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Transcript: Nobody knows babies like we do! Quality products . Good Customer service. Every Kid really loves this store.. BABYLOU ABOUT US About Us BabyLou was established in 2004. It has been more than a decade since we started, where we have ensured to take care of every need and want of every child and infant under one roof, true to the caption “NO BODY KNOWS BABIES LIKE WE DO”. Our benchmark is to provide 100% customer service and satisfaction and continue to deliver the same with a wide range of toys, garments and Baby Products. Play and Create We Are Best 01 02 03 Block games Building Blocks help Kids to use their brain. PLAY TO LEARN in Crusing Adventures Our Discoveries Enjoy a sunny vacation aboard a luxury yacht with the LEGO® Creator 3in1 31083 Cruising Adventures set. This ship has all the comforts you need, including a well-equipped cabin and a toilet. Sail away to a sunny bay and take the cool water scooter to the beach. Build a sandcastle, enjoy a picnic, go surfing or check out the cute sea creatures before you head back to the yacht for a spot of fishing. Escape into the mountains Disney Little Princes in Also available for your Babies..... Also... Out of The World… Our reponsibility BABYLOU…. Our Responsibility All children have the right to fun, creative and engaging play experiences. Play is essential because when children play, they learn. As a provider of play experiences, we must ensure that our behaviour and actions are responsible towards all children and towards our stakeholders, society and the environment. We are committed to continue earning the trust our stakeholders place in us, and we are always inspired by children to be the best we can be. Innovate for children We aim to inspire children through our unique playful learning experiences and to play an active role in making a global difference on product safety while being dedicated promoters of responsibility towards children.

World Map Template

Transcript: When COVID-19 came to Canada, the housing prices skyrocketed. They peaked in march and have gone down since then. These prices were very unreasonable but now they are affordable. This is related to housing because affordable houses can reach many more people. The UK has made a trade deal with Australia and there are some concerns about it impacting farmers in the UK. In the article, it talks about how the trade deal can create more opportunities for the farmers. This is related to civic engagement since the farmers should have trust in their government. Thank You for Coming In Pakistan, there is a store where the police get free food. When there was resistance at the store, the police arrested 19 employees. I think this has to do with civic engagement since the police are related to the government and I think it has to do with safety since safety is about everything being fair while this is not. In Ethiopia, there is a famine going on where many people are starving. Since there were soldiers who threatened many citizens, the farmers cannot plant crops which reduces the food supply. This is very related to health since starving is bad for your health There was an election in Peru. The votes were counted and there was a winner but one of the candidates thought that there was fraud so they had to recount the ballots. This is connected to civic engagement because this is politics and people want a say in it. In Australia, there was a bank website outage. This outage hit many major banks and definitely connected to safety. This would be related to safety since this is related to financial safety. With these bank website outages, you could lose your money and your finances would not be very safe. .

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