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Transcript: History of Prescription Drugs These drugs act on the nervous system to relieve pain. An example of opioids is tylenol with codeine. Its street name is Miss Emma. Mixing these two opioids will give you severe, sometimes fatal, liver problems, including the need for a liver transplant. It is used for relieving moderate to severe pain. Marijuana Thank You! Example: Hallucinogens Prescribed for: Relieving stress, Distortions, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder Prescription Drugs were first brought up in the early 1800's. In 1827 prescription drug abuse occurred during the civil war. In the 1800's, people didn't need a prescription for these drugs. Example: Stimulants They think that these drugs make them feel better; and if they don't take them, they think that they will feel terrible again. They are drugs that you get when you are sick. Your doctor has to prescribe them, and you have to pick them up at the pharmacy. You can't buy them at the store. Example: Morphine Why do people take these prescription drugs? Prescription Drugs By: Maria and Katelyn Street Name: Mary Jane, Dope, Grass, and Reefer Street Names: the smart drug, skippy, and black beauties Increases stimulant, activities, and processes in the body This drug can boost alertness, energy, and attention in people. Side effects: raises blood pressure and increased heart rate It's used for obesity, asthma, ADHD, Narcolepsy, depression, and health problems that affect the nervous system. Street Name: God's Drug It was originally prescribed to remove short acting pains. Doctors use this drug mostly after surgeries have taken place. Symptoms of overdose: increase thirst, weight gain, drowsiness, muscle cramps, swelling of face, fingers or lower legs, and increased blood pressure. 12-13 Street Names: Tooies, Candy, Zombie Pills, Downers, Barbs, and Yellows They slow down the normal activity that goes on in the nervous system. Doctors prescribe this for anxiety or sleeping problems. Effects: Fatigue, difficulty breathing, sexual problems, isomina, and sleeping problems Street Names: Shrooms and Magic Mushrooms Example: Depressants Hydrocodone Oxycodone Morphine Xanax Adderall Opioids Some PrescriptionDrugs include the following: Drowsiness Slowed breathing Constipation Unconscious Nausea Coma Increased or decreased sleep Increased or decreased appetite Hallucinogens Continued Anxiety Stress Relieve Depression Pain Relieve Sleeping Better Effects: hunger, sexual behavior, mood, muscle control, it makes you feel disconnected to your body, kidney problems, poor memory, and anxiety What are prescription drugs? What are these drugs prescribed for? What age do most people start abusing these drugs? Psilocybin* Example: Opioids Effects of these drugs: 62 ECG bpm


Transcript: Pharmaceutical Epidemic Overdoses Perscrpition Painkillers: 16,235 deaths Overdoses Heroin: 8,257 deaths Cocaine: 5,100 deaths Meth: 3,400 deaths Heroine The Fine Line Codiene Vicodin Norco Dilaudid Morphine Legal Illegal 1.3 million people annually are injured by medication errors Side Effects One person every day dies Meant to help, but too often hurt Doctors make mistakes Topamax-"Dope-amax" tiredness, drowsiness, dizziness, nervousness, numbness or tingly feeling, coordination problems, diarrhea, weight loss, speech/language problems, changes in vision, sensory distortion, loss of appetite, bad taste in your mouth, confusion, slowed thinking, trouble concentrating or paying attention, memory problems, cold symptoms such as stuffy nose, sneezing, or sore throat. One of Top 6 most dangerous antibiotics on the market Ciprofloxacin Given as a last resort or to those who have certain types of plague or have been exposed to anthrax Can rupture the Achilles Tendon along with all other tendons Can destroy the memory system Now What? 1. Ask Questions Is this drug addictive? Why is this medicine the best choice for me? What are my options? 2. Do Your Own Research Search what the side effects are Check for possible medication or health conflicts your doctor may not be aware of Explore other potential options 3. Inform Your Doctor Talk about all and potential health issues Mention any and all drugs being taken, including illegal substances Inform the doctor of your family history You can say: "No." Be informed, and don't become a statistic. Thank you


Transcript: Loss of appetite Increased heart rate Dilation of pupils Disturbed sleep patterns Nausea Organ damage Blood vessel damage High blood pressure Psychosis Depression Malnutrition People take prescription drugs to help them through life if they have some complications at the moment, whether it be in the form of mental illnesses like depression and ADHD but they can also be small things like fevers. Nowadays, teens are using prescription drugs, more than illegal, street drugs as according to a survey about 50% of teens believe that taking prescription drugs is safer. Contrary to popular belief, prescription drugs can be quite as dangerous as those that are illegal. They can cause extremely harmful effects to those that the drugs are not prescribed for and could even cause death. Thank You! By Iris, Jade and Jaime!!! Types: Misuse A licensed medicine, regulated by the legislation. To obtain, a doctor's prescription is required. Used for medical purposes. Cost and Availability: Prescription Drugs Reasons for Use Prescription Drugs The cost and availability of prescription drugs varies greatly as there are many different types all with differing purposes and differing prices. Most prescription drugs can be bought from a pharmacist of at the doctor's. Although some drugs, such as Marijuana are illegal unless they have been authorized and only for medical uses. Long-term Effects Short-term Effects Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Antibiotics Pain Relievers Sedatives Stimulants Anti- depressants

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