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Transcript: INTRODUCTION Science and Technology Group 4 1. Nadia Nurfitri Sofiyani (210604010) 2. Ernita Edris (210604009) 3. Delvi Zalianti (210603025) 4. Marisha Silta Fany(210603026) 5. Alvi Syahrin (210604005) 6. Jalden Darma(2106040) Science and Technology Science and technology is developing continues, even today progressing rapidly. The development is not only in the count years, months, or days, but hours, even minutes or seconds, especially with regard to information and communication technology supported 52 Missio Journal of Education and Culture, Volume 10, Number 1, January 2018, p. 1-136 with electronic technology. The influence extends to various areas of life, including field of education. The influence of the development of science this very fast knowledge and technology have positive and negative impacts. The development of science and technology have a positive impact by being more open and dissemination of information and knowledge from and to the whole world transcends the boundaries of space and time. The negative impact is the change behavior, ethics, norms, rules, or morals of life contrary to ethics, norms, rules, and moral life in society. In response to this situation, the role of education very important to develop impact positive and correct the negative impact. What is the relationship between religion and science and technology? What is the relationship between religion and science and technology? 1 1. The secular paradigm, namely paradigm that views religion and science and technology as separate from each other other. Because, in the ideology of Western secularism, religion has been separated from life (fashl al-din 'an al-hayah). Religion is not denied existence, but only limited to its role in personal relationships man with his god. Religion doesn't rule life public/public. 2. Socialist paradigm, namely the paradigm of ideology socialism which denies the existence of religion altogether. Religion is not yes, there is no connection and connection whatsoever with science and technology. science and technology can running independently and completely free from religion. Paradigm this is similar to the secular paradigm above, but more extreme. In secular paradigm, religion functions in a secular way, that is, it does not its existence is denied, but its role is only limited in relationships man-god vertical. Currently in the socialist paradigm, religion viewed atheistically, which is considered non-existent (in-exist) and discarded completely out of life. 2 3. Islamic paradigm, which is a paradigm that views that religion is the basis and regulator of life. Islamic Aqidah is the basis of all knowledge. Islamic Aqeedah manifested in whatever is in the Qur'an and Al-Hadith-- become qa'idah fikriyah (foundation of thought), which is a principle that is On it is built the whole building of thought and science man. 3 PENGARUH POSITIF TEKNOLOGI TERHADAP DUNIA PENDIDIKAN POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF TECHNOLOGY ON THE WORLD OF EDUCATION POSITIVE EFFECT POSITIVE EFFECT The emergence of mass media, especially the media electronics as a source of knowledge and center Education. Such as the Internet network, Lab. School Computers and others. The emergence of learning methods that new, which makes it easier for students and teachers to learning process. The learning system does not have to go through face-to-face advance. Meeting the need for educational facilities can be filled quickly. The existence of a data processing system of assessment results using technology. NEGATIVE EFFECTS NEGATIVE EFFECTS Students or also students become addicts of the excessive existence of the virtual world. E-learning which can cause shifting of teachers and resulting in the teacher gets eliminated, or also causes creation of an individual because the learning system can be done alone. Students can be exposed to information overload, which is to find endless information available on the internet, so that willing to spend hours on collect and organize information existing, which can finally make someone is addicted, especially regarding pornography and can cost money because only to serve addiction the. Causing apathy in each individual, both for students / students / students and teachers/teachers/lecturers. Frequent access to the internet is feared student/student instead of really make use of information technology by optimal, but instead accesses things which is not good, such as pornography, games on line.

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Transcript: High water flux for both membrane types Improved fouling resistance Nanofiltration membranes, much more efficient than ultrafiltration to obtain water from textile effluents Next Steps 2 Melt extrusion (non-solvent system) Compression molding Solution casting (mostly used) The Importance of Highly Branched Polymers * Step 2: * Molecular weight control with GPC * Wastewater containing dyes : Color and potential toxicity * Dye removal from colored effluents * * * Order of monomer addition for instance, A over B or B over A ...move on to highly branched polysulfone... The film formation ability was checked out. LPSf (12 wt %) was applied with ~ 5x5 (cm) area. * * Reaction time Polyamide Type Top Layer Thickness Measurement 2 * Infinite molecular weight * Various hyperbranched structures * Low molar mass products before the gel point * Multicyclization products Polysulfone and Functional Polysulfone Membranes in Water Treatment A : B = 1:1.1 Procedure of Sequential Interfacial Polymerization 2 * * Poly(N-vinylpyrolidone) better than poly(ethylene glycol) * DMAc more suitable than NMP Sequential interfacial polymerization Filler Addition Advantage A : B = 1:1 * A compact intrinsic structure * Functional terminal groups * Low viscosity * High solubility * One-pot approach, stepwise polymerization Comparison of the rejection performance 3 Polymer-assisted method of membrane formation Membrane Preparation Difficulties Novel Polyamide Bilayer Membrane ...move on to highly branched polymer... Two polymers are needed. Physically compatible but immiscible polymers in a common solvent What if we do not control the branching? 2 Polyamide and Polyethersulfone Membranes in The Nanofiltration of Reactive Dye-Salt Mixtures Thank you January, 11 2016 A + B Approach To Highly Branched Polymers Step 1: 3 Further Steps Interfacial Polymerization Membrane Types Control: Absorption intensity of carbonyl polyamide group using the equation as follows: * LPSf with Mn: 42742 g/mol was synthesized. Also, membrane thickness is important for PSf. The Importance of Controlled Branching 2 Membrane Preparation Difficulties and The Solution To The Difficulty Macrovoid formation * When a more porous top layer is obtained, the macrovoids formation is suppressed. 3 Advantages of Nanofiltration and Ultrafiltration Membranes . 3 3 th * Merve Biçen * * Suppression of macrovoids * Enhanced mechanical strength & lifetime * Enhanced interconnectivity of the pores: Superior permeability Microporous membranes : Suitable for ultrafiltration & microfiltration Preparation: Phase Inversion

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