEEN SUBCONTRACTOR AND CONTRACTOR Relevant articles: - article 7.2: termination by the contractor - article 9: Date of commencement and substantial completion - article 12: final payment - article 13: insurance and bonds - 13.7: performance bond and payment bond Great Lakes Building Systems THE CONTRACT 1. Dane breached the terms of the subcontract by: a) failing to pay certain subcontractors for their work. b) failing to perform its work under the subcontract. c) failing to complete its work under the subcontract. 2. Resetaritis maintained they fully performed and complied with the terms and conditions of the subcontract. 3. Dane breached the subcontract and thus owes Resetaritis damages in the amount of $159,310.80. So what happened? Dane pocketed$159,310 and then walked away from the project before it was finished. On top of that, they failed to pay Great Lake Building System $42,850. Consequently, Great Lake Building System filed a demand against the GC, Resetaritis, for the outstanding $42,850. AIA A101 - Agreement Between Owner and Contractor AIA a201 - General Conditions for Construction that outline the responsibilities of the owner, contractor, and architect. Based out of Blasdell, New York The company has no website... RESETARTIS Construction Dane Electric POTENTIAL SOLUTION - Per the AIA 401 agreement, the GC should "call the bond" on the subcontractor. The subcontractor has not performed. As a result, the GC (Resetartis) would be entitled to receive the money required to complete to the performance of the job. Additionally, the GC is not responsible for payment to Great Lake Building Systems. Rather, Great Lake Building Systems is a sub-subcontractor and should do two things: 1) seek compensation from the party that contracted them (Dane), and 2) Great Lake Building Systems should file a mechanics lien against the property. RESETARTIS CONSTRUCTION VS DANE ELECTRIC & GREAT LAKES BUILDING SYSTEMS INC. Dane failed to complete the work and abandoned the project! At the time Dane abandoned the project, Resetaritis had paid Dane $159,310.80. Not only did Dane abandon the project, but they also failed to pay Great Lake Building Systems.

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Transcript: PeDeL Solutions VBA Place your logo here Astrid & Thalia PEOPLE & BUILDING Solutions PEDEL SOLUTIONS VBA PEDEL SOLUTIONS VBA OUR SOLUTION - Flexibitlity/ responsiveness to meet deadlines - Resources - Specialized knowledge - Experience - Highest-quality services - Cost-effective price - Medium sized local firm - Human is Central OUR SOLUTION SOLUTION 1 SOLUTION 1 - Construction - Renovation - Maintenance - Drawings - Calculation - Project "Bestek" SOLUTION 2 SOLUTION 2 - Project Management - Training - Coaching/ Mentoring - Project Leaders OUR PROJECTS - Family Residence - Offices - Hotels - Airport - Project fencing - Ironwork - Road Construction OUR PROJECTS PROJECT 1 PROJECT 1 - Environmental Friendly - Biodegradable Products - SDG 4 & 17 - LEED Motivation PROJECT 2 PROJECT 2 Close relation with: - DIP - WEB - Setar - DOW - and more ....... Person, Role, Projects completed Person, Role, Projects completed Person, Role, Projects completed Person, Role, Projects completed Person, Role, Projects completed Person, Role, Projects completed OUR TEAM OUR NUMBERS OUR SERVICES COMPLETED PROJECT STATS STATISTIC 1 STATISTIC 2 STATISTIC 3 NUMBER 1 NUMBER 2 COMPLETED PROJECT STATS STATISTIC 1 STATISTIC 2 STATISTIC 3 NUMBER 1 NUMBER 2 CUSTOMER SATISFACTION CUSTOMER SATISFACTION PEOPLE MATTERS PRICING STATISTIC 1 STATISTIC 2 STATISTIC 3 NUMBER 1 NUMBER 2 NUMBER 3 TITLE TITLE TITLE TITLE VISION & MISSION PRICING STATISTIC 1 STATISTIC 2 STATISTIC 3 NUMBER 1 NUMBER 2 NUMBER 3 TITLE TITLE TITLE TITLE TITLE

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Transcript: Combination Pliers Construction Culminating Combination Wrenches 10 Most Common Tools Tape Measure Tape Measure a flexible strip of material used to measure distance or length When you use a Tape Measure When you use a Tape Measure -home improvement projects -measure materials needed -sowing and tailoring for fabrics -measuring your height In Construction Out of construction The History History Ancient Rome 1829 Alvin J. Fellows -used leather strips to measure land a lockable mechanism to prevent rapid retracting 1829 James Chesterman patented a spring-loaded tape measure How do you make it 1. Long strip of flexible material 2. Cut the strip to the desired length and attach metal or plastic caps to each end to prevent fraying 3. Fuse the caps onto the tape measure securely 4. Print the numbers and markings onto the tape 5. Attach a metal clip or hook to one end of the tape measure so that it can be easily attached Claw Hammer Claw Hammer versatile tool used for driving and removing nails When you use a Tape Measure When do you use it -demolition work -framing -roofing -driving nails into wood -removing nails -removing materials The History Ancient Rome E.C. Atkins 19th century patenteding a curved handle England 1631 Christopher Goulding. How do you make it 1. Measure the handle's length and cut it to size. 2. Insert the wedge into the handle's top 3. Secure it with epoxy glue, and attach the steel head to the handle. Allow the glue to dry completely before using. Combination Pliers used in various applications, including cutting, gripping, and bending When do you Combination Pliers When do you Combination Pliers -cutting -gripping -bending wires -materials -jewelry - electronic components The History 1900s Knipex. How do you make it 1. Cut desired metal into desired shape using wire cutters, smooth out rough edges with a file, and bend the pieces using regular pliers. 2.Adjust as needed until desired shape and functionality are achieved. Test the pliers and adjust as needed to ensure proper functioning. Combination Wrenches used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts When do you use Combination Wrenches When do you use Combination Pilers -difficult-to-reach nuts and bolts -come in various sizes -useful in tight spaces and awkward angles. The History 1902 Johan Petter Johansson 1835 Solymon Merrick introduced an adjustable wrench, tighten and loosen bolts and nuts 1858 Daniel Stillson 1924 Snap-on issued the first patent for a ratcheting combination wrench introduced combination wrenches How do you make it 1. Slide the appropriate wrench head onto the rod, gently tap it into place, and repeat for each additional size. 2. Smooth out rough edges with a metal file to ensure comfortable hold and ease of use. Utility Knife Utility Knife cutting tool suitable for various tasks, featuring a retractable blade made of high-quality steel When do you use Utility Knife -cutting materials -opening boxes -stripping wire -making a makeshift screwdriver The History invented the modern utility knife Ancient Egypt used for carving hieroglyphics and armor 1900s Karl Elsener How do you make it 1. Cut the handle to the desired size and shape, drill holes in the handle, 2. Place the blade on top, align with the holes, secure it with screws or rivets 3. Sharpen the knife using a sharpening stone or honing rod. Level Level leveling surfaces, ensuring evenness and flatness in floors, walls, and ceilings When do you use it - laying tile -installing hardwood flooring, -building walls - creating ground for patios or walkways The History Ancient times 1960s Laser technology Egyptians and Greeks using primitive versions. 1858 William F. Stanley with the first patent filed Laser technology in the 1960s revolutionized construction leveling, allowing precise measurements over long distances. Frank L. Sturtevant's self-leveling Leveler in 1920 also played a significant role in its development. How do you make it 1. Create a long, straight piece of wood or metal that is at least as wide as the surface you want to level. 2. Use several shorter pieces of wood or metal at regular intervals to create a series of "teeth" that scrape and level the surface. 3. Measure and mark the placement of each tooth on the base piece, drill holes, and secure them using screws or bolts. Clamp Clamp used to hold objects securely during various tasks When do you use a Clamp -woodworking -metalworking -construction History not much history but changed from wooden to metal clamps How do you make it 1. Drill holes in the wood, attach one bracket to the wood using screws, and attach the other on the opposite side 2.Place the object between the brackets and tighten using a screwdriver or wrench. Chisel Chisel used for cutting and shaping wood, stone, or metal When do you use it -woodworking -metalworking -masonry work History Ancient times used sharp stones for carving wood and bone. How do you make it 1. Temper the steel by heating it to a specific temperature and cooling

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