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Transcript: Story takes place in Tombstone, Arizona Wyatt Earp and his brothers arrive in town where they run into a bunch of outlaws and take matters into their own hands by cleaning up the streets Along the way Wyatt's good friend Doc Holliday joins the group to support their efforts Over the course of the movie all the guys have to overcome family matters and death Justin Carlyle Significance Overview When the movie first came out, Owen Glieberman of Entertainment Weekly gave the movie a C-and says that it very stereotypical and consists of a lot of cliches. On Rotten Tomatoes, the personal reviews are much better as many say that the movie is one of the best they have seen. The audience gives the movie a 93% approval rating. Overall, I think the movie is very good. I have watched it numerous times and would recommend it to anyone who likes Western and Violence movies. Also, Doc Holliday is my favorite character as his humorous remarks throughout the movie make for good comic relief. The movie displays the infamous gunfight very accurately as everybody who was involved historically is correctly placed in the movie. Also the movie portrays how the gunfight went down as everybody who was killed and injured during that event happened correctly in the movie. Lastly, the environment in which the gunfight occurs is represented accurately along with the time of day. Personal Opinion Historical Accuracies and Inaccuracies Critical Reviews Death of Johnny Ringo The movie Tombstone was a good movie in my opinion and was critically reviewed to be an ok film. The significance of this movie was to identify the time of the cowboy, Wyatt Earp's life as a great sheriff, and the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Lastly, the movie did a good job of depicting the significant events. Overall Reaction & Mixed Reviews Gunfight at the O.K. Corral Conclusoin Identifies the importance of Wyatt Earp, who is considered among many to be "toughest and deadliest gunman of his day" The infamous gunfight at the O.K. Corral Portrays the "Old West" and the heated battles between cowboys and outlaws The main inaccuracy in the movie is the portrayal of how Johnny Ringo is killed. In the movie the killing of Ringo is by the gun of Doc Holliday who manages to get to him before Wyatt Earp. However, history shows that nobody actually knows who killed Johnny Ringo, many believe it was suicide as evidence leans that way. However, their are many critics who believe it could have been by four different people including Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. Tombstone Intro


Transcript: Downfall of Tombstone Location Took place on October 26, 1881 between lawmen and Cowboys. Old Kindersley Legacy Gold Rush This caused thousands upon thousands of people to migrate west. Most of this crime started coming to an end after the Gunfight at the OK Corral, which occurred on October 26, 1881. The Gold Rush started in 1848 when gold was found at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California. Crime was so bad that they had to appoint a police chief (Wyatt Earp) to attempt to control the cowboys The gunfight lasted 30 seconds. Crime in Tombstone Tombstone was founded in 1879 and was one of the last wide-open frontier boomtowns in the American Old West Shortly after its founding there was a silver boom in 1879. In a few short years the population was over 1,000. Cowboys in Tombstone Tombstone was founded by Ed Schieffelin, he was a scout for the U. S. Army Founding Cochise County, Arizona. When it was founded in 1879 it was in Pima County, Arizona Territory. The Clantons and McLaury brothers - All joined together in Tombstone and participated in robbery and cattle rustling. O.K. Corral John Miskinis, John Sorisio, Tanner Dudek The town produced millions of dollars of precious metals in a very short time During WWI the town made manganese for the United States. Then 25 years after the war they mined lead. After WWII the town reopened and focused on tourism. Today they welcome more than 500,000 people a year. Tombstone The wood construction and lack of water made the town very dry. There were two big fires the second burned most of the original town. When the mines quit producing the town went from a boomtown to a ghost town in what seemed like one night.


Transcript: Allen Street today. One of the most notorious streets in the old west is alive and well in Tombstone. Throughout the past 140 years it has survived two major fires, the loss of the mining industry, and countless violent encounters. Each year many thousands of visitors walk where old west heros and villians lived, worked and fought. From boomtown to bust this little city earned its nickname, "The Town Too Tough To Die". Get a glimpse of the true old West at Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park. Built in 1882 in the shape of a Roman cross, the two-story Victorian structure once housed the offices of the sheriff, recorder, treasurer, board of supervisors, jail, and courtrooms of Cochise County. Today, the 12,000 square foot courthouse is a museum filled with the glitter and guns of those who tamed the territory. Exhibits portray the authentic history of Tombstone as a frontier silver mining boomtown. Learn about miners, cattlemen and pioneers, and see a reproduction of the courtroom and sheriff’s office.Displays include a tax license for operating a brothel and an invitation to a hanging. A replica of the gallows in the courtyard represents where seven men were hanged. The park includes a museum, exhibits, a gift shop, restrooms, and shaded picnic areas. History Tombstone reached its pinnacle of riches and then faded, all within the short span of eight years. The West's wildest mining town owes its beginning to Ed Schieffelin, who prospected the nearby hills in 1877. Friends warned him that all he would ever find would be his own tombstone. But instead of an apache bullet, he found silver — ledges of it — and the rush was on. Miners soon built a shantytown on the closest level space to the mines, then known as Goose Flats. Remembering the grim prophecy given to Schieffelin, and with tongue in cheek, they changed the name to Tombstone. The year 1881 was an eventful one for the mining camp. The population reached 10,000, rivaling both Tucson (county seat) and Prescott (territorial capital). The Earp and Clanton feud culminated in the famous gunfight near the OK Corral. A disastrous fire burned out much of the infant town, but it was immediately rebuilt. Schieffelin Hall was erected to provide legitimate theater and a meeting hall for the Masonic Lodge. When water began to seep into the shafts, pumps were installed, but the mines were soon flooded to the 600-foot level and could not be worked. By 1886, Tombstone's heyday was over, but not before $37,000,000 worth of silver had been taken from the mines. As Tombstone's population grew, so did its political power. In 1881, the Arizona Legislature established Cochise County. No longer would the nearest county office be a long two-day ride. Built in 1882 at a cost of nearly $50,000, the Cochise County Courthouse was a stylish building as well as a comfortable symbol of law and stability in these turbulent times. It housed the offices of the sheriff, recorder, treasurer, and the board of supervisors. The jail was at the rear, under the courtroom. A series of colorful people held office here. John Slaughter was a local cattleman who, as sheriff, virtually cleared the county of outlaws. Some were awkwardly unconventional, such a Deputy Sheriff Burt Alford, who was experienced on both sides of the law. Tombstone remained the county seat until 1929, when outvoted by a growing Bisbee, and the county seat was moved there. The last county office left the courthouse in 1931. Except for an ill-fated attempt to convert the courthouse into a hotel during the 1940s, the building stood vacant until 1955. When the Tombstone Restoration Commission acquired it, they began the courthouse rehabilitation and the development as a historical museum that has continued to operate as a state park since 1959. It features exhibits and thousands of artifacts which tell the story of Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park. Responsibilities: Highway Services - Roadway repair and maintenance to city streets and sidewalks including brush and grass trimming along rights of way. Water System Operation - Operation of the city water system including reservoirs, water treatment, well operation, water testing, water transmission, and compliance with state and federal regulations for public water. Waste Water System - Operation of the city sewage treatment infrastructure including waste water treatment plant operation, sewer system, testing and compliance with state and federal regulations for waste water systems. Sanitation System - Solid waste collection and disposal including recycling efforts. Public Buildings - Maintenance on all city buildings. Cochise County was created by a vote of the citizens in 1881 with Tombstone serving as its county seat. The two-story courthouse, designed in the Victorian style, was constructed of red brick in 1882. The courthouse, a splendid example of territorial architecture, continued to serve as a county facility until 1931 when the county seat was moved to

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Transcript: Did you know Tombstone is the most famous of Arizona mining camps? This report is about Tombstone, Arizona. In this report you will learn how Tombstone started, how many residents there were and how Tombstone became a ghost town. If you have ever visited you know that many original cemetery’s and buildings remain, such as there post office build in 1878. Tombstone's land was originally owned by the Apaches. In 1877, Prospector Ed Schieffelin looked at the mountains were Tombstone is today and thought they looked promising. The soldiers he was with said all you are going to find is your grave. He still went and where he was hiding from the Apaches he found a silver ore. After he found the ore he went back to camp to tell his brother and find out the value of the ore. They took the ore to Richard K. Grid who told him the value was $40,000,000,000, which is about 1 billion dollars today. Richard talked to the brothers about being partners and they said yes. Then the OK Corral Shoot Out for the land happened. And after Tombstone became famous for their mines. After that, many prospecters, cowboys, homesteaders, and businesses came down. In the mid-1880s the population was 7,500. With all the woman, children, Chinese and Mexicans the population was about 15,000-20,000. Tombstone was faster growing in population than St. Louis and San Francisco. There was about 100 saloons, restrooms, schools, and churches. Tombstone had the first public swimming pool in Arizona that is still used today. Tombstone or ‘the town too tough to die’. Tombstone got that nickname because the town survived 2 fires nearly causing the death of tombstone. . In June of 1881 a cigar ignited a barrel of whiskey at the Arcade Saloon. The subsequent fire destroyed over 60 businesses in the downtown area. But the town rebuilt itself and kept on growing. In May of 1882 another fire ripped through downtown Tombstone destroying a large portion of the business district. Again, the town rebuilt. As the silver mining continued the mineshafts were going deeper and deeper to get the precious ore. Once they hit the 520 foot level, the water table was reached which flooded the mines. Attempts to pump out the water marginally worked for a few years but soon became too costly to continue. As the mining slowed down, the people of Tombstone started leaving, but not before $37,000,000 worth of ore had been taken from the many mines in the area. It is estimated that by the early 1930's Tombstone's population came down to around 150 people. Tombstone is now a ghost town but has 1,500 residents year around. You should visit Tombstone and see all the grave yards and old buildings that are still there. By Haley Burgess prospector ED schieffelin Tombstone 1881 Tombstone today Tombstone in 1800s Tombstone

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