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Transcript: High water flux for both membrane types Improved fouling resistance Nanofiltration membranes, much more efficient than ultrafiltration to obtain water from textile effluents Next Steps 2 Melt extrusion (non-solvent system) Compression molding Solution casting (mostly used) The Importance of Highly Branched Polymers * Step 2: * Molecular weight control with GPC * Wastewater containing dyes : Color and potential toxicity * Dye removal from colored effluents * * * Order of monomer addition for instance, A over B or B over A ...move on to highly branched polysulfone... The film formation ability was checked out. LPSf (12 wt %) was applied with ~ 5x5 (cm) area. * * Reaction time Polyamide Type Top Layer Thickness Measurement 2 * Infinite molecular weight * Various hyperbranched structures * Low molar mass products before the gel point * Multicyclization products Polysulfone and Functional Polysulfone Membranes in Water Treatment A : B = 1:1.1 Procedure of Sequential Interfacial Polymerization 2 * * Poly(N-vinylpyrolidone) better than poly(ethylene glycol) * DMAc more suitable than NMP Sequential interfacial polymerization Filler Addition Advantage A : B = 1:1 * A compact intrinsic structure * Functional terminal groups * Low viscosity * High solubility * One-pot approach, stepwise polymerization Comparison of the rejection performance 3 Polymer-assisted method of membrane formation Membrane Preparation Difficulties Novel Polyamide Bilayer Membrane ...move on to highly branched polymer... Two polymers are needed. Physically compatible but immiscible polymers in a common solvent What if we do not control the branching? 2 Polyamide and Polyethersulfone Membranes in The Nanofiltration of Reactive Dye-Salt Mixtures Thank you January, 11 2016 A + B Approach To Highly Branched Polymers Step 1: 3 Further Steps Interfacial Polymerization Membrane Types Control: Absorption intensity of carbonyl polyamide group using the equation as follows: * LPSf with Mn: 42742 g/mol was synthesized. Also, membrane thickness is important for PSf. The Importance of Controlled Branching 2 Membrane Preparation Difficulties and The Solution To The Difficulty Macrovoid formation * When a more porous top layer is obtained, the macrovoids formation is suppressed. 3 Advantages of Nanofiltration and Ultrafiltration Membranes . 3 3 th * Merve Biçen * * Suppression of macrovoids * Enhanced mechanical strength & lifetime * Enhanced interconnectivity of the pores: Superior permeability Microporous membranes : Suitable for ultrafiltration & microfiltration Preparation: Phase Inversion

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Transcript: Customize PowerPoint Click on the Office button and choose New to use a template for your presentation. Under Templates, you have options to use Installed Templates, My templates, or Microsoft Office Online Templates. Click on the thumbnail of the desired template and click on the Create button. This opens a new presentation with the new template. Click on the arrow next to New Slide on the Home tab in the Slides group. Click on one of the layouts to apply to the slide. Select Apply to selected slides. Adding a New Slide To add text to slide : Click inside the placeholder and type the desired text. Click in a outside part of the slide to deselect the text box. To create bullet points press enter key . You can click on the placeholders with colored icons to automatically insert object like tables , clipart & charts. GROUP MEMBERS We can saving the ppt in many ways:- By the keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+S) for saving the ppt. PPT can be saved in file extension :- .pptx. .pptm. .potx. .ppt. .ppsx. Choosing a Layout The blank template The first thing that when we open the new PowerPoint is the blank template. Click inside the placeholders and type. Type in the text for title and subtitle. PowerPoint has a variety of design themes to choose from on the design tab. In the themes group, click on the document theme you want to apply to your presentation. Live preview allows you to see how the current slide looks with a theme. All you have to do is rest the cursor on the thumbnail of that theme and it appears on the current slide. To see more themes, use the scroll buttons beside the theme thumbnails. SAVING Adding Content Ayush Ajith Ayush Anil Dhruv Azim Divesh Elvin Gaurav Harit Applying a Theme MS PowerPoint The PowerPoint allows you to customize wide range of options to make PowerPoint work the best for you. To access these customizable options:- Click the OFFICE BUTTON. Click PowerPoint Options inform custom Animation in quick access toolbar. Add a new slide using the New Slide button on the Home tab in the Slides group. By default, PowerPoint adds a slide with Title and Content layout. Adding a Template Select the slides in the slide tab. Right-click on the thumbnail to access the shortcut menu. Select apply to selected slides. To apply theme only to selected slides: CREATING A NEW PRESENTATION

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Transcript: The multi-dimension theory was derived from supergravity. It dealt with the gravitational forces that exist in between dimensions. All of the different 'fundamental ' particles of the Standard Model are really just different manifestations of one basic object: a string A string can do something aside from moving--- it can oscillate in different ways. If it oscillates a certain way, then from a distance, unable to tell it is really a string, we see an electron. But if it oscillates some other way, well, then we call it a photon, or a quark Our Solar system forms STRING THOERY Time Space 5 dimensions at amolecular level HORIZON The Other Dimensions -string streached & combined Thank you...! Thank You...! string complemented 11 d The 3 Basic Dimensions ATOMIC MODEL Possibilitity of...EVERYTHING!! ~ Several hundred thousand years Hence physicists have been making an uncomfortable discovery. Supersymmetry was expected to be discovered by now The large number of dimensions are have never been detected It doesn’t make any precise predictions doesnt justifies Singularity...! Time Begins Big Bang Timeline called M theory/Membrane theory. Gravitational force in between the dimensions The universe begins ~13.7 Billion years ago The universe begins as the size of a single atom The universe began as a violent expansion All matter and space were created from a single point of pure energy in an instant The universe is not the only one leading to the possiblitity of parallel universe So after all this i would like to leave you with a question, where does this ends and who controls this? TYPES OF STRING THEORY team members info: It was the attempt of Albert Einstein to create a Theory of Everything Science has been haunted by a dark Secret With the addition of the 11th dimension the String theory had again started to make sense. When viewed from the 11th dimension, all the versions of the String theory turned out to be valid. After a decade, the string theory disintegrated into five different theories. Each had some properties that made physicists think it would reflect the physical reality of our world- and some prperties that are clearly not true in our universe Type I string theory Type IIA string theory Type IIB string theory Type HO string theory Type HE string theory Forward and backward Up and down Left and right 1) It hasn't been observed experimentally, 2) String Theory may provide physicists with a way to unify all of the forces of nature into one basic force that just behaves differently in different situations... 3) In addition to understanding "HOW" the universe works the way it works, it could help us begin to answer some of the "WHY" questions... Or if not answer those questions, at least correctly frame the "why" questions. 4) The mathematical framework of String Theory is really complex and un-intuitive, that doesn't mean it's wrong. But it is the source of much of the criticism of String Theory. A universe exactly like our universe The 11th Dimension Ordinary matter is made of atoms, which are in turn made of just three basic components: electrons whirling around a nucleus composed of neutrons and protons. The electron is a truly fundamental particle (it is one of a family of particles known as leptons), but neutrons and protons are made of smaller particles, known as quarks. Levels of magnification: 1. Macroscopic level: Matter 2. Molecular level 3. Atomic level: Protons, neutrons, and electrons 4. Subatomic level: Electron 5. Subatomic level: Quarks 6. String level 1st stars and galaxies form The universe has grown from the size of an atom to larger than the size a grapefruit E=mc2 energy froze into matter according to Albert Einstein’s equation. This basically says that like snowflakes freezing, energy forms matter into clumps that today we call protons, neutrons and electrons. These parts later form into atoms Big Bang – energy Matter E=mc2 protons Neutrons electrons Atoms Hydrogen Helium Stars and galaxies Our solar system Sun and all Planets Earth (present day) ~ 3 minutes after big bang The M Theory They can be at any place at one time The Big Bang Theory ~200 to 400 million years evolving a new theory MULTI-DIMENSION THEORY Drawbacks Of String Theory Aishwarya Chavan 12 Himani Deshpande 19 Nikita Gavand 30 Prathamesh Bagwe 07 Sanket Devlekar 21 ATOMS form (specifically Hydrogen and its isotopes with a small amount of Helium.) The early Universe was about 75% Hydrogen and 25% Helium. It is still almost the same today. It was the major point of difference between the String theory and the Multi-Dimension theory. Largely discredited by the scientists working on the String theory. It is a spatial dimension from where all 10 dimensions can be viewed. Theories Of Everithing Supergravity 4.6 billion years ago The String Theory + The 11th Dimension How strong is gravity??... Here are the things that are likely to be most important for you to know about String Theory They were, they said, had ghosts and

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