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Zoom Zoom!!!

Transcript: 3. If you got right, Sid will Zoom in but if you are wrong Sid will zoom out. The Answer is Tuthmosis III and Hatshepsut. The Answer is that weapons are developed so he can captured a lot of cities. 1. He was god. 2. Weapons are developed so he can captured. 3. He had a lot of people. 4. He has many wives in other countries, too. 5. He was Sid. 1. Defaced by Tuthmosis III 2. Broke because of Volcano 3. Developed by Tuthmosis III 4.Move to universe 5. Sid touched it What had happened to Hatshepsut's temple? Zoom Zoom There was some monument that is built for Tuthmosis III, what it is? Tuthmosis III How could Tuthmosis III can captured 350 cities? The answer is Napoleon of Egypt. The Answer is Napoleon of Egypt. 1. He was too old. 2. He fell in love with a beggar. 3. He tried to kill his father. 4. Hatshepsut took over his power. 5. He was not a son of Tuthmosis II. 1. Obelisk 2. Temple 3. Sid 4. Statue of Liberty 5. School Who was Tuthmosis III's Father and step-mother? What has Tuthmosis III called? Thank you to Sid 1. Ramesses II and Isis 2. Tutankhamun and Cleopatra 3. Tuthmosis I and Isis 4. Tuthmosis II and Hatshepsut 5. Sid and Lucia Hatshepsut took over his Place. Who zoom in all the answer for us. You are right. The Answer is that Tuthmosis III defaced Hatshepsut's temple. Rule of the Game!!! The Answer is Obelisk. 1. There will be a Question. 2. You should raise your hand and answer the question. The answer is number 4 because Hatshepsut took over the power of Tuthmosis III, he can't rule for 22 years. Why can't Tuthmosis III don't have power for 22 years? You are Correct. The answer is Obelisk. 1. Napoleon of Egypt 2. Lee sun shin of Egypt 3. Genghis Khan of Egypt 4. Sid of Egypt 5. Hitler of Egypt

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