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Transcript: No Child Left Behind Cartoon Presented by Aaron Magazine Cartoon Cartoon In the cartoon, the artist is clearly poking fun at the "No Child Left Behind" act created by President George Bush. The bus is derailed and heading for wherever, and the kids have no idea what is going on. They may be on the bus, but it has no one steering them in the right direction and they cannot help themselves in this situation. It is clear that the bus driver does not intend on taking them anywhere, and does not want them being able to drive themselves in the right direction. This is shown by the driver taking away the steering wheel. What is truly important to note is that this cartoon shows the ineffectiveness of NCLB. Connection to Urban Schools Connection To Urban Schools Shows the ineffectiveness of the "No Child Left Behind" (NCLB) act to improve test grades. Reveals how members of the education system (ie. teachers, board of education leaders, staff) do not agree with the act and want it gone. Connects to the article we read in class about the student who was very intelligent, but because english was his second language, he struggled to focus in reading and writing. The purpose of the NCLB act, according to, is "to ensure that students in every public school achieve important learning goals while being educated in safe classrooms by well-prepared teachers". This act is ineffective because the "important" learning goals are not improving, and the "well-prepared teachers" are not prepared to teach these kids how to take a test. Ineffectiveness Ineffectiveness Teachers and parents alike do not agree and/or support the act because they feel that there is no benefit for the students other than learning how to take a standardized test. It is also an invalid way to determine the level of intelligence the test taker is at because there are other variables that come into play on the day of the test. (ie: death of a family member, the "bag of crap" we discussed in class) Disbelief Disbelief Support of Topics Support of Topics Washington Post NCLB is 7 years overdue for reauthorization by Congress. Rate of Progression in schools at grades 4-8 was faster in the decade before NCLB took place. Slowdown in math was pronounced, specifically in grades 4-8. Rate of gain slowed significantly after 2007. Scores for students with disabilities flattened or decline. SAT scores have dropped during 2006-2014 for all demographic groups except asians. ACT scores have been flat since 2010 for all demographics. 0:50-2:23 Interview done by PBS showing the ineffectiveness of standardized testing and the disbelief in them from parents. Video 1. The effectiveness of No Child Left Behind in urban schools and in nonurban schools. 2. Whether or not test scores determine the intelligence level of students. 3. Does No Child Left Behind improve all, some, or no demographic groups? 4. Revenue from stnadardized testing. Relevant Issues Raised in Cartoon Relevant Issues Raised in Cartoon Corporations that make and distribute the tests are making big bucks from the tests. Corporations encourage new standards so they can make new tests, and make money. They profit from testing teachers, also. (edTPA) Corporations also make money through "recommended" study guides to help students prepare for the test. They use product placement in their tests. Are they making the test to show the intellingence level of students or to make as much money as they can? Revenue? Revenue? From reviewing the statistics behind the claims that NCLB is not working, I also believe that this act has proven to be unsuccessful and should be dropped immediately. Rather than pressuring teachers into having their students ready to take a single test, I feel they should focus on real education and inspiring kids to become willing to learn. I want to see if we can have a few states option out of NCLB because there is the possibility that it may better the urban schools in the US. Also, I feel that if teachers do not believe in the purpose of the act and believe that the outcome can only be negative, then there is little to no chance that they will want to help their students become better for that test. People need to believe in what they are working for in order to produce best results, which is not taking place in our schools today. Stand on the Issue Stand on the Issue "We have that, in another unfunded mandate, that so-called No Child Left Behind Act, which created tougher standards, and we al support that, but Congress did not provide the money to attract and hire the best teachers." -Bob Filner "This system is really broken. NCLB has really failed and the only way to solve education is to leave one governor behind." -Kinky Friedman "Allow states to opt out of NCLB." -Jim DeMint Quotes Quotes

Cartoon Presentation

Transcript: This cartoon depicts a multitude of problems apparent within the American Education System, as well as the urban school environment The desks are labeled with situations these students bring to school from their low-socioeconomic households, such as having a single parent, being homeless, hunger, and crime The teacher's desk contains a test schedule, paperwork, and "$ 4 supplies" showing that teachers are not given materials to teach with and use their own resources all for the purposes of test taking. In the back you have the "drive-by education experts" putting all blame on the teacher for issues in the classroom and they have plenty of media support behind them for cover “Children raised in poverty rarely choose to behave differently, but they are faced daily with overwhelming challenges that affluent children never have to confront, and their brains have adapted to suboptimal conditions in a way that undermines school performance.” My Stand "Every time you stop a school, you will have to build a jail. What you gain at one end you lose at the other. It's like feeding a dog on his own tail. It won't fatten the dog." - Mark Twain "Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation." - John F. Kennedy Cartoon Presentation Cartoon Description Important Video 3:50-5:35 Sources Teaching Students With Poverty In Mind Chapter 2 - Jensen There are clear issues within our education system, but there is never an easy fix. Change takes time, and it must start at both ends of the spectrum from the bureaucracy down to the parents and children themselves. Throwing money at our problems will not make them go away, and a more hands-on approach is needed in revamping the educational environment. We cannot see education through a myopic lens, for there are multiple things that must be done if we are to see education improve. Some of these solutions may include community support for students in impoverished areas, broadened unbiased curricula, and habitable working conditions in urban areas. Teaching With Poverty In Mind (Jensen) By: Max Mezei Special Quotes

Cartoon Presentation

Transcript: By: Jordan Harman Political Cartoon Presentation Title Satirical Political Cartoons By: Jordan Emory Harman Political Cartoon 1 Political Cartoon 1 The cartoon is an excellent example of satire because it exposes a current issue in society. This cartoons saturizes environmental activists because of their flawed attitude towards humanity. The title, "The Day After Tomorrow" represents the end of the world. Also the t-shirts and what the guys are saying represent their feelings towards humanity and the ruining of our envirnment. The comments made at the end create a chuckle while also showing tha satirist's attitude toward environmental activist groups. The satire is funny because of how casual the cartoon is along with the comments the two boys make about the ending. This isn't simple comedy, though. The Green Peace activist with his non-degradable cup just adds irony to the situation of saving the earth. Due to this, the satirist sends a message that shows humans need to rethink environmental activists in regards to their feelings towards humanity. Meaning Meaning Political Cartoon 2 Political Cartoon 2 This cartoon is a great example of satire. The concept of gay marriage is being satirized here. The cartoon shows an old man saying that gay marriage is evil to a supposedly gay couple. He then asks them to try and look more scary for him. It's assumed that the man is in a high position of power and the fact that he can't get gay marriage to seem evil is both ironic and humorous. This cartoon makes the satire funny because can't illegalize gay marriage himself so he asks the gay couples themselves to act evil to express his views on them. This mkes for a humorous tone because the man is relying on his targets to express his beliefs for him. This isn't mere comedy though because there's a sense of irony here. The man needs to rely on people he's opposing in order to convince everyone else that he's right. Meaning Meaning Political Cartoon 3 Political Cartoon 3 This cartoon is clearly satirizing President Obama's speech that he believed he created a stable Iraq by winning the war. The cartoon lists the date of him claiming this in 2011. However, 4 years later, ISIS is causing harm in the streets of Baghdad. This is humorous in the fact that Obama thinks he created a soverign nation in Iraq by defeating them in the war but they only arose a couple of years later. Which also creates a sense of irony. The satire is funny because Obama's claim is contradicted after 4 years by ISIS. He thinks he's created a stable Iraq but ISIS proved him wrong. Because this cartoon creates a sense of irony, it goes beyond just a comedy. The humorous criticism towards Obama's statement justifies is, supposed, stupidity. It's ironic that just a few years after he claims this, he is contradicted by ISIS causing destruction in the streets of Baghdad, Iraq. Meaning Meaning Political Cartoon 4 Political Cartoon 4 This cartoon is satirizing the tax cuts. The picture shows an elephant with a pair of scissors and an eagle with the word "economy" on it. This shows that the tax cuts will negatively effect the economy as a whole. The elephant is represented by the corrupt individuals who set the tax cuts in motion, which will cause a dampering on the economy. The humor side of this satire comes from the exaggerated feel of it. An elephant is using scissors to cut up an eagle. However, comedy was not the main focus here. The main focus was to criticize the act of the tax cuts and that it will hurt our economy, which is represented by the eagle. Meaning Meaning Political Cartoon 5 Political Cartoon 5 Meaning Meaning This cartoon is yet again satirizing the tax cuts for the wealthy. This is represented by the elephant which indicates that the wealthy are a monstrous figure compared to the middle class. The middle class is shown to be a janitor which shows how insignificant they'll be after the tax cuts for the wealthy. This is a great use of exaggeration to get across a criticism. Due to the tax cuts, the wealthy will get even bigger while the middle class will become more and more insignificant. The cartoon presents a humorous tone through its exaggeration. The wealthy will be giant elephants compared to the middle class which will be loely janitors. The metaphors will compliment the exaggeration which emohasizes its humorous tone. Comedy is not the main focus, though. The criticism through the use of exaggeration is what makes this a true satire. By cutting the taxes for the wealthy, you make it harder for the middle class to make a living, thus is why they are shown to be a janitor. Comparing and Contrasting Comparing and Contrasting If modern satires have anything in common with Jonathan Swift's satires, is that they are focused around political corruption and violence. They both also use irony to convey the stupidity of the subject that is being satirized. This helps people agree with the satires opinion and also helps with getting their

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