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Aphrodite Presentation

Transcript: Aphrodite By Makenzie Young Who? Love Beauty Who? Family Tree Family Tree 1st Story of Birth: Mother: Dione father: Zeus 2nd Story of Birth: She was born by Foam of the Sea c h i l d r e n Phobos (fear) Anteros (requited love) Eros (love) Adrestia (revenge) Himeros (lust) Harmonia (harmony) Deimos (dread Siblings: Hermes Ares Husbands: Hepaestus God of blacksmiths, sculptors, metallurgy Team Characteristics Attractive Fearsome Unfaithful weaker frightful Rivals!! Athena Hera ~Jelous of Beauty~ Rivals Aphrodite Was... Aphrodite was... Major Goddess She was an Olympian Her Story ~Ahprodite's Story~ Aphrodite was proved to cause the Trojan War. She wanted Paris to declare the she was the fairest of them all. To get him to declare that she promised him Helen. Helen though was already married to the king of sparta. So aphrodite helped paris take helen away to troy, causing the war against the greeks and the Trojans. Pictures Pictures Fun Facts FUn Facts Aphrodite was the model for the famous sculpture, Venus de Milo. #2 Fun Fact #2 Out of the 3 contenders; Aphrodite, hera, and athena, for the fairest of them all. THe winner got a golden apple. the winner was aphrodite. #3 Fun Fact #3 Aphrodite used a swan-drawn car to glide easily through air. #4 Fun Fact #4 She Symbolized: Dolphin Rose Scallop SHell myrtle dove Sparrow girdle mirror swan Video Video 1. Who was Aphrodite? 2. What are 2 characteristics about Aphrodite? Quiz Quiz goddess of Love and Beauty Attractive, fearsome, unfaithful, weaker, or frightful

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