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Powerpoint Thank You Card Template

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Thank You Card

Transcript: CVICU staff are awesome! Thanks for keeping up your skills needed to give the patients the best care! Thelma Elaine Thanks to my staff for being open to ideas, and your creativity is unmatched. You care deeply for your patients and you shine brightly as stars at Kaiser. I appreciate all you do! ICU team, you are amazing individuals that I am proud to be associated with. You are cool under pressure and never cease to amaze me with your "can do" attitude! Thank you for all you do. I am so proud of our professionals for your commitment to develop your clinical knowledge and skills. Each of you have a powerful role in providing our patients personalized quality care that improves their health and well being. Thank you so much for performing this vital part of our professional work! Daryl Phyllis :) Daniel Maryanne Melanie I would like to thank the sdu staff for the exceptional care they give to all their patients every day and their impressive teamwork. You are awesome!!! Loretta Thank you for taking the time to participate in skills days. We hope these classes have provided you a great learning experience. I love working with all of you! The 135 Superstars go above and beyond every day. Their teamwork is amazing. No nurse is ever left alone! Maryanne Marietta I think my unit's amazing, to me, they are the elite of the fleet. They're the best staff ever! Thank you for all your dedication to world class care. You're awesome like the Arkansas Razorbacks! Judi From your management... Thank you for always being rock stars! You are the most independent group of nurses I've ever worked with and I'm proud to be part of your team! Thank You! I want to thank my staff for the great teamwork. Some of you may have come originally from other units before but 335 has come a long way because of the great teamwork each one of us has shown. Thank you!

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