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Transcript: Faces high stress levels on a daily basis High spending income Health conscious Prone to heart related issues and diabeties Believes in Indian Ayurveda Health consicious Thinks much about social status Likes to pamper herself Has a women’s social circle Attracted to Indian way of medicine and treatment Has come to explore India High spending power Not constrained by time Needs to indulge in spa and wellness activities for health well being Meet Mr. X -Customer Profile Title Slide How does Mrs. Khanna know about Sparsh? Total Estimated Market Size = $1.3 billion Sparsh is expected to breakeven in the fifth year of operation 19% growth in the topline for the first 5 years Current majority of the spas are associated with top notch hotel chains Their main target customers are tourists rather than local Indian working population They belong majorly to travel destinations rather than metros The spas in metro are not stand alone Spas, but a part of hotel facilties The offerings are almost same with nothing on table related to Indian Ayurveda apart from the products used and process Sparsh ! Opportunity for a new spa concept! How we intend to reach our customers? Promote services through engagement/tie-ups with major tourist agencies Partnerships with airline companies and offer deals through online travel agents Target expatriates through information relayed through cultural magazines and clubs Map of Maharashtra - Zoom into Mahabaleshwar Direct mail Corporate Advertisements and corporate outbound retreats Referral Programs - Rewards for International Tourists Age: 20-60 years old Background: Interested in Indian culture & tradition Income Level : $ 100,000 + How Mr. & Mrs. X know about Sparsh? Lapses in present spa solutions in India Thank You! Housewives Age: 35- 50 old Social person Beauty and wellness consicious Pre-Senior Citizens/Senior Citizens Age: 60+ years old Income: High Income Class/ Businessman Background: Prone to or suffering from diseases caused generally due to high stress levels in previous life phase Corporate Employee Age: 35- 50 old Martial Status: Married/Single Area: Based out of Mumbai Income Level : INR 30 Lacs+ Publicity to International Tourists Engaging with women clubs/local yoga centres Advertising in women magazines around genres like health/fitness, spirituality etc. (Vogue, Femina India) Existing Spa Solutions in India

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Transcript: He wanted to inspire his middle school students and he wanted him to enjoy reading and writing. He loved writing and was influenced by greek mythology. He wanted to make his son proud by writing the bedtime stories he told to him so he did and they all became a hit. Interesting Facts I also used two books called Rick RIordan Caiden Tomlinson Rick Riordan June 5, 1964 I would recomend him to people who love greek mythology because that is what all of his books are about and he knows a lot about greek mythology. Both genders could read it and I would say about ages 10 and up Lost Hero Son of Neptune Mark of Athena House of Hades Blood of Olympus Period 7 how and why did your author begin writing I would nominate rick for husky author of the year his son had ADHD and dyslexia percy jackson was created by a made up bedtime story most books he wrote were bedtime stories he told to his son Five Books Written By Rick Awards Won By Rick He is fun and very kind. He is also very smart and informative about greek mythology. We dont have greek mythology here at hughes so maybe he would inspire our school to get it and our students to get interested in it. What all genres does your author write He writes fantasy. He also writes greek and roman mythology. Interesting Facts he puts the myths in readings he was a middle school teacher doublemajored english and history taught greek mythology I would recomend my author to anyone who likes greek mythology Bestselling author of the percy jackson and the olympians series Childrens choice books awards two times I used the websites Caiden Tomlinson

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Transcript: Gaming to Infinity and Beyond My life started at 7:01 pm on Christmas Eve It Was That Day When I got The Name August Joseph Brenneisen My Mom Has The Name Sue And My Dad Is Stephen And My annoying Older Sister Haley When I Was Young I Had A Dog Named Clyde, Chalupa and Milo And Now 2 Of Them Are Gone But Chalupa is Still With Us. Now We Have 3 Lizards There Names Are Elsa, Ursla, And Carlos. Then We Have 2 Dogs Wyatt and Chalupa. My 1 Role Model Is A Youtuber, CaptainSparklez He Has Encouraged Me To Be A Youtuber And A Good One At That. What I Want To Do When I Get Older Is Be A Famous Youtuber Because Gaming Is The Thing I Do Best It Makes Me Really Happy And Gets Me Calm. My Favorite Type Of Music Artists Are: CaptainSparklez Disturbed Rob Zombie Spongebob My Fovorite Place To Visit Is Somewhere With A Warm Climate And A Nice Beach With Water. I Live In Delran, New Jersey Woooo! My Favorite/Expensive Place To Eat Is Fogo De Choa The One Thing I Am Most Excited For Is The New Godzilla Movie Coming Out To Theaters Soon. My Favorite T.V. Shows Are: Chopped The Following Revolution Cupcake Wars My Favorite Movies Are: Cloverfeild Toy Story Toy Story 3 Toy Story 2 Van Helsing Finding Nemo Wreck It Raulph The Mighty Ducks The Nightmare Before Christmas Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail Quiz What Is My Middle Name? When Was I Born? a: Carlos b: Ursla c: Elsa d: all of the above a: 12/24/02 b: 12/2/12 c: 20/92/35 My Life a: Joe b: Joseph c: Guppy What Is One Of My Lizards Names? a: August b: Haley c: Stephen d: Susan My Favorite Athletic Game Is Soccer Whats Is My Name?

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