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Transcript: KÜTAHYA MY PRESENTATION WHERE IS THE KÜTAHYA ? KÜTAHYA IN THE AEGEAN REGİON Kütahya is a city in western Turkey with 572.256 inhabitants, lying on the Porsuk river, at 930 metres above sea level. KÜTAHYA HAS A VERY IMPORTANT EIGHTEEN PLACES THESE ARE : AIZANOI ANCIENT CITY ALAADDİN KEYKUBAT MOSQUE ÇİNİLİ MOSQUE DÖNENLER MOSQUE FRİG VALLEY GERMİYAN STREET GOVERNMENT HOUSE KADİTLER MOSQUE KARAGÖZ MOSQUE MANSIONS KÜTAHYA CASTLE LALA HÜSEYİN PAŞA MOSQUE SADETTİN MOSQUE SARAY MOSQUE SEYİTÖMER MOUND TAKVACILAR MOSQUE ULU MOSQUE YEŞİL MOSQUE HISTORICAL PLACES UNIVERSITY AND STUDENT LIFE Kütahya has a very big university. This name is Dumlupınar University. It has a seven and half million square feet. The University is away from the city centre, so transportation's not a shortage of night students in a dormitory or house they're staying in the city centre. there are too many cafes in the city centre, the prices are very affordable and usually students doesn't live money problems. UNIVERSITY FAMOUS THINGS Located in the west of Kütahya, Yoncalı is 16 km from the center away. Yoncalı Kaplıcaları, whose infrastructure and environmental regulation has been completed, was declared as "Thermal Tourism Center" on 17.09.1993. The hot spring waters are at a temperature of 42 ° C and enter the bicarbonate waters. Calcium, magnesium and sulfur-containing. Spa waters are good for various diseases. The tile that is the symbol of Kütahya and which introduces it to the whole world is an important art line as well as a livelihood at Kütahya at the same time. Ceramics dating back to the Phrygians have developed over time. SPAS AND TILE EDA GÜNDÜZ FAMOUS VASE


Transcript: Introduction Backgrounder It all began in 1995. An ambitious endeavor to transform the underutilized Alabang Stock Farm into a model of urban development, through a joint venture between Filinvest and the Philippine government “Our vision for Filinvest City is a total and complete environment conducive to meeting the demands of the new global business setting, enriching the lives of those working and residing in the city, and inspiring new generations to come” Andrew L. Gotianun, Sr. Chairman Emeritus Filinvest Development Corporation Gateway Location Gateway Location Filinvest City is an urban haven away from the noise of the city as we know it and yet highly accessible Easy 15 mins drive from Makati; 10 mins away from NAIA With various access roads leading to Filinvest City: SLEX Alabang-Zapote Road Daang Hari Old National Highway Skyway: directly connected to entry and exit points Very much part of urban Metro Manila, at the gateway of the Calabarzon growth region THE SITE THE SITE FILINVEST CITY 1995 FILINVEST CITY NOW Further Info OUR LOGO AND NAME 1 Our original name and logo embodied the company’s vision for the estate to be the business hub in the Southern metro 2 Our revitalized branding celebrates the four pillars which together makes for a unique masterplanned community The Premier CBD The Garden City The Mod Metropolis The Convergence Hub Our New Branding 3 3 A City Reinvigorated It’s all about convergence… Aspects of work-life balance find an axis. The colors of the eight arrows forming a sunburst speak of a happy, vibrant lifestyle amid the garden city. The colors of business and lifestyle find a home against natural setting. Where colors overlap, new colors are created – giving birth to endless possibilities one can only find in Filinvest City… Thus, the tagline: 4 4 Premiere CBD WE WILL… Create a dynamic and energized business metropolis through a 24/7 convenient, safe & business-friendly environs IN ORDER THAT… Corporate people will focus on maximizing productivity at work sans the worries and usual external hustle and bustle Emergency Response Team Inspiring Growth : Filinvest City is primed for company and career growth, with such built in features like: Centralized Water System Sewage Treatment Plan Fiber Optic Telecom System Underground Power and Communications Lines for most areas Provision for Centralized Urban Traffic Light Control Superb Estate Management 5 5 Northgate Cyberzone is known as The BPO Hub of the South Filinvest City has its own Estate Management to keep the city running 24/7 NEW GOALS GARDEN CITY WE WILL… Provide a lush landscape with tree-lined pathways and open spaces that inspire a healthy, refreshing lifestyle IN ORDER THAT… Residents and locators will experience a welcome respite from the stresses of the urban jungle by keeping them close to nature each time they take in the view of the promenades, green belts & garden patches. Garden City 1 Inspiring Wellness It's a breath of fresh air. Lush landscape, tree-lined pathways, and shaded canopies provide and entirely different and refreshing environment. No other CBD promotes healthy lifestyle like Filinvest City with features such as: Lush greens, with different plant species like: - Date palm trees that softens the cityscape - Acacia tree canopies serving as natural umbrellas on sunny days - Fragrant yellow poincianas providing contrast amid green 2 -Bird habitat -Living creek -Bike trail -Allocated areas for park: for future development Pedestrian-friendly : - Tree canopies - Three lane street/big sidewalks on major roads 3 Beautiful date palm trees characterize this modern city Tree canopies create shaded walking and jogging experience for people in Filinvest City Mod Metropolis WE WILL… Create a breathing & living city where everyone could enjoy a multi-dimensional (live +work + play) & cosmopolitan lifestyle where life’s little pleasures & conveniences are within easy reach IN ORDER THAT… Residents and visitors will get the most of their city’s built-in perks and amenities (shopping; dining; arts, culture, leisure & entertainment; health & wellness; business) Inspiring Balance: everything needed to live a full life can be found in this garden metropolis. Pictures A view of the biggest regional mall of the South, Festival Supermall, set against high rise towers and hotel buildings World-class Asian Hospital provides for wellness and health needs Convergence Hub Convergence Hub WE WILL… Provide highly accessible point to and from varied destinations / points of interest IN ORDER THAT… Locators, residents, and visitors will experience the ease of movement not commonly available in other business districts making it convenient for everyone to meet, gather and have fun Convergence of lifestyles Melting Pot of different cultures Meeting of the minds Haven of different activities 1 Filinvest City Eco-Loop Moving within the city is easy with Filinvest City Eco-Loop Visible physical improvements: installations in and around

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Transcript: 14th Week Consulting interns can be expensive Time and Money Personal Experience Preliminary Design Stage NFPA 101 and NFPA 13 New and Existing Education, Business, and Mercantile Definition of Project This app would be used to provide interns and recent graduates with an outline of guidelines for how to design and review designs of specific occupancies. With the given time frame, I will be writing the information that will go into the app Begin parametric study: Speak with my mentor and Jason to understand more about what critical variables I could concentrate on for this app. Choose those parameters and begin my study Gather information from NFPA 101 and NFPA 13 for new and existing education, business, and mercantile occupancies. By: Breanne Thompson Next Steps (Continued) Finish preparing for Draft of Analysis Pull together and discuss results of project Draw my conclusions and state future work needed Turn in Final Paper! 10th and 11th Week Turn in my parametric study Begin draft of analysis Map out the process of the app for the key elements 15th Week References Next Steps 7th Week Prepare for Final Presentation Summarize my draft of analysis into presentation Work on how to incorporate a live demonstration for my presentation App Development Background Information 8th-9th Week Continuous Process Objective-C for Apple products Java for Android products 6 months of studying Places to Learn: Codecademy, iOS Dev Center, Android Developers Training Hire App Developer will cost thousands Prepare Final Paper Dive into Shark Tank! 1. 2. 6th Week Background Presentation 12th-13th Week

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Transcript: Real action and accountability Amnesty International Non-state actors/ Rebel Groups?? ...and what about men?? ignoring male rape victims? would rape exist without a man? Weapons of War: Rape UN as an Arena - NGO's - Discussion and dialogue Arena Instrument Actor Critical Thinking Weapons of War: Rape UN as an instrument UNSC Resolution 1820 (2008) UN as an Actor - UN Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict Weapons of War: Rape Problems with 1820 "Roles and Functions of International Organizations" "Sexual violence, when used as a tactic of war in order to deliberately target civilians or as a part of a widespread or systematic attack against civilian populations, can significantly exacerbate situations of armed conflict and may impede the restoration of international peace and security… effective steps to prevent and respond to such acts of sexual violence can significantly contribute to the maintenance of international peace and security" (UNSC Resolution 1820, p. 2)" Background Presentation- Kristin Mann Weapons of War: Rape Brief Insight - used to manipulate social control - destabilize communities - weaken ethnic groups and identities Examples: - Sudanese Militia - Rwanda Genocide - DRC Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Increased Data Collection by international organizations - determine humanitarian responses - ensures justice and reparation - provides recognition and dignity

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Transcript: ENJOY YOUR TRIP! by Cédric CHONGTHEP The Touchstone Hotel ~ $130/night Free Wi-Fi Ideally located XL Airways ~ 1000€ A/R Air France ~ 1200€ A/R Near Fisherman's Wharf neighbourhood See Sea Lions Eat seafood (Bubba Gump Shrimp Company) By airplane 8000 km from France Between 11 and 16 hours by plane Pier 39 Linternaute Gocalifornia Forbestravelguide TripAdvisor My own experience City presentation ABOUT SAN FRANCISCO HOW TO GO? WHERE TO SLEEP? WHERE TO EAT? WHAT TO VISIT? WHERE TO SLEEP? WHERE TO SLEEP? It was a prison Now it is a museum Golden Gate Bridge Alcatraz Lombard street Pier 39 Union square Alamo Square Chinatown Chancellor Hotel ~ $130/night Free Wi-Fi Pillow menu with 12 pillow options Have a meeting room WHERE TO EAT? Alcatraz CULTURE Residential neighbourhood Houses with Victorian architecture Garden WHAT TO VISIT? Walk Take coffee Shopping Union Square Golden Gate Bridge Fast-Foods: MacDonald's, Burger King, In-N-Out Burger... Restaurant: Bubba Gump Shrimp Company... Prices on bills does not include fees & tip ! Add approximately 10% to get the real price to pay ABOUT « THE CITY BY THE BAY » SUMMARY "The most winding road of the USA" Have 8 tight corners Take pictures References San Francisco Open minded Open for human rights & for freedom Origin of legalized gay marriage Shoppnig Eat chinese food HOW TO GO? Lombard Street Alamo Square Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge Enjoy the view Have a picnic Chinatown California states Most densely populated area after NYC The 4th metropolis of USA Money: USD $ Transportation: Bay Area Rapid Transit, MUNI, Cable car Climate: Mediterranean (moist mild winter & dry summer)

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Transcript: Death rate 2012: 12.84 deaths/1,000 population (World ranking: 22) Infant (Child Mortality) Total: 79.02 deaths/1,000 live births (world ranking: 10) HIV/AIDS (2) Appropriate Technology Landlocked country Great African Rift Valley system: East – Lake Malawi South – mountains, tropical palm-lined beaches Mainly a large plateau, with some hills Lake Malawi (Lake Nyasa) Almost 1 million people have AIDS 60% of these are female Declining in urban areas, Rising in rural areas Leading cause of death amongst adults Contributes to the low life expectancy: 54.2 years 209th ranking (One of the lowest) 500,000 children have been orphaned due to AIDs Micro-finance Policy Framework and Strategies (Health SWAp) increasing the availability and accessibility of antenatal services; utilization of skilled health personnel during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period at all levels of the health system; strengthening the capacity of individuals and institutions to improve maternal and neonatal health; increasing the number of skilled health personnel; constructing and upgrading health facilities to offer essential health services particularly focusing on rural and underserved areas; and provision of ARVs and micronutrients during pregnancy. Geography of Malawi CCST 9004 Appropriate Technology for the Developing World Indicator 3: Literacy Rate of 15 – 24 year-olds According to the World Bank, microfinance is defined as: Microfinance is the provision of financial services to the entrepreneurial poor.This definition has two important features:it emphasizes a range of financial services—not just credit— and it emphasizes the entrepreneurial poor. Goal 2: Achieve Universal Primary Education Appropriate Technology: SIRDAMAIZE 113 Population: 16,777,547 (estimated in July 2013) Population growth rate: 2.758% (2012 est.) (World ranking: 18) Age structure Children: 50% of total population HIV/AIDS Human Resources Education Poverty Food Insecurity Erratic Rainfall Patterns/Droughts Corruption Lack of Foreign Investment Languages Indicator 5: Proportion of seats held by women in National Parliaments Central Region: 1-9 (Yellow) *Capital: Lilongwe Northern Region: 10-15 (Red) Southern Region: 16-27 (Green) Lake Malawi (Blue) Land surface area 45,747 square miles Challenges: · shortage of qualified primary school teachers; · inadequate physical infrastructure; · poor retention of girls mainly from standard five to eight; · high disease burden due to HIV and AIDS consequently leadinto absenteeism, especially among girls who take care of the sick · Poverty levels are high in rural areas. Malawi – Climate/Agriculture Trading partners: South Africa, Zambia, China, US Challenges: · shortage of qualified primary school teachers; · inadequate physical infrastructure; · poor retention of girls mainly from standard five to eight; · high disease burden due to HIV and AIDS consequently leading to absenteeism especially among girls who take care of the sick; and · poor participation of school committees and their communities in school management. · Poverty levels are high in rural areas. 1 Doctor per 50,000 people Hinders the ability to deliver medical services to people in need Reason: Emigration Lack of access to education Aggravated by AIDS > 4 nurses are lost each month This also affects other sectors: Government Business Farmers Human Resources HIV/AIDS - Contemporary GDP: US $14.58 billion (2012 est.) (World ranking: 142) Labor force: agriculture: 90%; industry and services: 10% (2003 est.) Countries main income Agriculture Main crops: maize, tobacco, tea, sugar cane, groundnuts, cotton, wheat, coffee, and rice Industry: tobacco, tea, sugar, sawmill products, cement, consumer goods Challenges: limited capacity in terms of human and material resources to facilitate adult literacy and continuing education; early marriages perpetuated by socioeconomic factors; socio–cultural factors that make people believe that men should be leaders while women are followers; and, poor learning environment which affects girls in primary and secondary schools e.g. sanitary facilities, long distances to education facilities, extra burden from domestic chores especially for adolescent girls resulting into high dropout rate. 1964: Independent from Britain Indicator 1: Maternal Mortality Ratio Malawi Demographics Problems - Outline Indicator 4: Share of Women in Wage Employment in the Non- Agriculture Sector measure of employment opportunities ( i.e equal proportions of men and women in formal employment) Yet, more women participate in the agriculture sector than in the formal wage employment especially in jobs that require professional qualifications. Due to: literacy levels, gender disparity and cultural values. Facts About the Product: Drought tolerant maize variant Able to mature under limited rainfall Suitable for marginal rainfall areas 136 days to mature Normally: 150 – 180 days Able to mature under limited rainfall Suitable for marginal rainfall areas

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