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Tri-Fold Project

Transcript: Determine how authors presents his or her ideas about the topic -the authors presentation of information/subjective-emotion/objective-facts only Story 2 Emphasis The writer emphasizes a lot on the fact that a lot of people died the day if this tragic event. Tri-Fold Project By: Ayisha Scott and David Perez Story 1 Tone "The triangle Factort Fire was New York's worst workplace disaster up until that time" this is coming directly from the author. Story 2 Story 1 Story 2 We would describe the writing as serious because he is simply stating the facts so the reader knows what happend. The story is oblective because the author is just stating the facts and tellignus what happened,he does not put any emotion in it whatsoever. -the authors attitude toward his or her subject We wpuld desscribe this writing as a little bit more emotional.It is talking about the after math of everything which is pretty sad. "These laws formed the foundation of the New York State industrial Code,the finest in the country."This statement is the authors opinion. Story 2 Story 1 The writer emphasizes on the fact that it could have been avoided. The fire was no ones control but had there been more fire drills and access to fire escapes the number of people who died would have drastically dropped. -be aware of any comment or statement that sounds like it cane straight from the author Pay attention to how the historical figures are portrayed. Story 1 Fire cheif Crocker Max Cutter was put in the story because he was there and witnessed a lot. "they began to fall on the layers of thin goods underneath them," That is an observation he made thats why he is important. Direct statements This writing is subjective because the author gave his opinion on things and seemed a little emotional towards some things. Point of View Portrayals Story 2 Story 1

Tri fold project

Transcript: The Great Barrier Reef (Vaca through us and feel like a pampered vaca!) Cyndie Almaraz / TackyTours4U 11/05/19 Company Logo The Great Barrier Reef is getting weaker everyday as it is bleached by human polluted chemicals As we pollute the air and oxygen, the warm climate affects the water as well The warm climates in the water causes the colorful corral in the reef to suffer, starve and die The marvelous colors of the corral turn white as they're bleached from starvation; dying corral causes animals to have no place to live as well, killing them too Common Challenges Common Challenges Market Trends Market Trends Take a luxurious trip to Cairns Queensland, Australia so you can scuba dive and see the eighth wonder of the world: The Great Barrier Reef!! Stay in the beautiful Cairns island so you'll be close to the reefs when you're ready to dive in It's not very expensive, a bit of monthly payments and you'll be relaxing in no time! Stay at the beautiful Bailey, Crystal-brook Collection Hotel Pay a small price to get an instructor to take you scuba diving 3 dives for 93$ (please provide your own wetsuit Scuba Pricing Beautiful The Great Barrier Reef Information on the Reef Damselfish Potato Grouper Humphead Wrasse Giant Clam Blacktip reef shark Sea turtle Clownfish Types of animals: Animals Coral Algae Seagrass Anemone Plants Plants Fun Fact! Clown fish use anemone as a home because the slime on the anemone makes them immune to stings but affects other sea mammals All of the plants and animals in the reef can be considered edible but the reef itself feeds off of algae Food Types of foods White band disease is the disease that is occurring right now as the climate gets hotter, bleaching the reef Diseases: Diseases

Tri Fold - CJ

Transcript: How Can You Live Your Life, but Also Develop? The Kingdom Of Back Marie Lu CJ Park CJ Park Plot + Conflict Plot The Plot and summary of the book. The plot of the book, The Kingdom of Back: Exposition: At the start of the book, we are introduced to the Mozart twins, Wolfgang (Wolferl), and Maria-Anna (Nannerl). They are brother and sister and both have a keen taste in the clavier and music. Rising Action: They dream about an imaginary kingdom called the Kingdom of Back, in which they meet a prince who talks to Nannerl in private, to give her what she had desired, which is to gain some recognition, little did she know that this prince, Hyacinth, had evil motives. Climax: The climax isn't very clear, but we see that her brother, now pretty recognized by many and a musical genius, signs his name as Mozart, and not Wolfgang. Resolution: We see the Nannerl as she accepts herself for who she is and we understand that aging is very difficult. Conflict Conflict The conflict of this book is called Character VS Society. The society in the 18th Century in Austria is partially/extremely sexist. We see Nannerl trying to pursue her dream of being recognized as a musician, but we see her struggling to do so as the society is against her. The society in the 18th century has made it so that women can't write music. This was a problem because her talent is to write music, but since she can't, she can't pursue her dream. Characters Nannerl Mozart Nannerl is the Main Character This Character is Nannerl Mozart. Nannerl is the main character of the book. We see her developing and learning how hard some things are and how to deal with tough situations, like when she had her first period. We see Nannerl also using her musical talent to reach places. With her creativeness, we can also see her going into the kingdom of back, which is an imaginary kingdom of the Mozart twins' creativeness. With reality and this fake land barely any different. Wolfgang Mozart Wolfgang, also known as Wolferl to close relatives, is Nannerl's younger brother. As Nannerl teaches Wolferl the Clavier, we understand Wolferl's wonderful musical talent. We can also see Wolferl gliding in and out of the Kingdom of back and reality. Wolferl doesn't really seem to make a big fuss, though, he is really intrigued. Character Traits Character Traits Nannerl - Nannerl is a woman at her time in Austria. She does and tries to understand woman-y things. She is kind and caring but espicially towards her brother Wolferl. Nannerl is also very creative and really enjoys music. However, she wants to be remembered as a famous musician, not some kind of sidekick to her brother. Wolferl - Wolferl is the talent of the family. Even though he is not the main character, we see him change throughout the story. Wolferl is imaginative but also very fearless and courageous. Wolferl also cares a lot about Nannerl, too.;internal&action=_setlanguage.action?LANGUAGE=en Minor Characters Minor Characters Leopold- Mozart twin's father. Leopold has a taste for music and enjoys the clavier and was the first to introduce the instrument to the Kids. Hyacinth- Hyacinth was the person who started the quest for Nannerl, but he isn't major. He is a partial antagonist, because he came with bad purpose, but Nannerl wanted to be recognised so badly, she didn't see through his intentions. Author The author of this book is Marie Lu. Author The author of this book is Marie Lu. At first, I didn't know who she was but she was a great author. Marie Lu is the author of two amazing trilogies. Legend, and the Young Elites. She first was into the video game industry and worked at Disney. However, she found her passion for writing and started well, writing. Setting Setting The setting of this book is in Austria, Hungary in the 18th Century.

Australia and Its Neighbouring Countries

Transcript: EDU20001 Assignment 2: Digital Presentation Lesson PLAN AUSTRALIA'S NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES LESSON PLAN PAGE 1 PAGE 1 LESSON PLAN PAGE 2 PAGE 2 LESSON PLAN PAGE 3 PAGE 3 LESSON PLAN PAGE 4 PAGE 4 ICT ACTIVITY What is the sole purpose of the ICT Activity? The ICT activity provided within the lesson plan is for children to present an adequate level of research and planning to enable them to construct a travel brochure of their choice. The ICT activity presented enables students to become independent learners by allowing them to research and plan on their designated location. Although the subtopics within each destination are provided by the educator, the student is free to explore and acquire further knowledge on anything that they feel is necessary or relevant to their chosen destination. An important aspect of this ICT activity is to allow students to explore their creative capabilities and presentation skills. They are given full responsibility in the design and layout of their travel brochure. ICT gives the students a way to create information and presentations, be responsible for their own decision making, communicate various ideas, opinions and views, have their own creative expression and manage their own work proficiently. How its done? 1 2 3 4 ASSESSMENT TASK ASSESSMENT Is a summative assessment task that provides an overall summary of a students learning throughout the unit of work. The type of assessment task: Type of assessment task The purpose of this assessment task is to examine students achievement at the end of a learning period. The assessment task is a graded piece of work that is marked based on the components within the marking check list. The assessment task incorporates many ICT components that will challenge a students learning. The students will need to research designated topics as well as any extra information they feel is necessary for them to complete the travel brochure to the best of their ability. A travel brochure is a perfect way to encourage students to access their own personal designs and present their information in anyway possible. Explanation of Assessment Task Explanation of assessment task Think about how you would like to present your brochure? Examples of travel brochure Here is an example of a brochure template. Template Example TEMPLATE One of the most common types of brochures out there is the bi-fold brochure, which is formed by a single sheet of paper which is folded into halves, after the information has been printed on its sides. BI FOLD BROCHURE BI FOLD (Lucid press, n.d.) (Graphic River, 2014) A tri fold brochure is like a bi fold brochure although is folded into thirds resulting in six panels (three panels on each side). Tri Fold Brochure TRI FOLD (Canva Templates, n.d.) (Graphic River, 2014) References Brochure References Canva Templates. (n.d.). Rustic Prague Travel Brochure [Brochure]. Retrieved from Djlovelyboy. (2018). travel brochure template for kids [brochure template]. Retrieved from Graphic River. (2014). Travel / Tourism Bi-Fold Brochure Bundle v1 [brochure]. Retrieved from Lucid press. (n.d.). Golden Gate Bi-Fold Travel Brochure Template [brochure ]. Retrieved from REFERENCES AND RESOURCES REFERENCES Australian Curriculum. (n.d.). Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capability. Retrieved from Board of Studies NSW. (n.d.). Geography K–10. Retrieved from Flint, A. S., Kitson, L., Lowe, K., Shaw, K., & Feez, S. (2014). Chapter 1 of Literacy in Australia : pedagogies for engagement - Examining Literacy in the 21st Century. In Literacy in Australia: Pedagogies for engagement (pp. 2-26). Milton Qld: Wiley. Formative and Summative Assessments Center for Teaching and Learning. (n.d.). Retrieved from

The Tri-Fold

Transcript: Affirmation Students can write a summary. Students create a group sequence on the blank piece of paper. Ask students to think about cause and effect. When to use the Tri-fold Activation Process Trifold template, sticky notes, blank sheets of paper, pens and pencils. Goal is to have students identify a sequence or a cause/effect relationship from the reading. Can jigsaw the reading. Students talk in small groups about what they read. Students have to individually evaluate what they put on their stickies in light of the reading. Remove the sticky if it is not relevant. Students use additional sticky notes to write about at least 3 events. The students organize the sticky notes on the template in order. Students share their sequence choices with their small group. Students can make changes to their order. Tips Teach students how to think, not what to think. Appreciate their understanding of the text, so they can make the topic "theirs" instead of steering them towards the teacher's interpretation. Divide students into groups of four or five, give each student a tri-fold template. Ask students about what images or concepts they associate with the topic of the day. After students have individually brainstormed, have them discuss their ideas with the hwole group. Go around the room and listen. Have students draw or write about their ideas on the sticky notes. Its ok to use native language. One idea per sticky note. Put the sticky notes on the What I think part of the template. The Tri-Fold Materials To help students understand temporal sequence To help student understand cause and effect Helps to identify main ideas, and segment the text into manageable chunks. Connection process

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